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Lapàporter Press Release

Lapàporter Press Release

Lapàporter’s vision is to fill an empty space in the market of accessories for electronic equipment. Sleeves and cases that do not only protect your laptop, phone and iPad, but also style them, personalize them and characterize them.
Having realised that most cases for electronic devices missed a vital element of fabulousness and femininity, the designer Ilka Brand was inspired to create her first line of accessories for iPhones, iPods and Laptops.
In October 2010 Lapàporter has lounged the new product line of leather iPad sleeves made from fine embossed lambs leather. The collections stand
out due to elegance, feminity and the contrast of smooth and structured surfaces. An extravagant highlight is the luxury real Python leather sleeve that is available for iPhones and iPads.

Viper SmartStart -- free app uses augmented reality to help you find your car

The main purpose of this free app is to work with a gizmo attached to your car so that you can start it remotely with your iPhone. But they've recently added some features that make it useful for you even if you don't want to invest a couple hundred on the remote start hardware.

A Traditional iPad Christmas


It’s hard to give these two apps from XIMAD, The Twelve Days of Christmas ($1.99) and Twas The Night Before Christmas ($1.99), too much praise. 

Click, Crack, Eat Lobster!


You knew someone had to do it.  So here it is, iLobster ($1.99) by Ben Greeley from up in the Waterville area here in Maine.  There is also a free version, so what is the difference?  Probably a 1/4 cup of melted butter and lobster juice down the front of your shirt.  

Lobster, get it here!


Here' a fine little app, Dorr Lobster (free) by Mobilaurus for Dorr Lobster Company down in Milbridge, Maine. The app is really just an extension of their retail business, so no frills, but it delivers. Literally! Want some lobster? Ayuh, they have that. How bout some crab, mussel, scallop, smoked shrimp, smoked salmon, or some wicked good organic Highland Steak? Ayuh, they got that too. Actually they have more so download their app and check it out.

Get Kik'd Into Gear This Holiday!



            As an iPhone user, have you ever wondered what its like to BBM?  Well, whether you have or haven’t, “kik” is an application that allows you to have that experience.  Rising in popularity among iPhone users in my circle, kik has its advantages. 

            Instead of having a pin, one operates kik under a username.  Upon downloading kik, the application prompts the user to create a username that they will not forget and that is easy to share with friends, family, coworkers and the like.  Once doing so, you are ready to go. 

Food Network In the Kitchen - App Review


As an avid fan of the quality programming found on the Food Network, I was ecstatic to find that the TV giant had released an app for the iPhone and iPad that would allow me to access their vast library of recipes while working away in my own kitchen. The app is excellent in almost every way one could hope for, but it does have a few quirks that keep it from being as great as it could be. 


Price Check by Amazon -- free app lets you find prices via voice, bar code, photo, or product name


If you're shopping and wonder whether the item you're considering could be more cheaply purchased via Amazon, a new app helps you do just that. Price Check by Amazon (free) lets you search for the product you have in mind in four different ways: you can say the name of the product, use the iPhone's camera to read the bar code, take a photo of the item, or enter the name of the product. The app uses the same voice recognition technology that powers the popular Dragon NaturallySpeaking. (iPhone 4 and 3GS only)

Shop Smart with Grocery iQ

Build and share shopping lists; track your purchases; more.

If you're looking for the perfect grocery list app, check out Grocery iQ (free, iPhone/iPod touch and iPad versions available, app2.me/227). It has every feature you might need, it's easy to use, it's available for both the iPhone and iPad, and it's free! Use this app once and you will never do your shopping without it. The best way to describe the app is to walk through how my wife and I use it.

Step 1: Enter the items you purchase regularly

After installing the app, enter your "Favorites" (i.e., the items you purchase regularly).


TheFind -- free app with barcode scanner gives access to the largest price-comparison search engine


Wow, TheFind (free) seems to have it all. If you want to find the lowest price when you're shopping, you'll want to try TheFind. It uses Red Laser's barcode scanner technology, combines that with TheFind, which they say is the web's largest price-comparison search engine, and throws in a coupon finder, driving directions, and click to call. 

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