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Google releases Google Currents, a free Flipboard-like app


Flipboard is one of the most popular apps for the iPad. And it was so heavily downloaded when it was released earlier this week for the iPhone that the added traffic brought down Flipboard's servers. Now Google has jumped into this popular space — apps that aggregate your social media content, news, and other web content into a personally tailored, very attractive, magazine-like format. Google Currents (free) is available as a universal app for both the iPhone and iPad.

Hot Culture Review


The Hot culture app is the app arm of the culture.pl website which offers the latest in news and information concerning the Polish culture and events.  This app is beautifully designed and has an impressive amount of information which is updated every day.  Whether you’re looking for information about the latest polish singer or just an update on what is going on in the news, this app has everything you could ever want to know about the Polish culture.

iPhone Life is now Featured on the Pulse News app


Announcing iPhone Life magazine on Pulse! <http://www.pulse.me/iphonelife> Check your iOS apps -- do you have Pulse News?

CopyToy: Transferring Anything Between Your PC And IPod, IPad and IPhone, Is Now Possible

CopyToy: Transferring Anything Between Your PC And IPod, IPad and IPhone, Is Now Possible

Candysoft has announced the release of CopyToy, a program for both Windows and Mac that allows users to seamlessly copy music and various other kinds of data from an IPod, IPad and IPhone to a computer. CopyToy is compatible with all generations of the IPod, IPad and IPhone.

Early Edition 2 for the iPad Review


I have been impressed with Glasshouse Apps' Early Edition RSS reader since it was released well over a year ago. Since then, Glasshouse has been busy refining their flagship application to be as iOS fluid-friendly as possible. Their results have culminated in their next generation RSS reader, Early Edition 2. Is it worth the new purchase price? Read on to find out.

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The Best Personalized Magazine Apps for the iPad

I admit it, I am a news addict. I used to watch cable news constantly in order to keep up with what was happening in the world. However, a few years ago I started using the web to fill my need for news. And ever since I purchased an iPad 2, I've found new ways to enjoy and access a regular dose of timely updates.

A few weeks ago I wrote a review of Zite on my 
iPhonelife.com blog. Zite is a personalized magazine app that I started using right after I purchased my iPad 2. Over the course of a few months, I came to depend on Zite for almost all of my news. While preparing this review of the Best Personalized Magazine Apps for the iPad, I began a search for apps that might 
replace Zite in my daily 


Best News Apps

Best of the Best

#1 Flipboard

(Free, app2.me/3473) 

FlipboardIt's your own beautifully personalized magazine with content from your 
Facebook and Twitter feeds, along with a slew of news sources and categories to choose from. A definite must-have.

2. Instapaper

($4.99, app2.me/117) 


WSJ Live for iPad -- free app give you access to live news videos worldwide


If you need a news fix, check out the new app released last week by The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones. WSJ Live (free) gives you access to live news and on-demand video from 2,000 reporters around the world. You get access to the entire video archive of The Wall Street Journal as well as news programming in a range of categories: U.S., World, Business, Markets, Opinion, Technology, Life & Culture, and Personal Finance.

PodPlayer Review


The apps that Apple bundles on their iOS devices are slick, polished and almost perfect. But for those power users who need just a bit more tweaking to attain an even higher level of perfection, they have to turn to Apple's App Store to seek out programs that scratch that particular itch.

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