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eCard Express HD for iPad - Personal and Business Greeting Cards

eCard Express HD for iPad - Personal and Business Greeting Cards

Toronto, Ontario - Announcing that Bartsoft Inc., a Canadian based company, have released the new festive greeting card application for the iPad - eCard Express HD. This application enables users to create and customize greeting cards with high quality stickers, frames, and their own photos or images from the photo library. eCard Express HD is intuitive, very easy to use, and very efficient at producing birthday greetings, dinner invitations, congratulations cards and customizable frames.

Bartsoft Inc. describes the app as "the best way to stay in touch with friends, family, business partners and customers through a fun and interactive ecard application."

ai'Plug LLC Resolves iPhone Water Sensor Issue, and Opens Charm Accessories Market to 51 Million Plus

ai'Plug LLC Resolves iPhone Water Sensor Issue, and Opens Charm Accessories Market to 51 Million Plus

Los Angeles, CA APRIL 5, 2011

Conceived and developed in Los Angeles, CA, the ai’Plug was designed as the perfect solution to safe guard your smart phone’s warranty as it prevents iPhones and other smart phones from liquid and dust damage. The ai’Plug provides product protection from water and dust damage where the phone is most vulnerable, the headphone jack. The ai’Plug was designed to maintain a simplistic look to help compliment most smart phone designs out in the market today.

How to Cook With the iPhone

The best apps for each stage of the cooking process

As I feel the first rumble in my belly, I instinctively reach for my iPhone—not to order out, but to fix myself a delicious meal. With an iPhone app for nearly everything, there is no shortage of cooking apps. Even after I did some spring-cleaning on my iPhone, I still have 2 pages of cooking apps.


How to Find your Way around Beantown

Whether you're a native "Bahston drivah" or a visitor, these apps 
will help you find your way around Boston and other US cities

So, whether you want to "pahk ya cah in Havahd yahd" or find a restaurant that serves good "lobsta," your iPhone or iPod touch and these must-have apps will help you find your way around Boston town (and other US cities).

Magellan Roadmate

$49.99, iPhone/iPod touch: app2.me/3172

RoadmateFinding your way around Beantown means braving I-93 and Storrow Drive. These roads are quite busy most of the time, so the Magellan Roadmate app won't necessarily get you where you're going quickly.


How to Stay Organized

The iPad and a few well-chosen apps help me stay organized and on schedule.

As a busy mom, wife, and techie, I need to stay organized and on schedule. My iPad has become an integral part of my everyday life. My desktop computer is now primarily used for synching my gadgets, backing up data, and large Photoshop projects. Gone are the days I sit in my home office for hours communicating, creating, and researching.


Teach Me Sushi iPad Edition Review


Ever wish you could make your own sushi for a dinner party or a more colorful meal than hamburgers and hotdogs? Teach Me Sushi iPad Edition can show you how. Does this video-rich teaching experience deliver the goods? Read on to find out.

I have been a fan of sushi since a former co-worker introduced the delicacy to me nearly 20 years ago. Even though I enjoy this Japanese meal category, making my own has eluded me… until now. Thanks to Jake Davidow's encouraging and highly enthusiastic video presentations in the iPad edition of Teach Me Sushi, I am at least no longer apprehensive about making my own Maki and hand rolls.

LuQi, to harmonize your House with Feng Shui

Our best-seller software ' LuQi for PC ', developed for PC/Windows, now has a little brother... ' LuQi for PC ' was aimed at professionals but ' LuQi for the iPhone ' is for all of you. It's fun... Try it!

Experience shows that all Houses are not equal. And your life could be different in a different House.

Likewise, no House is perfect, all have Sectors that should be avoided. And also very interesting Sectors that you should take advantage of.

Editorial: Why I Jailbreak my iOS Devices


The views expressed herein are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone else on the iPhone Life team. That said, I hope that readers will find this article informative and interesting, or at the very least thought-provoking.

GoGo Navigator (US & Canada) Gets You Where You're Going for Cheaper


Not too long ago, Apple started building iOS-powered devices with GPS capability in them. Immediately I knew that a menagerie of navigation apps would soon be flooding to the App Store, much like mindless pre-teen girls with a taste for wretched music flock to a Justin Bieber concert. Some of these apps are great, and some provide as much fun as using a cactus as a toothbrush. When I was asked to review GoGo Navigator, I admit I was a little skeptical - could it really match my beloved TomTom app for such a reasonable price? Much to my surprise, GoGo Navigator is a brilliant GPS app that does a terrific job for a fraction of the entry fee.

iParkedHere iPhone App

iParkedHere iPhone App

Crazy Dog Apps

Crazy Dog Apps releases updated iParkedHere for iPhone/iPod Touch

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