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Easy Annotate - The First App for Side-by-Side Annotating : Launched !

Easy Annotate - The First App for Side-by-Side Annotating :  Launched !

We launched our newest iPad app, Easy Annotate, the only one that enables annotating and linking PDFs side-by-side.

There are many apps on the store to aid in studying and annotating. After using many, we found that none fulfilled our needs completely. Often when studying or doing research, we needed two or more PDFs next to each other. One as study material, and one as a reference. No app could do this. That’s why we’ve developed Easy Annotate.

Easy Annotate allows two PDFs to be shown, studied and linked side-by-side. And while we were on it, we added full dropbox support, to easily get files from our desktop to our app. It fulfills our needs and we hope it helps many more.

Easy Annotate offers:

- Side-by-side viewing, editing and annotating of two PDFs

Say&Go version 1.4 released

Say&Go version 1.4 released

A critically acclaimed app for taking short voice notes has been updated with two major features added.

The new features are:

- Evernote integration - recordings can be used to automatically create Evernote entries.

- E-mail-to-self functionality - if you set a default e-mail address, the app will automatically send the notes to your inbox.

Other changes in this update include:

- UI improvements.

- Recordings get deleted immediately after autosharing/autosending.

Make sure you do not miss the changes. If you have not tried Say&Go yet, it can be found here.

HopTo Brings Cloud-Based Office Editing to iPad


Back in October, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Office would eventually make its way to iPad when there's a touch first user interface. Although, we'll have to wait for the touch first interface to be rolled out on Windows 8 first, and it's hard to tell when it will be completed.

Other Office editors exist, but native applications for the iPad are hard to come by. A few options include Office Mobile for iPhone, Office Web Apps within a browser, or a third-party document editor like Office² (Free).

The Series Notifier

The Series Notifier

Start here.

Hello, readers, my name is Martin Vass and I’m a part of Team Trinerdis. We make mobile apps - work for some, fun for us. I communicate with our surroundings and that’s why I also write press releases. In addition to that I have to constantly come up with news - create interesting press releases. Fresh ones. At the same time I must preserve important information. Will it be the same this time?
Nooo-yes! I’m not going to care about this one. I will write the introduction (this). I will open a window and let in some fresh Czech Republic air. I will throw my feet up, make myself a cup of tea, and from a distance I will watch the one writing it. Then I will just add a few pictures and be done.That should be enough. What will the press release look like?

Who am I?

Sociidot app gives people power to find their “someday”

Sociidot app gives people power to find their “someday”

New York, NY--A new app has just been released whose goal is to help everyone visualize and achieve their “someday” goals. The Sociidot app is all about enabling people to make their big dreams, the ones they always said they’d get to “someday,” happen now. It’s a daily reminder that it’s the journey that counts. Users simply create the dots, connect them, and eventually create the story of what they want their life to be.

brainsparker - a free creativity app for the iPhone to tap into your inner genius

brainsparker - a free creativity app for the iPhone to tap into your inner genius

Brainsparker is a cool creativity app for the iPhone and iPad that helps to spark your imagination, trigger new ideas and solve problems that crop up in your daily life, at work and with your creative projects.

Download brainsparker for free from the iTunes Store at http://www.brainsparkerapp.com

Brainsparker is great to use when you’re facing a challenge or have a dream and you feel stuck or need a boost of inspiration. To get your creative juices flowing again, simply pick a random brainsparker from a collection of 52 words, quotes, images, actions and questions and you’ll be amazed at all the fresh new ideas you can generate.

Brainsparker is easy to use, fun and free!

-Pick from a collection of 52 random sparks

-Mix words, quotes, images, actions and questions

iCloud Keychain VS. LastPass and 1Password


This past Tuesday, Apple updated their Mac operating system to OS X Mavericks and their iOS software to 7.0.3. The feature that will raise security and productivity to a new level is iCloud Keychain. Its sole purpose is to save passwords and make them easy to use in Safari. Whether you are on your desktop or on an iPad or iPhone, Safari will protect your passwords and keep them in sync. You don't have to remember any of them, and you can create more secure ones than you are probably using now.

I Never Thought I'd Want an iWatch, Until I Saw This!


I've heard all of the propaganda, and seen all of the concept mockups, but I just haven't been able to wrap my mind around an iWatch. I mean, I don't even wear a regular wristwatch. Granted, back in the day I loved my calculator/Pac-Man watch (which was the pinnacle of high-tech back in Fort Collins, Colorado in the early '80s), and later my Casio G-Shock, but it's been almost a decade since I've worn a wrist watch with any regularity. Not since the invasion of smartphones have I made it a point to wear a wrist timepiece.

So when rumors of an Apple iWatch (or whatever it will eventually be called) started to circulate I was not overly enthused, and thus far, I have barely felt compelled to weigh in on the subject. Until now that is...

Cannonball Wants to Turn Email into a "Visual Activity"


Sorting your email messages can be tedious, but Cannonball (free) hopes to turn the process into a more "visual activity." The app will join the ranks of other popular email clients, like Mailbox (free) and AltaMail ($4.99).

Cannonball seeks to utilize the iPad's touchscreen experience to create a more intuitive inbox display. With up-to-date categories and sorting features, your inbox becomes easier to maintain.

Will iWork Help Apple Catch up to Office?


With all of the new hardware changes announced at today's Apple keynote, the newest updates to the company's popular iWork apps have a very good chance of slipping by the wayside—at least for now. After all, when there are new iPads with fancy Retina displays, who really cares about word processing or making an advanced slideshow? Well, the answer, dear reader, is you. Here's why:

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