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Put Your Mark on Photos with iWatermark+


The primary reason you should graphically (or not so graphically if using steganographic tags) tag your photos is to add some identifying mark on them, or even just add context. With iWatermark+ ($3.99) you can add a copyright, a custom icon, a logo, or even embed hidden steganographic data in your photos. You could also simply share your email, a uniform resource locator, or QR Codes (with links to either) from within your images. The latest version also allows you to watermark your videos.

iWatermark+ - Number 5 In Top 100 iPhone/iPad Apps of the Year. Create Subtle and Even Invisible Watermarks for Photos and Video.

iWatermark+ - Number 5 In Top 100 iPhone/iPad Apps of the Year. Create Subtle and Even Invisible Watermarks for Photos and Video.

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DATE: Jan 13, 2015

This really is the best app we've ever created. Please email me, let me know if you would like a promo code for iWatermark+. I'd love to answer any questions. 


Princeville, HI - Plum Amazing, LLC. iWatermark's ability to create and use subtle visible or even invisible watermarks to protect photos and videos helped it become number 5 of the top 100 iOS apps of the year. The results announced yesterday 1/5/15 can be found here:

"iWaterMark+ is simply the best watermarking app for iOS that I’ve seen to date." -- Photographer Terry White

CES 2015: Kodak's SL5 Turns Your iDevice into a True HD Camera and Wins iPhone Life's Best of CES Award


The newest smart lens from Kodak, the PIXPRO SL5, debuted at CES this week. We got to sit down with the Kodak team and get the full scoop on this impressive iPhoneography accessory. After hearing all about what this little lens can do, and seeing it put through its paces, it was apparent that we were looking at a product that was well deserving of our iPhone Life Magazine Best of CES award.

CES 2015: Meet the ZANO Autonomous Drone; Aerial Selfies Have Never Been so Easy!


The autonomous, intelligent ZANO drone is designed to sense and avoid obstacles and is perfect for anyone new to drone piloting, or anyone interested in putting a drone to good use as a flying, selfie-taking, remote aerial vehicle.

CES 2015: Ōlloclip Wins iPhone Life Magazine's Best of CES with 4-in-1 Lens for iPhone 6/6 Plus.


Congratulations go out to Ōlloclip, winners for two consecutive years now, of iPhone Life's Best of CES Award. Ōlloclip has continued to impress with their lens attachments for the iPhone and iPad. With an Ōlloclip lens, an iDevice's great and handy camera is transformed into a tool worthy of any professional photographer. The new Ōlloclip 4-in-1 lens ($79.99) for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is no exception.

CES 2015: What to Expect


CES 2015 is just around the corner and the iPhone Life team will be bringing you live, on-the-ground coverage of what is the largest international gathering in the tech industry. According to the Consumer Electronics Association, this sprawling event will cover over two million square feet and is expected to attract well over 150,000 industry professionals to the city of Las Vegas. CES 2015 is sure to offer plenty of surprises as well as previews of some amazing new technology. Read on after the break for some of our CES predictions and a glimpse into what we can expect from this year's grand event.

Polaroid Gets Into the ActionCam Game


When it comes to Action Cams, there's more than GoPro to consider. Polaroid has an absolutely adorable little camera called the Polaroid CUBE ($99.99), which is a perfectly named product. The Polaroid CUBE has Polaroid's trademark rainbow pattern along the sides; the uninitiated might think it's a rip off of Instagram, but the truth is Polaroid had that look decades earlier—I still have my Polaroid 600 Sun camera to prove it.

OlloClip Magnifies Images and Their Product Line


OlloClip is the category-defining lens maker that lets users add wide angle, zoom, fisheye capabilities, and more to their iPhone and even iPad cameras. As the iPhone has become the world's most popular camera, it's no wonder that OlloClip has become so popular as well. It's also no wonder that they came out with the OlloClip 4-IN-1 Photo Lens model ($79.99) for Apple's latest iPhones.

Take Stable Selfies with iStabilizer Monopod and Shutter Remote


Selfies are all the rage, but that doesn't mean they are great to look at. When you hold your arm out and try to snap a photo, it's never going to be as good as if someone else took the shot. There are some apps and Bluetooth gadgets like the iStabilizer Shutter Remote that make it easier to snap the picture, either by clapping or touching a button, but unless the phone is positioned properly, you're still going to get a dud of a photo.

IOgrapher Turns Your iPad Into a Professional Videography Solution


Videography and the iPad don't usually go together. And that's a shame because the large screen of the iPad and even the iPad mini make for a great video editing tool. Without a USB port or SD card slot, transferring video files to the iPad is a hassle, even with AirDrop. Ideally, you could easily record quality video on the iPad and edit it immediately using iMovie or third party apps.

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