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World War II Interactive for iPad


World War II Interactive for iPad provides a glimpse into World War II, its causes, events, and aftermath. The app includes more than 600 photos, 35 rare video clips, and audios of famous speeches made by Allied leaders.

You can browse by timeline event, media, people, and weapons.

Best Medical Apps

Best of the Best

#1 Medscape

(Free, app2.me/4008) 

MedscapeBy the makers of WebMD, this large and comprehensive medical app for healthcare professionals features 
references for drugs, procedures, and protocols. It also features offline access to clinical references.

2. Learn Muscles: Anatomy Quiz and Reference

($2.99, app2.me/4009)


medAssist: Personal health assistant

medAssist: Personal health assistant

The german developer team marogo launches its iOS app worldwide. Individual health management and checkup reminders assist users in their health management. Health data and checkups can be maintained for the whole family. Country and region specific checkups can be defined and exchanged via mail or the dedicated community platform integrated into the app.

Dentist demonstrates procedures to patients with his iPad

Todd Beck, DMD

What do you do? I am a general dentist with two practices in Portland, Oregon.

Which device do you use? iPhones, iPads, iPods, iMacs, MacBook Pros and Apple TV.

How long have you had them? Since they first came out!


Cancer Support Community Introduces First-Of-Its-Kind, Free Mobile App

Cancer Support Community Introduces First-Of-Its-Kind, Free Mobile App






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The Boreland Group Inc.



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Regan Hiatt

Updated "Drugs in Pregnancy" app for iPhone


LVDG is lead by practicing clinical pharmacists and physicians from University Hospitals. We develop apps for healthcare professionals and the public, which are practical tools to improve medicines use and safety, and medical information.

Our fist app on medications use in Pregnancy has been developed both in French and English, within the same app. It has been first released on March 2011.

Yesterday, June 20th, 2011, the iPhone app has been updated. It now offers information on more than 1'000 drugs (scientific names) and near 5'000 brand names.

It's Bedtime! iPhone app based on Dr. Eduard Estivill’s sleeping method

 It's Bedtime! iPhone app based on Dr. Eduard Estivill’s sleeping method

Sleeping correctly is something kids learn, and many parents just don’t have the right tools to properly teach their kids this habit. As a result, one out of three children under the age of five has some form of insomnia or sleep disorder.

Based on Dr. Eduard Estivill’s popular sleeping method, which has sold over two million copies in its paper version and has been translated into twenty languages, Random House Mondadori presents the Apps IT’S BEDTIME! and ¡A DORMIR! for iPhone and iPod Touch to help parents teach their children the habit of sleep.

Wear your iPhone on your sleeve (Part 2)


In Part 1, I wrote about the ActiveSLEEVE, an accessory that lets you wear your iPhone on your arm.  It's a great gadget, but what if you want to access the touchscreen while the device is 'at hand'?  Or what if it's colder weather and you need a jacket.  Enter the WEARCOM SOMA-1 from Alphyn Industries.  The SOMA-1 Wearcom pullover is a remarkably well-made jacket that just so happens to have a flip-open velcro covered capacitive-touchscreen-friendly pocket on the forearm.  Even if you don't use the gadget pocket, this quality garment could be your everyday jacket.

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