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ArtRage for iPad

Teaching Art by Turning the iPad into a Virtual Studio


From the ease of collecting often-broken colored pencils, to cleaning up after a room of young artists who seemingly bathed in tempera, art, unlike literature or history, creates rather messy educational challenges.  It is, however, extremely important for learners to engage in visceral exercises that bring the texture of media to hands, and its odor to nostrils.

Joy Factory's Monet stylus is worth the money

The stylus is the mousepad of today. You don't really need one, and you can probably get one for free or very little money, but once you've tried a genuinely well designed one, you won't want to do without it. Such is the case with the artfully named and designed Monet stylus from The Joy Factory.

ArtRage App Review: Unleash Creativity


App Review: ArtRage

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