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Apple iPhone 5 Features & Release Date

As the fifth generation of the iPhone is on the verge of currently being launched, and with all the speculations spreading on the Web about the iPhone 5, men and women are anticipating and desperately waiting for the start of the smartphone. Numerous followers and recent Apple iPhone customers are wondering what groundbreaking functions Apple will include to the new iPhone five.

UPDATE It is official, it is a refreshed iPhone four, termed the iPhone 4S go through about it right here, but we will keep updating this publish with new iPhone five functions and information, so this is the latest we know about the iPhone 5

This guide summarizes the several features and requirements that are anticipated to sport the gadget.

iPhone 5 Features

Sync Any Database With iPhone, iPad or iPod Using The Latest MobiForms Sync Server

Sync Any Database With iPhone, iPad or iPod Using The Latest MobiForms Sync Server


Following last summer's successful release of the MobiForms developer for Apple iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch the MobiForms team have now added iOS support to the MobiForms Sync Server.

SugarSync Review - Flexible Cloud storage for everything!


SugarSync is a full-featured cloud backup and file syncing service (reviewed previously in our magazine by Doug Goldring here), but you can also create and edit documents on-line, play music from your synced collection, and transfer photos via iPad or other iOS device. There are clients for iOS, Android and several other mobile OS flavors, so you can sync from just about anywhere. I was specifically interested in the ability to write articles and save pictures and research to a consolidated folder I could later access on my computer. Currently, I use Evernote for the sometimes extensive article content I compile (mostly photo/text/weblink data), but it's somewhat aggravating to reformat everything for our blog editor later, so recently have taken to simply editing blog posts in raw HTML on our site (or in Notes), which is also a pain. SugarSync didn't bring my content together exactly the way I wanted, but it is a great file sync and backup product...

GoCal for Google Calendar HD Review


The updated GoCal for Google calendar app is easily the best time management and productivity app available for people who already use the Google calendar feature.  This app syncs quickly and seamlessly with your calendar and provides you with a lot of great new features which you will find very useful. 

NoteLedge iPad App Review


NoteLedge is an app that allows you to write notes, sketch, and keep a journal and so much more. I mean really... a lot more. This application is packed with so many features, it will make you head spin and at $2.99 US, this app is a steal!

The application is by the guys that developed Animation Desk, PDF Reader and PDF Connoisseur which quite recently got a lot of attention due to, well... their attention to detail. The applications are very well made and the graphics are outstanding. Enough praise up front, let me tell you more about the app.

Wake Smarter Review - Not just another dumb alarm app!


The typical alarm clock will wake you in the morning by emanating a terrible pulsing screech or similarly upsetting noise. True that newer models offer better options than the 5AM screech, but wouldn't you rather your alarm clock do something smarter than that? Maybe tell you the weather, the latest news, your calendar events for the day followed by your favorite tunes (without commercials and other distractions)? Wake Smarter does all of those things. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it uses voice recognition so you can even yell at it!

LogicInMind Updates Slideshow Remote With Annotations and Full Mouse Control

LogicInMind Updates Slideshow Remote With Annotations and Full Mouse Control

The most advanced remote control for Windows PowerPoint now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

(PRWEB) December 15, 2011 — LogicInMind updated Slideshow Remote™ 2.7 with next generation features including live slide annotation, wireless mouse control, laser pointer, custom mouse cursors, auto-refresh screen preview and device auto-lock disabling option. The most advanced remote control for Windows PowerPoint brings professional presentations to a new level and is available for download today in Apple’s App Store.

Why I Love Siri


I love my new iPhone 4S. I had to get one to use Siri.

The temptation of having an assistant at my fingertips was more than I could bear.

Master Key – Lock, Protect, and Manage Your Info App Review



There are millions of protective apps that are on the market, but only a few of them are actually effective.  Master Key – Lock, Protect, and Manage Your Info is an app that provides exactly what it states.  Since digital has become the way of life; passwords, pin codes, credit cards, passport information, and many other things vital to know.  But, you can’t be expected to remember it all!  This is why storing it somewhere without fear of it being seen is very important. 

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