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Helene and dad go shopping

Helene and dad go shopping

A shopping themed infinite runner where the player is pushed down the isle and needs to gather as many items into the cart as possible! Watch out for obstacles, and grab as many pickups as you (safely) can!

This game was made in tribute to my awesome daughter, who would absolutely love to shop in this manner in real life. The original plan was to make a story driven game about a vacation we had together when she was nearing 3 years of age, funding issues has boiled it down to a series of "mini games", to be developed as resources allows. But that works too :-)


  • 3D Endless Runner.
  • Simple to learn game mechanics
  • Fast paced game play

Several Improved Programming Languages: Boon Or Curse To Developers

Several Improved Programming Languages: Boon Or Curse To Developers

With the rapidly flourishing technology, the tech giants are coming up with new and improved programming languages. For instance, Apple has unveiled “Swift”, Facebook uses “Hack” for back-end development and Google is making strives for developing “Go and Dart”.

Liposonixsg.com: Remove Stubborn Fat without any Surgery

Do you want to stay in an ideal shape? Do you want to get rid of fat around your waistline without surgery? If so, then you should go for Liposonix treatment. It is a simple yet award winning non invasive fat reduction technique that is now opening the doors for people who are on the quest to remove stubborn fat, effectively and safely.

If you want to know about Liposonix treatment, then you are most welcome to visit Liposonixsg.com. Here, you will find all about Liposonix treatment.

Enhance your attraction in images with PinkMirror

Welcome to Pinkmirror.com, the dedicated website of Pink Mirror. We are one of the most renowned and trustworthy sources providing unparalleled online photo retouching services. Understanding the importance of appearance in the present world, we are expert to make dramatic improvements in the beauty of an individual. With the years of experience in the industry and a vastly experienced team of photo editors, we are one stop destination that caters to all your photo editing and retouching needs. Hiring our photo retouching service, you can enhance your looks and make a long lasting impression on others.

The Milky Way Defender – A passionate 3D Tower Defense available on Apple App Store today!

We are thrilled to inform you that our game The Milky Way Defender is now available on Apple App Store!

MWD is a Tower Defense & Puzzle game that has taken us over 3 years to develop. Our focus has been to create a traditional Tower Defense game packed with original ideas and polished mechanics. Our goal has been to make an honest game that we can look back at with true pride.

We are basically two guys responsible for the entire game, but we have also been cooperating with a few talented freelancers as well. One of them is Alexander Brandon; acclaimed video game composer, who has been working on titles such as Unreal, Deus Ex and Skyrim.

Trailer: http://youtu.be/DNs_h0clpnI

iTunes : http://itunes.apple.com/app/id896679175

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy: The Amazing Great Benefits Behind Baltic Amber’s Beauty

The beauty of Baltic amber jewelry has been widely known and acknowledged since ancient times in Europe. Now we can see it gains its popularity all around the world. What makes Baltic adult amber necklaces and bracelets become such lovable products? Sure, all are about its amazing benefits for everyone who wears amber jewellery.

The fact that Baltic amber beads offer so many great benefits for everyone (even from baby to adults) has encouraged Amber Buddy to create beautiful as well as beneficial products which will bring positive effects both physically and mentally. Sure, it is because life is always perfect when we know how to balance many aspects in good harmony.

From Teething to Healing

Mini Motor Racing WRT - Free to Play Sequel to hit App stores this week!


Mini Motor Racing ($0.99), the miniature racing game, garnered an App store award in 2012 with it's primo graphics, twisty tracks, and bouncy physics. It reminds me of a graphically enhanced version of the Windows Mobile classic, K-Rally (though K-rally also featured weapons which was so fun it was crazy). If you missed the original game, you can still grab it, or you can get the freemium, enhanced WRT version when it's released later this week! I give the two games a bit of a comparison in this mini-review.

'Pic-a-do' great To Do List App for the iPhone

'Pic-a-do' great To Do List App for the iPhone

Pic-a-do is a functional and purposeful new way to organise your daily activities, it's easy to use with it's simple layout aiding organisation on the go.Pic-a-do will allow you to create multiple lists with each list entry a note and picture can be added enabling you to define in more detail whats required. They say "A picture is worth a thousand words" so add a picture and help make your busy life easier.
Pic-a-do will make organising pen and paper free. Use it at work, home or university to organise things to purchase, plan or do.

With Pic-a-do you can:
1) Have multiple lists active at the same time, such as shopping, work, DIY and school revision.
2) Each list entry has the added benefit of having a note and picture associated with it.



ePuppet has two characters: a boy and girl and you have full control of the eyes and mouth.

All ages will love ePuppet, let this be your first puppet, have fun and be your own puppet master, kids will love it!

Start the New Year with your very own official Apple App, plus get a free design!

Start the New Year with your very own official Apple App, plus get a free design!

Start the New Year by advertising your business and content to millions of future potential customers in the Apple App Store. Plus receive a free App design allowing you to test and try the App before you decide if you would like to go ahead.

To recivce your complementary App design Simply email craigsmart@iosappleapps.com your company website.

Benefits and iOS App features:

* All your content will be in one easy to use location without the need of an internet connection once the App has been downloaded.

* Online features will allow the user to email you directly and visit your website from within the App.

* Links to your Facebook and twitter account, plus a direct phone call button in the App.

* A quiz and iOS game themed on your business to add entertainment.

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