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Happy Grandparents' Day from Lighted Magnifier AmpliVision!!!

Happy Grandparents' Day from Lighted Magnifier AmpliVision!!!

September 9th is Grandparents’ Day!
We are happy to offer you 50% sale for iPhone Lighted Magnifier AmpliVision , the best gift ever!!!

Over forty? Have trouble reading small print? Forgot your reading glasses? AmpliVision is here to help. It instantly turns your device into a powerful electronic lighted magnifier

* Universal application which works on camera equipped iPhone/iPod and iPad.
* Simple not cluttered UI
* Easy operation with one hand
* Support for front and back camera
* Bright LED lighting (Available only on devices with camera flash)
* Lock feature. Instantly freeze a sharp magnified image to easily zooming and examine finest detail
* Save and share images made within AmpliVision

What's Next? You Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet... [on the evolution of Apple]



With all the chatter in the blogosphere, about new products soon to be released, and patent battles being fought on all fronts in the courts of law, I think it's important to keep in mind the old expression: "You ain't seen nuthin' yet!" Truly, hasn't this week been a great example of that.
With the court cases bringing out details Apple would just as likely have preferred to keep private, we have been granted a rare insight into the evolution of products in the Apple iDevice chain, as well as having been given glimpses into what Apple had in mind, in prototype form, two years ago.
That said, can you imagine what Cupertino has in store for us in say, 5 years? That's not that long. Think about it. Within 5 years, devices and functions that are now, only in prototype/patent form, may very well be seeing the light of day. It's not for nothing that Johny Ive says that the products Apple is working on now, are some of the best, most exciting products Apple has ever invented!

Good news for your eyes. Amplivision is 50% off for a limited time

Good news for your eyes. Amplivision is 50% off for a limited time

Over 40? Have difficulty reading small print? Always forget to take reading glasses with you? You need AmpliVision


With AmpliVision you can easily read any small print. Prescription, newspaper ads, product labels – you will never miss important information. All you need is to pull out you iDevice, run AmpliVision, zoom in and lock  the image. It could not get any easier.


For a limited time only we are offering AmpliVision at half price. Download it now at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/amplivision.-lighted-magnifier/id496486094?mt=8 and save.


Irina Akulevich

Marketing Specialist

App that helps mute people communicate receives award at CES


It's nice to see an app by fellow blogger Todd Bernhard, president of No Tie software, win an award at CES. Getting recognition was AutoVerbal Pro Talking Soundboard, a $9.99 app that allows people to communicate who are unable to speak due to conditions such as stroke, surgery, cerebral palsy, and autism. The app has hundreds of photo buttons representing common words or phrases. Users can also program a variety of buttons to speak custom messages. In addition, users can type anything and it will be spoken using text-to-speech.




A delightful holiday scene and 16 beautifully recorded Jazz Christmas favorites, on sale this week for only $1.99. Cherry Lane Music Company, a leader in music instruction, and G-Men Productions are pleased to announce the release of their iPad app, "Christmas Favorites for Solo Jazz Guitar."  Using high-quality audio and animation, it teaches you to play 16 classic Christmas guitar tunes in the jazz style.

World War II Interactive for iPad


World War II Interactive for iPad provides a glimpse into World War II, its causes, events, and aftermath. The app includes more than 600 photos, 35 rare video clips, and audios of famous speeches made by Allied leaders.

You can browse by timeline event, media, people, and weapons.

Best Medical Apps

Best of the Best

#1 Medscape

(Free, app2.me/4008) 

MedscapeBy the makers of WebMD, this large and comprehensive medical app for healthcare professionals features 
references for drugs, procedures, and protocols. It also features offline access to clinical references.

2. Learn Muscles: Anatomy Quiz and Reference

($2.99, app2.me/4009)


medAssist: Personal health assistant

medAssist: Personal health assistant

The german developer team marogo launches its iOS app worldwide. Individual health management and checkup reminders assist users in their health management. Health data and checkups can be maintained for the whole family. Country and region specific checkups can be defined and exchanged via mail or the dedicated community platform integrated into the app.

Dentist demonstrates procedures to patients with his iPad

Todd Beck, DMD

What do you do? I am a general dentist with two practices in Portland, Oregon.

Which device do you use? iPhones, iPads, iPods, iMacs, MacBook Pros and Apple TV.

How long have you had them? Since they first came out!


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