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It's all in the dots...


When you combine simple with black and white you get a bunch of dots. When the dots are put together, you've got an interesting image using Dot Sketch. As soon as I saw the description of the app I thought of the sunflower. I hoped that it would capture the sunflower's elegant simplicity. I think it worked. How about you?

App Review: Fully Loaded "Top Camera" Tops Competing Camera Apps Easily


Lucky Clan’s impressive new camera and photo editing app, Top Camera, has many iPhone users ditching other apps as unnecessary clutter.  The secret to Top Camera’s appeal is its ability to all of the  most-wanted cam and editing features in one well-organized and easy to use interface.  From photo capturing to enhancement to sharing across multiple platforms, Top Camera is a one-stop-shop for the iPhone photo enthusiast.

AutoScreenshot 3D lite -- free app lets you create screenshots with 3-D effect


Here's a neat free app if you're someone who occasionally creates screenshots. AutoScreenshot 3D lite, developed by fellow blogger Todd Berhnard, lets you give your screenshot a 3D and mirror effect (see image at right). A pro version (AutoScreenshot 3D, $0.99) lets you use your own background, choose different angles, adjust size, position, and tint, and more. 

Update: Photo Editing Apps



One of the problems…or joys or writing app reviews like this is that by the time you finish the review, it is already almost out of date.  So, from time to time, it is necessary to return to  a review to ensure it remains up to date with the latest information.  With that in mind, a few months ago, I wrote a roundup for our print edition of some fantastic photo editing apps for the iPad (Kudos for MacPhun, winner of the Editor’s Choice Award from that article).  Since that time, I have stumbled upon several fantastic new apps which make editing photos even easier than ever.

Play with your Photography!

The iPhone and some well-selected apps can inspire a world of creative play.


I'm a professional photographer and have been using a high megapixel digital camera for years. I have to admit that the idea of using the iPhone's 5-MP camera—with no lens attachments—to capture images was hard to imagine at first. Then I saw some iPhone images taken by other photographers and decided to give it a try. I purchased the iPhone 4 in December 2010 and never looked back! 


iOS programming: making backup copies of system files and restoring them (in the iPhone 3GS / 4 Video Camera Enhancer tools)

(Beware: highly technical article! If you aren't a programmer and/or don't want to see how my backup / restore algorithm works, step right to the last two chapters, starting with "Important note for 3G S users"!)

New, vastly enhanced iPhone 3G S video recorder enhancer released (with source code)!

I've just uploaded version 1.4 of my free(!), open-source(!) iPhone 3G S video recorder enhancer tool to Cydia. As usual, add the repository „http://www.winmobiletech.com/cy” or „http://winmobiletech.com/cy” to your Cydia client and download the new version from my repository. When the development is finally finished, I'll make the two programs be available in traditional Cydia repositories so that you don't need to access it from my private repository.

Main changes in this version:

V1.3 of the iPhone 3G S Video camera enhancer app released with cleaned-up iOS 4.3.x support (with full sources)

I've just posted the new (1.3) version of my iPhone 3G S Video camera enhancer to my Cydia repository. (Please see my previous, dedicated articles [e.g., THIS] on accessing it.)

Unfortunately, when it runs under iOS 4.3.x, it has two main disadvantages compared to the pre-4.3 version:

- no on-device playback of anything over 1 Mbps. That is, you can't set for example 2Mbps as your video data rate if you want to watch the video on your iPhone.

- no Full sensor mode, also meaning less real resolution and worse low-light performance (but much better framerate and no „clicking” bug)

Body Symbol: Use your body to compose symbol of love and lots more

Body Symbol: Use your body to compose symbol of love and lots more

Dear friend,

Have you ever seen this impressive photo of a boy? He made about 50 photos using his arm to compose a symbol of heart to show his love to his girl. It was really a great work and it took him lots of time and energy to design positions, take photos and compose the final artwork. This is what we call LOVE.

After seeing this touching photo, I was deeply moved by his love and decided to make an iPhone photography APP to simplify the procedure to make such photos. That is the iPhone APP called Body Symbol.

ShotList- iPhone App To Bring Order To Movie Shoots

ShotList- iPhone App To Bring Order To Movie Shoots


Filmmakers can now use their iPhones and iPads to track their shoots, thanks to ShotList, a new app which puts a complete "Production Stripboard" in your pocket for the first time. 

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