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Will You Be a BattleKaster at Denver Comic Con?


If you happen to be attending Denver Comic Con this weekend, you will find an entirely new way to use your iPhone: as a member of your inventory as you undertake a quest.

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Rumor: iOS 9 Maps to Include Transit Directions


Details of iOS 9 are continuing to leak as we get closer to the June announcement of this new version of iOS at the Worldwide Developers Conference. 9To5Mac is reporting that Maps in iOS 9 will now include transit directions — a feature that was rumored for iOS 8 but wasn't ready in time. Now it's said to be ready and will include subway, train, and bus information. 

Complimentary App Design plus half price summer sale on all App packages...

Complimentary App Design plus half price summer sale on all App packages...

Apps made for your Business plus get a complementary App Design!
For a limited period, iOS Apple Apps are offering you and your business a complementary App design Simply email craigsmart@iosappleapps.com your company website.

Benefits and iOS App features:

* All your content will be in one easy to use location without the need of an internet connection once the App has been downloaded.

* Online features will allow the user to email you directly and visit your website from within the App.

* Links to your Facebook and twitter account, plus a direct phone call button in the App.

* A quiz and iOS game themed on your business to add entertainment.

* Stunning wallpapers potential customers will be able to use on both phone & tablet.

Bounce Baby, coming to iOS May 28th

Bounce Baby, coming to iOS May 28th

view full press kit here

Bounce Baby is a game that requires the player to skillfully manoeuver through a world filled with obstacles, gold and bottles to smash. You start with a limited amount of swipes. Each time you swipe the egg to a direction you lose a swipe. If you bounce on a block you gain a swipe. The number of available swipes are shown on the egg.

Bounce Baby originally started as a experiment on how to make a game with simple and fun mechanics that is very easy to pick up and hard to master.

Into The Circle is Solid Sliding Fun!


Into The Circle (Free) is a ridiculously addictive, endless physics challenge that requires precise rhythm and proper vector throttling in order to advance to the ever higher levels. The freemium game is inspired by the sport of curling, and though I couldn't watch even five minutes of the real thing, it translates well to the hybrid platform-like application represented in this game. One try and I guarantee you will not want to stop trying to get into the circles.

Ztylus Metal: A Clever Camera Case


With a name like Ztylus, I was expecting a stylus, but instead Ztylus gave me the Ztylus Metal Camera Kit ($114.95) to try, which includes an iPhone case and 4-in-1 revolver lens. I came away impressed. 

Set Your Business On The Right Track With iPhone App Development

Set Your Business On The Right Track With iPhone App Development

iPhones are being used by more than 50% smartphone users in the US and its popularity is consistently on the rise in other parts of the world including Europe and South Asia. As the mobile device enjoys such a massive user base, your business must not be left out on this platform . For leveraging the true potential of this platform the businesses require apps that can project their brand to the users in its full glory and offer them an easy way to interact.

Monster 24K Headphones Bring a Head Full of Bling

If you are one of the elite few to score a gold Apple Watch, or if you gravitate towards the gold iPhones or iPads, then the Monster 24K headphones ($299.95) may be the perfect accessory to compliment your sense of style. Monster's 24K headphones are a sleek synthesis of a high performance, self-contained sound system, with decadent elegance and posh style. With their extremely flashy look, the 24K may not be for everyone, but for those looking to make a Kardashian-esque fashion statement with their headphones, these are a classy alternative.

Ultimate Shinobi - Now available on the App Store

Ultimate Shinobi - Now available on the App Store

Boogygames today introduces Ultimate Shinobi 1.0, an endless runner game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The endless gameplay may appear simple to manage but it is quite a challenge. Featuring minimalistic Black and White graphics and effects which adds a touch of mystery to the game, Ultimate Shinobi challenges players to to jump over saw blades and collect points to increase their score. Control the Shinobi and survive as long as possible.

Grading Tests in a Zip With ZipGrade

What it is: ZipGrade ($1.99 2 months/$6.99 1 year subscription), an automated multiple choice grading app for teachers on the go.
Pros to using ZipGrade: 
  • Scores are returned instantaneously as the student waits.
  • You can see how your entire class did on a test from the Item Analysis screen. 
  • You can import students and classes and then export them to many online grading sites.
  • Backed up to the cloud.
  • You have

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