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Kogeto Dot captures the big picture



Kogeto: The name is inspired by, and reminiscent of Cogito Ergo Sum, Latin for "I think, therefore I am."  But the phrase that comes to mind when I tried Kogeto's DOT camera gizmo is "A picture is worth a thousand words."  Indeed, the Kogeto is worth more, because it lets you create panoramic views that are really interactive videos.  You can swipe your finger to pan in any direction and see the view as if a videocamera was pointed in that direction, at that time.  This is accomplished through a special lens attachment that snaps right on to your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

Photo Slide Stream iPad App Review


Photo slide stream is a nifty iPad application that allows you to display your pictures as a slide show or gives you the ability to manually swipe through your photos. Photo slide stream pulls pictures from multiple sources - Facebook, your camera roll and albums, Picasa photos, and Twitpic (commonly used with Twitter accounts.)

1TapPhoto - PriceDrop - Take the most spontaneous photos on Thanksgiving for FREE

1TapPhoto - PriceDrop - Take the most spontaneous photos on Thanksgiving for FREE

1Tapps wants to celebrate Thanksgiving giving for free its 1TapPhoto App until Sunday. It's the perfect app to capture spontaneous moments which happens those holiday days. You will take the better funny photos of your family.

Great pictures come along unexpectedly. iPhone users rarely plan to shoot a picture. Rather, the opportunity presents itself, and the user is present with the iPhone they carry everywhere, and here it's 1TapPhoto to help you. No one can predict when their two-year old daughter will perform her first somersault, but you will be there with 1TapPhoto to capture that moment.

Photo Table brings back that old school feel of handling photographs


When I first saw an early version of Photo Table, I was instantly reminded of Microsoft's Surface which itself is designed to remind users of how we used to handle photographs, before the digital age.  Here, in Rochester, New York, that was the golden age for the one-time largest local employer, Kodak.  Remember ordering prints from "film" and then opening the envelope and scattering them across a table for viewing?  Now, we see photos instantly and rarely print them.  Even then, if we print them, it's the ones we specifically wanted in hardcopy.

Let your iPhone help your pinhole camera...


One of the problems pinhole photographers (like me) have is getting exposures. When you use a camera that has f/108 as its fixed setting, it gets a bit difficult when you have to calculate exposures. Using your iPhone, with ExifWizard, you can now check out exposures quickly. Take a picture with your iPhone, open up ExifWizard and you'll see the exposure. Once you have the exposure, you can calibrate the exposure for your pinhole camera. It takes some math, but the iPhone makes it much easier.

Don't Get Dizzy


360 Panorama ($.99) http://occipital.com/360/app 

Capturing panoramas are now easier than ever! Just open the app, tap the screen and pan your phone in any direction. Your panorama gets stitched together as you go. When you're done, you can instantly save your panorama or share via email, Twitter, or Facebook. 

In real estate, we used to pay hundreds of dollars to have this done for virtual tours and we would have to wait days to get it back. Now it can be done and on a website before we leave the house.

PSOFT MOBILE Releases iEyeCamera for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad 2

PSOFT MOBILE Releases iEyeCamera for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad 2

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Sendai, Japan – October 25, 2011 - PSOFT MOBILE, maker of the hit iOS app Zen Brush, is proud to announce the release of “iEyeCamera” for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad 2. iEyeCamera is a camera app that uses the new face detection technology introduced in iOS 5 to apply real-time effects to the eyes and face of the video subjects.

Free Halloween theme for 1-Click Photo Album

Free Halloween theme for 1-Click Photo Album

1-Click Photo Album is by far the easiest way to create real photo albums on your iPhone. It overcomes the limited features of the iOS5 albums and gives you great photo albums to show friends and family. Some of the great features:

- Dropbox and Facebook support

- Add text and themes to your albums

- Full screen photo viewer

- CoverFlow to select your albums 


Try this free app today and enjoy our great fee Halloween theme!


The old days are back...sort of!


Many years ago, when I was a wedding photographer, I used a Hasselblad. I loved the 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 square format. Although many iPhone apps allow you to create a square image, I finally found one that does exactly what I want it to do. As the developer puts it, "If you find other camera apps over-fussy (and their photographs annoyingly oblong) then 6x6 is the app for you." It allows you to create color or black & white pictures. You shoot like you were using the old Hasselblads. It's like going home again. Gotta go...I'm taking pictures with the 6x6 app.

Facebender App Review


Facebender is an entertainment app where you can warp, bend, twist, and change any picture that can be uploaded.  The options are vast and with additional updates; there isn’t any doubt that more features will become available.  But, let’s take a minute and dissect the app to really show its capability. 

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