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Snap2PDF, Snap Into Action!




Ever start to feel like you are super unorganized?  The feeling can be overwhelming at times.  Whether you are a student still in school or a pre-occupied businessman, the Snap2PDF application may be the answer to your prayers!

Avas Flowers Official App Review


The Avas flowers app is, to my knowledge, unique on the app store in selling flowers and flower delivery to people in any area of the country, all from their smart phone.  When first downloading the app I was skeptical about how effective it would be to view and purchase flowers on my phone but I was very pleasantly surprised about how easy it really was.  Avas clearly took the time and money necessary to make a best in class app.

iGLASSES: Simple, Funny, Free



iGLASSES, a free app recently launched by Green Cloud, offers iOS users that fancy themselves comedians a quick, fun way to transform their photos into something funny.

There’s no real way to make the app sound more complex than it is.  You use iGLASSES to add virtual eyeglasses to the subjects of your pictures.  There’s a huge variety of glasses to choose from, and all of them are good for a giggle.  They range from goofy sunnies to absolutely bizarre eggs sunnyside up, from shutter shades to geeky plastic frames, and everything in between. 




Managing your BrainOur brains are wonderful devices for keeping track of information. They are also remarkable sense-making machines, finding patterns in seemingly disparate bits of data. In the information age, however, and in the burgeoning knowledge economy, we find our brains outstripped by their own inventions, their own discoveries, and their own creations. We have invented devices that are capable of capturing, generating, and storing more information than any one human can consume, let alone leverage to personal advantage.


Why I Love Apple Even More - A FREE iPod upgrade!


I groused about my son's 1st-generation iPod HD failing (the one on the right). We had bought it for his birthday, and about a month after the warranty ran out, the hard drive started making noises, and it became an expensive brick (yes, many years ago). I had no compunction about yanking the back off and replacing the HD, and it still works today (he has all his tunes on his iPhone now, so I use it). I was still mad, but less so, since the replacement cost a lot less than letting Apple fix it (more than it cost originally--thanks to iLounge forums for the fix, by the way). This post is proof that if you are a good boy or girl and take care of your gear, once in a while the tech gods will smile on you, though it is rare indeed. Apple replaced my wife's first gen Nano (also still working quite well) with a new model. Here's why...

The best Apps from Celebrity Chefs

Chefs"...people were not interested in the chef and they were not interested in who was cooking... They were just interested in the end result." So spoke Ed Behr, the author of The Artful Eater and publisher of the respected food journal, The Art of Eating.


Life transforming App

Life transforming App

Heartsmart iGlobal 1.5 is for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This is a cool, life transforming application, offering a health risk calculator, educational data and information, and lifestyle tools. Heartsmart iGlobal works for men and women of all ethnicities and is perfect for individuals, teaching institutions, health care professionals and the health and fitness industry. One of the Heartsmart iGlobal objectives is to raise awareness of major health concerns on a Global scale.

#1 iPhone App for New Year's Eve is Tip This by Maitre d' Malone

#1 iPhone App for New Year's Eve is Tip This by Maitre d' Malone







December 28, 2011


Take Your Photos on a Map with Photos and Map


If you've ever seen your picture and forgot where it was, or found yourself itching to share a great photo with somebody, but you were away from a computer, we've got an amazing iPhone app called Photo and Map to help you out. Photo and Map is an iPhone application that lets you put your photos on a map.

This app holds some exciting features such as,

·       Support in 4 languages.

·       GPS automatic locate your position.

Free Singing Personalized Messages from SANTA (App)

Free Singing Personalized Messages from SANTA (App)

Check out the newest and most unique App of the season, an app that sings a Personalized Message from Santa to the Greeting Recipient for Free.

Send a Greeting That Sings Their Name

Apps are available for iPhone, iPad or as a Facebook app.
Apple Apps were just released on 12/15/11

Brighten your friends Christmas with a Personalized Musical Greeting from Santa! That's right, send a singing greeting from Santa and his Elves that SINGS YOUR FRIENDS NAME. Add a special message and a photo to make it the Best Christmas Card Greeting Ever!

Also Available, many personalized songs for Birthday, New Born Babies and lot's of other occasions. Let's get started by sending one NOW!

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