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Bejeweled 2

Top Ten Favorite iPhone Games


Top Ten Game Apps for the Iphone 4


Angry Birds- I have included the free version of angry bird because I think it is one of the best games played on the iPhone. It's a very addictive game so I would recommend  giving it a try on the iPhone. You will enjoy not only the free version but I think you will want to purchase the paid version as well.


The Traits of Successful Game Apps

Developers need to take a closer look at successful apps

As an iPhone developer, I am always checking out the competition to see what the more successful applications are all about. I especially pay attention to reviews submitted by the users. What do they like about the game? What don’t they like? What suggestions do they have to make the application better?

This has nothing to do with copying someone else’s idea. It is driven by a healthy admiration and respect for the teams that created the apps, and it’s about trying to find out what the apps have that make them a hit. The reviews give me a direct view into the mind of the user. Traditionally, a company could spend millions of dollars on marketing research to get this information, but it’s available for free on the App Store!


Bejeweled 2

Bejelwed2EditorsChoiceBejeweled 2 on the iPhone and iPod touch is by far the best version of the game PopCap has ever produced. The subtle graphics include an occasional reflective sheen, the smooth glide of the gems, and bolts of crackling electricity obliterating matching gems. The high-fidelity stereo sound of gems being collected and destroyed has to be heard to be believed. Bejeweled is one of the most addictive puzzle games I’ve ever played.

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