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iMagic brilliant illusions for your iPhone

iMagic brilliant illusions for your iPhone

iMagic Lite is the brilliant illusion magic app for iOS devices. With iMagic not only does your iPhone perform brilliant magic but it also gives you the chance to amaze family and friends doing the magic yourself using your iPhone as the assistance. So download iMagic Lite and start performing stunning magic today!

With iMAgic Lites stunning graphics and amazing illusion PocketFullOfApps have decided to sponsor iMagic to guarantee that iMagic is a top quality App.

Pricing and availability:
iMagic is free in the Apple App Store or download from the links below

Save The Gals Free

Save The Gals Free
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Attention! Attention! Four hot gals are abducted by a ferocious barbarian to various places around the globe, tied up, and praying for rescue so bad. Grab your bow and quiver marching across the world and overcoming stacks of challenging obstacles to bring them to safety before something bad happens!

Save The Gals is a cleverly designed free game coming with dozens of mind-challenging levels and tricky props that can be fairly critical to you in terms of accomplishing missions. So you better think twice before making a move because you do not have many arrows in the quiver!

- 10 challenging levels
- Various props and supplies
- Lifelike physics
- Fantastic graphics


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