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SoundNote - iPad App for Easy Notes


I happened upon this particular app (SoundNote) the first week of getting my iPad1.

I didn’t have a use for it until recently, when it became one of the most important apps I have!

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think.

How I turned my iPhone/iPod 4 in to a texting demon with a slideout keyboard


Have you ever envied people who sit in the coffee shop with their thumbs blazing as they text away on their mobile devices? As an iPhone/iPad person, you have been out of luck if you want this form factor--until now.

Let me introduce you to the nifty, new NUU Mini keyboard. It is really meant for the iPhone, but I slipped my iPod touch 4 into it, and it works just fine. It has a little slop room, but you can shim it up if it really bothers you.

iTablet Thumb Keyboard


If you ever wanted an external keyboard for your phone or tablet, the iTablet thumb keyboard is a great option. This classy thumboard will connect with any Bluetooth HID device including:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • PS3
  • Xbox 360
  • Windows 7 & XP
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Interactive TV (IPTV)

The iTablet is Bluetooth 2.0 and HID 1.0 profile compliant.

It features backlit keys with an on/off switch to save battery. It charges with an included mini USB cable. The Function, Alt, Ctrl, Shift work exactly like those on a regular keyboard. There are also left and right mouse button keys.

Constant Shopper

Constant Shopper

Constant Shopper is the ultimate visual shopping list app for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. The familiar and beautiful icon layout makes it easy to start using immediately. This is an app you will happily use every day. Not just for groceries, this app is designed for all your shopping needs.

Paper/Pencil VS. iPad


Notability,  PenUltimate and Notes Plus Review

Can we find the perfect note taking app for each individual?  Is this to broad of an audience to meet the needs for all?  I think it will come down to a few apps being great for note taking.  I don’t think one company will monopolize this niche.  Why?  People are too different.  I may like certain features that my friend doesn’t.  With that said lets discuss some applications available.

Skype for iPad



Skype for iPad

i-C4 Charger

i-C4 Charger

The i-C4 will simultaneously charge 4 iPads or iPhones at one time.  Provides a full 2 amps to each charging bay.  Designed and solidly built in America.  It has charge status LED's and includes Apple AC adapter.  $199.00 www.madsonline.com/iPad-Chargers.html

Voice Reader App: Comfortable listening instead of cumbersome reading!

Voice Reader App: Comfortable listening instead of cumbersome reading!

What is Voice Reader? 
Voice Reader is a reading program for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, which reads any text in 21 languages. For many of these languages there are different male and female voices.  Jacob reads, or sometimes Olivia, or perhaps Kate, William, Miguel or Carmen. 

i-C4 Charger

The new i-C4 iPad Charger makes charging multiple iPad, iPhone, iPods real easy. Just plug your i-Device into one of the 4 charging bays. Blinking blue LED is charging, solid is complete. The LED will turn off when completely full.


Charge simultaniouslay any combination of iPad 2, iPad, iPhone, iPods.

10 full watts = 2 amps to each port.

Charge status for each device.

Charges in protective case or out.

Eliminate cord and power supply clutter

10 degree tilt angle for back rest and connector..

6.25 x 8.25 x 1 (thin) inches 2.5 lbs, black acrylic with brushed aluminum rim.

Designed and made in USA.

Includes Apple 65 Watt ac adapter. 220 - 100 Volt input.


Dog training facility owner uses iPads to improve customer experience

Mark Van Wye

Chief Operating Officer and CTO of the Zoom Room

Dog DrainerWhat do you do? I oversee all day-to-day operations of the Zoom Room, which is a dog agility training center and canine social club. We create a highly social atmosphere that promotes responsible pet ownership and fitness for both dogs and owners. It's like a gym for dogs!

Which device do you use? The iPad 2.


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