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It's Time for Writers to Embrace Creating With the iPhone


As an aspiring novelist, I'm always curious to see what tools other writers are using to work on their manuscripts. In his introduction to On Writing Well, William Zinsser partly lamented the rise of technology, because it made it far too easy for bad writers to publish their work.  On the other hand, he liked that technology also made it easier for good writers to publish their work.

How Teachers are Using Technology to Communicate with Students


If you have a child or have been paying attention to education news lately, you may have heard the term "common core" being thrown around. What is common core? Common core is a new set of standards designed to make students more college and career ready by the the time they graduate from high school. What makes common core different than many states' previous standards? Among other things, a strong emphasis on technology. When discussing technology in education, I routinely encounter two basic misconceptions:

first, that the students know more than the teachers when it comes to technology. 

Flipping Tip: Improve Writing with Collaborative Software


"No one person, no one alliance, no one nation, no one of us is as smart as all of us thinking together." - James Stavrdis

Natural Science students at Mount Marty College are required to complete a research project in their senior year. Each writes a research paper and presents their research to the Natural Science Division faculty and student body.

Early reviews of new (free) Google Chrome browser and Google Drive


As my fellow blogger Siva Om has noted, the big news this week (other than the iPhone's 5th birthday) is Google's release of two free apps for the iPhone and iPad: their Chrome web browser and their new Google Drive cloud storage service. You can read an early review of Chrome on AppleInsider.

Weekly Recap: Current iOS News In Review.



Greetings, and welcome to my weekly recap featuring some of the weeks' big news, top stories and exciting announcements.



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