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Mexico City and Buenos Aires Taxi Guides for iPhone now on the App Store

Mexico City and Buenos Aires Taxi Guides for iPhone now on the App Store

Thursday May 5, 2011--- HoodHot, inc. is excited to announce the release of its Mexico City and Buenos Aires Taxi Guides, which are filled with thousands of big, bold faced addresses in Spanish. Mexico City and Buenos Aires are the latest additions to our line of highly rated Taxi Guide Apps, which are great for people visiting the city or for those living there. Featured by BBC World and Gizmodo, HoodHot’s Taxi Guides will help you travel around the city with ease.

Features of the Taxi Guide App include:
- Taxi Cards – Hold your iPhone up to the Taxi Driver and our easy to read addresses will get you to around the city, so no more getting lost!
- Search – Easy to find whatever restaurant or bar you wish to go to

WindowSeat - Interesting, but not always a great view



With WindowSeat, you can view pictures and read information about landmarks, geographic locations and other points of interest as you fly over them.

Every Day I Am Amazed!


i have been accused of being easily impressed when it comes to apps on my iPad. Well today Quest Visual released a translation app for the iPhone that caused my jaw to drop. It is called Word Lens and it's free with demos included.  Each language is $10, on sale for $5 until Dec. 31 by in app purchase.

If you can watch this video and not be totally and completely blown away, then I'll shut up. But don't plan on that happening.

Halloween Getaway


I took a three day getaway to Boston and Salem for the Halloween weekend.  I took this opportunity to really put my iPad to use.  It was very handy and convenient to have in my bag when we were out and about. The only thing that was a real downer was that the hotel wifi was very slow. But besides that, it worked great for downtime and for directions and event info. I did not use it for any work purposes. It worked great with the wifi when I was on the train into Boston on my first day.

Here are a few of the Apps that I have used this weekend as well as on previous visits there.

Squirmin' for German!






          Going to Germany?  Well fear not.  This application is one to take with you.  When school began, I became friends with a German girl.  She did not speak broken English, she was very good however it was helpful that I have this app because I can now use it to translate and speak back to her in German! 

Best Apps: Travel

TravelIt can be difficult finding your way around unfamiliar territory, but with the right app, you'll almost feel like a local. A few travel apps can make your trips safer and a lot more fun. Looking for the best Mexican restaurant in a new city? There are plenty of apps for that. Need to find a clean bathroom pronto? You're covered! Traveling internationally and need some help? There are apps that will update your departure and arrival in real time (land, sea, or air transport), warn you about delayed or canceled flights, help you avoid accidents and traffic jams, and more.


FourSQUARE and Seven Years Ago!



The most intriguing thing lately has been “seeing where people are.”  With the new feature on Facebook for iPhone called, “Places” one is able to broadcast their location from anywhere they are.  It works like, “checking-in.”  It posts to the newsfeed so that friends can see where everyone is.  Also, one is able to tag the people that they are with, in the post of their location.  There are many interesting aspects of these new features including the wonder of how safe it is; however, since it is on Facebook, the user controls their privacy through who views their profile.


App Review - Tipulator


Figuring out the Tip is easy sometimes however, there are times that you need to figure an amount that is not a whole number like 10, 20 or 30%

Moving? You need to look at this list of Top 10 moving-related apps from ChangeOfAddress.org


Change of Address.org has posted a great top-10 list of apps that will make your life easier if you're faced with a big move. The list includes Move planner ($1.99), which they describe as "must-see" for people moving. It comes with a range of very handy checklists — and they seem to have thought of everything. The app lets you modify these lists or create your own.

iPad on the Road -- Part IV


And yet another trip with the iPad. This time a 10-day product review trip to the Honduran island of Roatan. I took along all my dive gear, as well as a boatload of underwater cameras, both of the still and video variety, so luggage space was at a premium. 


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