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The old days are back...sort of!


Many years ago, when I was a wedding photographer, I used a Hasselblad. I loved the 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 square format. Although many iPhone apps allow you to create a square image, I finally found one that does exactly what I want it to do. As the developer puts it, "If you find other camera apps over-fussy (and their photographs annoyingly oblong) then 6x6 is the app for you." It allows you to create color or black & white pictures. You shoot like you were using the old Hasselblads. It's like going home again. Gotta go...I'm taking pictures with the 6x6 app.

Facebender App Review


Facebender is an entertainment app where you can warp, bend, twist, and change any picture that can be uploaded.  The options are vast and with additional updates; there isn’t any doubt that more features will become available.  But, let’s take a minute and dissect the app to really show its capability. 

Creating Great iPhoneography

The best accessories and apps for iPhone Photography

Summer-Farm-K-Messick-(1)To get started with iPhoneography, you need a few good accessories, great apps and some creativity. As a 
professional photographer, I've been using my iPhone to create beautiful images for a year, and I have found these apps and accessories to be among the very best.

The Best Accessories



Best Photography Apps

Best of the Best

#1 Camera+

($.99, app2.me/2583)

Camera +Developed by a professional photographer, this app boasts an abundance of features such as an image stabilizer, exposure and focus controls, a powerful zoom, and many more effects. Great for anyone from beginner to pro level.

2. Instagram

(Free, app2.me/3183)


PhotoPieces App Review


PhotoPieces is a fun little photo-manipulation app for iPhone that is based on creating photo-collages out of unique designs. The designs are available in the app as templates, although there is a very limited amount of them -- six to be exact. Despite this, the app is something unique on the App Store because it really allows you to create some interesting looking images.

Finally: Photo albums on your iPhone

Finally: Photo albums on your iPhone

1-Click Photo Album is a new free iPhone application that creates photo albums while you take your photos. There is no longer need to sort or import your photos, your albums are created ‘on the fly’. We promise: when you return from holiday, your photo album is ready!

Photo folder App - ADD Photos, CREATE Folders and DROP IN

Photo folder App - ADD Photos, CREATE Folders and DROP IN

We have recently released Photo Folder app for iPad, iPod & iPhone and would appreciate if you could add it to the site and/or complete a review of the app.

Photo Folder provides users with intuitive photo organization tools including personalized folders and filters for easy photo finding.  

Users can create a custom hierarchy of folders to quickly organize their photo library or use filters:  keywords, ratings or favorites to find a desired image.
Photo Folder App noteworthy features include:

•    Creation of folders and subfolders for easy drag ‘n’ drop photo organization

From today, Hipstamatic fans can make infographics, too

From today, Hipstamatic fans can make infographics, too

Photo Stats - the first infographic generator for iPhone, whose previous version was chosen as the App of the Week in Canada and Staff Favorite app in US and 60 other stores around the world, added themes to personalize your infographic and the ability to choose time period which will be analyzed. The new version also brings support for Hipstamatic, giving all fans of analog-looking photos a chance to make infographics about their photos.


Creating Unique Watermarks on your photos -- iWatermark - iPhone/iPad App


Sometimes I'll take what I think is a really good photo and want to share them on my social sites, but have in the back of my head I'd like to protect them, just in case I decide to use the photo in a business project down the road. I used to think - well -- I'll have to take it over to Photoshop and create a watermark to project it. I might be a bit later to the game, but there is a wonderful app that is so much easier than using Photoshop -- iWatermark by Plum Amazing.

The Absolute Best Camera App is Currently on Sale


Camera+ is by far the best photography app I have found. If you want your iPhone to act like a professional camera, this is the app for you... AND it is currently on sale for $.99 it has sold for as much as $2.99 since it's release.

With it you can:

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