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iHeart Poetics – Bringing Poetry to Life on iDevices


While the App Store has a number of iOS applications for writing scripts, I haven't found much for the poetically inclined. I've been left to use the Notes app to jot down haikus on the go.

But a Kickstarter project by visual artist Seth Indigo Carnes aims to change that with his soon-to-be-released iOS app, iheart poetics. This application is designed to create and share interactive visual poems, which combine compelling text and vivid imagery. You have the option to begin with text, ranging from one word to a full poem you've composed. Once written, you can superimpose an image. Once complete, you can share it via email, MMS, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Moxtra App Brings Collaboration to iOS


Moxtra (free) brings together real-time collaboration and personal knowledge management in an app designed to help people collect their artifacts of work or play. Moxtra lets you not only share your projects with others, but work on them together across a variety of mobile modalities. Many people compare Moxtra to Evernote or to Microsoft’s OneNote, and to be honest, there are overlaps.

There is nothing new about collaboration. Lotus Development, now part of IBM Corporation, created the first large-scale enterprise solution with Lotus Notes. Developers designed and built Lotus Notes and all other current collaboration solutions during the era of client-server computing, where internal servers hosted databases accessed by desktop computers. We now live in a post-PC world where devices need different tools and workers have widely different expectations.

Evernote — the 'Getting Things Done' Software Solution?


In iView—my inside, back-cover column in iPhone Life magazine—I discuss David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” organizational and time management scheme in the July/August 2013 issue. In the article, I briefly summarize Allen’s thinking and suggest iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC software to best implement it. Since writing the article, I’ve settled on Evernote (free), and am quite pleased with it.

Here, I will post much of the article and will add more information about Evernote. If you would like to comment and add knowledge from your experience with the software, that would be great.

New and Updated Apps — Pulse, Album Share, Blitz Brigade


1. Pulse (Free)


My favorite news aggregate app just received a welcomed update this week. The new version of Pulse makes sharing articles even easier and simpler.

In the previous versions of the Pulse app, you could share with Facebook and Twitter as well as via email, one at a time. Now, however, after LinkedIn's recent purchase of Pulse, you have the added ability to share articles via LinkedIn, or with all three social networks with just a couple of taps. In addition to adding the sharing feature, the new update also allows for sharing via SMS. Now sharing via Pulse couldn't be easier or more comprehensive.

iDailyPlan - New rich release in App Store and PRICE STILL DROP

iDailyPlan - New rich release in App Store and PRICE STILL DROP

Rated 4.5/5 on The iPhone App Review
iDailyPlan by Gaetano Giusto seeks to provide its users with an easy way to completely plan and organize just about all aspects of their lives (you can also access it with the Italian iTunes link here)This app certainly is designed to be useful for a wide range of activities, from planning a budget to keeping a schedule of your weekly activities to keeping all of your business contacts organized.
... iDailyPlan really does what it’s promised to do by providing an app that acts as a cover-all for both business and personal organizational needs. ...

OnTop Direct Debit & Bill Manager

OnTop Direct Debit & Bill Manager



UNIQUE app helps busy users stay OnTop of bills

OnTop Direct Debit & Bill Manager was released in April and is already rapidly gaining great reviews and ratings, helping iPhone users keep track of their finances.

Independent developer, Krissy, is a full-time mother and student from Melbourne Australia.

Having tried many apps to help manage bills (particularly direct debits) and keep track of money, she couldn’t find anything that suited her needs so decided to create it herself.

Apple Pie's Kraft 3-Pack iPad Cases — Customizable, Recyclable, Cheap!


Most iPad cases are expensive and are often made of imported plastic or pleather. Packaging, transportation, and processing all add to the price of the product. If you're interested in keeping costs down, supporting an American company, and buying an environmentally friendly product, you may want to consider the new Apple Pie's iPad Case Kraft 3 Pack ($16.99, On sale from $19.99).

3 Productivity App Powerhouses: OfficeTime, Jet Scanner and Documents by Readdle


Productivity apps are designed to make our day-to-day lives flow more smoothly and simply. Whether at the office, on the go, or keeping busy with projects around the house, such apps can save us time, money, and mental energy. I've tried out three great productivity apps I'd like to share with you, including the camera-to-PDF converter, Jet Scanner, the acclaimed time management app OfficeTime, and the comprehensive document and file management app, Documents by Readdle.

Revolutionary Free Email App Mailbox Now Available for Downloading


Mailbox, an extraordinary new free app for effectively managing your inbox, is now available for downloading. Previously, you had to put your name on a waiting list, but now anyone can download the app. 

The app has generated a huge amount of interest because it completely rethinks the way you can use your iPhone to manage the onslaught of email. You use simple gestures in list view to archive or delete emails, to "snooze" them for later viewing, or file them away in a "list," which is like a folder. 

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