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Send Group Text and Emails Easily with a New & Sleek iPhone App

Send Group Text and Emails Easily with a New & Sleek iPhone App


SATA CLARA — October 28th, 2011 — Nexscience, a California based startup, announced the release of a new mobile application for sending group text messages and emails to groups of people along with location sharing feature. Designed for trendy mobile users, the app is the latest in a series of innovative ideas introduced to the Apple users by the developer community.

Facebook for iPad finally released in App Store


Facebook's app for iOS devices just received a major update — and finally includes a new interface specifically for the iPad. Hurray! The app is very different from the iPhone app and effectively takes advantage of the larger screen. It includes access to Facebook games, apps, and chat, and a number of other features. Photos are high resolution, and you can flip through them like a photo album. Navigation is optimized so that you can quickly access features and return to where you were.

Top (off the beaten path) Social Apps

I think it might be good to define "social" as it relates to the internet. To me, social means there are built-in ways to have a conversation, ways to find similar people with similar interests, and ways to rank or review. If you think about Facebook, you can have a conversation, search for similar people by keyword, and click that famous "Like" button or link. Obviously, this is social. Yet, how about something like the app Foodspotting? Some social features have just been added to help widen its appeal. Now you can follow reviewers, rank food, and have your own page with your reviews. And you can log in with Facebook—all pretty social by my definition. So, I decided to find some off-the-beaten-path social apps for you to explore.


Best Social Networking Apps

#1 Facebook

(Free, app2.me/260) 

FacebookIt's hard to ignore Facebook's social media dominance. This app gives you access to all of Facebook's main features, and it keeps you fully connected. "Addicted" would be an appropriate description for some of us.

2. Twitter

(Free, app2.me/102)


GPS Navigation App for Free


I just discovered a free GPS app for my iPhone called Waze. Free is usually an indicator of a light version of a full app. Not here. I have played around with and paid for some full featured navigation apps and have not been terribly impressed. I actually just drove from NYC with my brother, to Greensboro NC. We had two iPad, two iPhones and a built in GPS in my brothers vehicle. It was a Mo, Larry, Curly moment. We stopped multiple times by the side of the road to determine why all the devices were giving us different info, and actually got lost once. I am just glad my wife wasn't in the car or I would still be hearing about it. Anyway, I digress.

Facebook Photo Album Review


Among many other things, Facebook offers its members an easy way to upload and share photos. But the browser interface that Facebook uses to display those photos isn't the greatest, especially when using Safari on an iPad. Developer Lifelike Apps felt the same way and created the Facebook Photo Album as a result. Does it succeed at its goal of a cleaner, more iOS-friendly interface to your friends Facebook photos? Read on to find out.

Voypi App Review



Do you wish your calls and text messages were free regardless of your location in the world or time zone? Voypi allows iPhone users to do this hassle-free and without any sort of contracts or limitations that many free services require. The only catch is that it only works with users who also have the app installed. Besides the iPhone, the app supports hand sets with Android 2.2 or higher. Blackberry support is also coming soon. Whether your friends have an iPhone or not, doesn't really matter with Voypi.

Free Time to Call App Released by Vonage


Last week, Vonage released a competitive app aimed at Skype’s voice-over-IP calling service. This app offers some benefits over its competitor. Time to Call, which is the name of the new app, is available for free in 87 iTunes stores around the world. For between $1 and $2, app users will have the ability to call people in 100 different countries at 15 minutes per call.

Quick Look: Facemobile


Hi, my name is Doug.  I am a Facebook addict.  Something tells me, though, I am in pretty good company here, as I suspect many of you, dear readers, spend more time on Facebook than you would care to admit.  Since I spend most of my time on the iPad, I am constantly on the lookout for avenues to access my Facebook account from my iPad.  Although I have tried many of the popular Facebook apps available for iPad, they all seem to lack a significant feature or functionality.  As a result, I keep finding myself drifting back toward the standard mobile Internet interface, and trolling the App Store for a better option.  Recently, we recei

Dog training facility owner uses iPads to improve customer experience

Mark Van Wye

Chief Operating Officer and CTO of the Zoom Room

Dog DrainerWhat do you do? I oversee all day-to-day operations of the Zoom Room, which is a dog agility training center and canine social club. We create a highly social atmosphere that promotes responsible pet ownership and fitness for both dogs and owners. It's like a gym for dogs!

Which device do you use? The iPad 2.


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