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Google posts 10 helpful tips for using Google Maps on iPhone


Google has posted a very helpful article on 10 ways to make your Google Maps for iPhone experience even better. Google Maps (free) has been hugely popular and was downloaded over 10 million times the first two days it was available. The tips include:

1. Press and hold to place a pin on the map.

2. To see Street View images in panorama, "press and hold any location on the map, tap the info sheet, and then tap the image."

3. Shake your phone to send Google feedback.

4. Swipe the info sheet to the left or right to browse more results.

5. Tap the three buttons at bottom right to access the satellite, traffic and public transit views.

Week in Review: A Recap of this Week's Top Stories and Headline News!



Welcome to my recap of some of this week's top news and interesting stories in the world of iOS. This week's review includes: the debut of two of Google's most beloved iOS apps in the App Store, Apple's "Best of 2012" picks, new rumors of forthcoming Apple iDevices, and a much loved feature of the App Store returning, and just in time for the holiday season!

Google Maps arrives: voice turn-by-turn directions, transit directions, vector graphics


What a nice Christmas present. As my fellow blogger James Rhodes noted, Google Maps (free) arrived late yesterday and has the best of everything. It includes crucial features missing in Apple's original app based on Google's technology, and it includes features missing in Apple's new Maps app that arrived with iOS 6. Unlike the earlier version, it now has voice-guided turn-by-turn directions and vector graphics. The latter means that the maps are created on-the-fly mathematically instead of using images.

iPhone Life's Holiday Gift Guide for the Road Less Travelled


Welcome to this comprehensive gift guide to the best of the best in rugged gear, accessories and apps for iOS. Featuring over 20 different companies that make high-quality, ruggedly contructed and durable gear, or apps suited to outdoor and survival skills. Read on after the break for more details (and over 30 useful links) about some of the most exceptional adventure-ready products on the market...

Car Camera DVR for iPhone and iPod touch. Your reliable witness

Car Camera DVR for iPhone and iPod touch. Your reliable witness

Car Camera DVR instantly turns you iPhone or iPod touch into a full featured Car DVR recorder at a fraction of the cost of the standalone device.

 Record HD definition videos while driving with embedded data about time, location and speed. Instantly playback videos with data within the app or export recorded videos into your device gallery. 

Car camera is the only app in App Store that is capable of recording high quality HD driving videos with data overlay.

Speed Tracker is 70% OFF before The Thanksgiving Day

Speed Tracker is 70% OFF before The Thanksgiving Day

Do you drive a lot? Want to visit your parents and to taste the delicious turkey? You will definitely appreciate this app.

Report: Google Maps app nearly ready to submit to Apple


Apple's own Maps app, which in iOS 6 replaced Google's Maps app, has received a lot of complaints. Even though it offers turn-by-turn directions, which Google's offering lacked, it has been criticized as being flawed and not as accurate as Google's offering, as well as lacking the popular Street View feature. Soon after Google's Maps app was booted off iOS devices by Apple, rumors began that Google was developing a Maps app for iOS devices and would submit it to Apple for approval. Then came rumors that Apple, due to its battles with Google, wouldn't approve the app.

Free maps app coming from Nokia


Navigation has become a crucial component of today's smartphones and tablets, and companies are vying to offer the best solution. Nokia has reportedly spent billions on a mapping solution, called HERE, and yesterday they announced they have a FREE app coming for iOS devices in the next few weeks. You can read their full press release on MacDailyNews. It sounds great: offline maps, voice-guided walking navigation, and public transit directions.

iPhone Maps App Update

It's all good in my world. Since Apple kicked Google Maps to the curb, they have been dodging arrows from critics because it's not perfect. I am not about to apologize or justify for Apple, only check in about my real life testing here in rural Vermont.

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