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Appy Geek gets update!


One of my fav news reader apps (see our Appy Geek review here) got an update last week. The only thing that jumped out at me on iPad was additional footer ads that now appear (which seemed to disappear by changing screen orientation). Apparently, there are more features under the hood now for iPhone/iPod touch. Things like a new "Word Cloud" feature that I still don't quite understand, but maybe the added PR release below will help explain better than I can...

The Mobli Social Media Experience: Believe The Hype, And Enter Their Daily iPad Giveaway While You’re At It!



If you haven't heard of Mobli, or tried out the App (available for free in the Apple App store), now is a great time! Mobli, the new, up-and-coming social photo/video App is currently hosting a wild month of daily contests, with a brand new, New iPad as the prize, EVERY DAY! Yes indeed, you read that right! In an unprecedented move, Mobli is, for the month of May, giving away a New iPad every single day! The requirements for entering the different daily contests are quite simple, relatively speaking, considering the prize.


Dependency goes Free Range

Dependency goes Free Range - free versions of all our apps

Dependency, an Australian software developer, (www.dependencysoftware.com) has recently released free versions of all their iOS apps.

Free Simple Presentation – Make and show professional presentations on your iPad or iOS device

Free Version: Feed Cloud RSS news aggregator and reader

Free Version: Feed Cloud RSS news aggregator and reader

Free Version: Feed Cloud – Making sense of all your news and blog RSS feeds

Apps beat web browser, will conquer TV next


It's a curious thing why apps have become so popular. iPhone and iPad users tend to prefer using them to using a web browser. And they're becoming so popular that there's speculation that they may eventually take over the TV interface. Remember that Apple at first had no intention of letting programmers create apps for the iPhone. Rather, developers were forced to create "web apps" — iPhone-sized websites that had the same sorts of discrete functions as do today's apps. And the conventional wisdom back in 2007 was that this was the way to go.

Manhattan Introduces “Stealth” – A Buttonless, Noiseless Computer Touch Mouse for the Tablet Generation

Manhattan Introduces “Stealth” – A Buttonless, Noiseless Computer Touch Mouse for the Tablet Generation

The computer mouse was invented back in the 1960s, and with few exceptions it looks and works the same as it did back then…until now. Manhattan® (www.manhattan-products.com) today unveiled a re-imagined mouse for the tablet generation: Stealth.  With an ultra-sleek , contoured design, Stealth is a Touch Mouse that lets you access and interact with Web content from a PC or Mac with a simple tap or swipe of your finger…no clicking, no scroll wheel, no buttons.


Shootouts: LTE on Verizon vs AT&T; Flipboard vs Zite vs Pulse


Comparative reviews can be very helpful, and I wanted to be sure you saw two recent ones that I thought were particularly useful. First of all, one of the most important features of the new iPad is LTE — a fourth generation data protocol that gives you superfast Internet speeds. Both Verizon and AT&T are rolling out LTE networks, and if you're thinking of getting an LTE iPad, an important choice you face is which carrier to go with. In some cases, your choice will be clear, because one might not be available in your area. But if both are available, you'll want to know which is better.

iDoc's Top 10 iPhone App Recommendations.


Considering how many apps are available in the Apple app store, not to mention how many are actually on my iPhone (close to 300), it's a bit daunting of a task to come up with only 10 apps to recommend here and now! There are simply so many amazing and award-winning apps out there and each is suited to an individual uniquely.

Feed Cloud making sense of your RSS news and blogs

Feed Cloud – Making sense of all your news and blog RSS feeds

Dar-Soft releases updates of paperwork handling applications with new iPad Retina interface.


26 March 2012 – Dar-Soft releases updates to their comprehensive application set, containing PDF Printer, PDF Forms and Print Utility. With this update the first three apps get high-resolution artwork  to support the new iPad Retina display.

The update of PDF Printer, PDF Forms and Print Utility was made as a step toward business usage of iPad. With this application set users can fulfill the most common workflow when handling daily paperwork.

PDF Printer allows converting documents, web pages, images and other content to the Adobe PDF format.

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