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TravelIt can be difficult finding your way around unfamiliar territory, but with the right app, you'll almost feel like a local. A few travel apps can make your trips safer and a lot more fun. Looking for the best Mexican restaurant in a new city? There are plenty of apps for that. Need to find a clean bathroom pronto? You're covered! Traveling internationally and need some help? There are apps that will update your departure and arrival in real time (land, sea, or air transport), warn you about delayed or canceled flights, help you avoid accidents and traffic jams, and more.


FourSQUARE and Seven Years Ago!



The most intriguing thing lately has been “seeing where people are.”  With the new feature on Facebook for iPhone called, “Places” one is able to broadcast their location from anywhere they are.  It works like, “checking-in.”  It posts to the newsfeed so that friends can see where everyone is.  Also, one is able to tag the people that they are with, in the post of their location.  There are many interesting aspects of these new features including the wonder of how safe it is; however, since it is on Facebook, the user controls their privacy through who views their profile.


App Review - Tipulator


Figuring out the Tip is easy sometimes however, there are times that you need to figure an amount that is not a whole number like 10, 20 or 30%

Moving? You need to look at this list of Top 10 moving-related apps from ChangeOfAddress.org


Change of Address.org has posted a great top-10 list of apps that will make your life easier if you're faced with a big move. The list includes Move planner ($1.99), which they describe as "must-see" for people moving. It comes with a range of very handy checklists — and they seem to have thought of everything. The app lets you modify these lists or create your own.

iPad on the Road -- Part IV


And yet another trip with the iPad. This time a 10-day product review trip to the Honduran island of Roatan. I took along all my dive gear, as well as a boatload of underwater cameras, both of the still and video variety, so luggage space was at a premium. 


mTrip Travel Guides -- don't travel without them

This video demo of the mTrip Travel Guides really impressed me.

Press Release: mTrip Gives Away Free Travel Guides on the Fourth of July

Here is a press release that I thought you may be interested in. A free travel guide download on July 4th. I am going to give it a try also.


"Montreal based mTrip Travel Guides is celebrating the Fourth of July with its customers by offering free US city guides for New York, Chicago and San Francisco to everyone for one day only. All customers can go directly to the App Store on July 4th and download a guide for free.

Walt Disney World and an iPhone

How my new iPhone 3GS made our vacation at "The Happiest Place on Earth" even happier.

For the past couple of years, my family has taken a week-long vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort (WDW) in Orlando, Florida. We go in late January because the crowds are small, the prices are reasonable, and the weather is comfortable (70's, sunny, low humidity). This Christmas, Santa tucked a pair of black 16GB iPhone 3GSs under the tree for me and my wife. Talk about making the nice list! I'll freely (and my wife will begrudgingly) admit that we've been coveting the iPhone since they hit the market. Call it what you will— honeymoon period, new device infatuation, seriously crushing on my iPhone, etc., but it seemed this handy device and the many applications available for it had, in the few short weeks after Christmas, made our lives a bit better than life before our iPhones.


My Favorite iPhone Camping Apps

Locate campsites, create checklists, tie knots, survive in the wilderness

With the onset of summer in North America, many people across the continental United States will be gearing up for an active camping season. While sentimental notions of camping "off the grid" persist, most modern camping enthusiasts leverage the latest in portable electronic assistance. This can be in the form of mapping, taking photos, and even watching movies by the glow of the campfire. The iPhone can perform all these functions and more. In fact, thanks to the vibrant developer community many of whom are also outdoor enthusiasts, a wide variety of camping and other outdoor related activity applications are available for the iPhone. This article reviews some of the most notable selections available today.


School's Out for Summer!

Students jump with joy and parents slump with trepidation, but the iPhone can help parents endure the summer break.

Long hot days, graduations, BBQ’s, vacations, bug bites, bored kids, and amusement park crowds…all a part of our love-hate relationship with the summer season. For Moms (and Dads or any caregiver), summer means that the kids are "free" from the day-to-day structure of schooling, sports, after-school lessons, etc. While a great time to be a child, it is also a potentially stressful time for parents. It starts off with graduation, then vacations, camps, and inevitably ends with back-to-school shopping. Here are a few apps to make getting through the summer heat a breeze.


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