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The Music You Want for the Run You Want: New Iphone App from Upbeat Workouts Apps and Running Legend - Sally Edwards

  The Music You Want for the Run You Want:  New Iphone App from Upbeat Workouts Apps and Running Legend - Sally Edwards

Sacramento, CA. Whether you are training to finish the grueling Western States 100 Mile endurance run, training for your first 5K, or just getting off the couch for a walk or a jog around the park, Upbeat Workouts Apps is here to motivate and guide runners, walkers, skaters, dancers, and hikers with a new and uplifting iPhone and iPod touch application. Imagine a new way of running motivated by your favorite music that is automatically matched to the pace you are running. Upbeat Workouts is the first application (app) that matches your music, your tempo, and optional coached workouts, automatically.


Abvio Runmeter, Cyclemeter, Walkmeter to get you in shape!


In this video I talk to Steve from the floor of Macworld 2011 about these three iPhone applications, all built on the same powerful foundation. Each customized to your favorite exercise regimen, but all supporting walking, cycling, running, cross-country skiing, rowing, and more.

iView: My iPhone Stops Working at CES

To the Rescue: Blood Pressure Monitoring and Full Body Massage!

Apple did not exhibit at the 2011 Computer Electronics Show (CES), which featured booths from Microsoft, HTC, Samsung, HP, and other giants. However, Apple was transcendent and omnipresent—the 600 pound gorilla that pervaded the show. Attendees could find iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch cases, speakers, docks, headsets, and other imaginative and innovative accessories everywhere on the gigantic CES show floor. Further, the first day of the show, The Wall Street Journal published the report that Verizon would definitely announce its iPhone a couple of days after the show ended.


Parents Develop App to Care For Autistic Son

iBiomed helps them to manage medications, nutrition, health information, etc.

iBiomed1Kwame and Florence Iwegbue are West African immigrants living in Charleston, SC with their two daughters and their autistic son who also has asthma and severe allergies. By the time he started having seizures, they were dealing with behavioral and rehabilitative therapists, physician specialists, and a multitude of tests, medications, and dietary supplements.


Amazing Camera Apps

Add barcode readers, augmented reality, fax, language translation, heart rate monitor, and more to your iPhone or 4th gen iPod touch

The range of creative and practical apps that use the camera in unusual ways is astonishing. Who would have thought that you could use it as a heart rate monitor or a business card reader? There's even an app for those who are colorblind, to show them the colors present in any object you photograph.

Apple made a brilliant decision when it let developers create apps that access the camera input and use it in non-traditional ways. In this month's column, I offer a roundup of some of these apps.


15 apps for healthy cooking

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I happen to be into healthy living — including organic, vegetarian food. If you have a similar interest, you might want to check out a recent post on the 15 Coolest iPhone Apps for Health-Conscious Cooks.

Get Back in Shape in 2011


Well, I am one of those that is taking on their exercise and diet regimen in the new year. It's almost a cliche, I know. Probably the most popular of New Year's resolutions. That said, I am still taking it on. Knowing I need help, I have enlisted friends to hold me accountable, gone public with a blog and I bought Fitness HD for my iPad ($3.99).

iBiomed App Helps Special Needs Caregivers!


Many of us blessed with good health probably can't imagine the mind-boggling amount of information that must be kept constant track of when caring for a special needs patient. The myriad medications, allergies, and vital health stats must be vigilantly maintained, and a simple mistake made under this strain can be catastrophic for a loved-one. Designed by a physician and his wife (parents of a special needs child), iBiomed makes this gargantuan task much more manageable... You can grab this valuable app for free at the link above.

Apps and Accessories for a Would Be Runner

2011You know those people you see in the middle of winter, running in place at every stoplight, wearing nothing but spandex running shorts? Well, I'm not one of those people. I've never run in a marathon. I don't even know how far a marathon is. Prefontaine I am not. 

Lately however, I've been feeling the need for more exercise. I love my job, but sitting at a desk from 9-5 doesn't make it easy to stay in shape. So I've taken up running in the morning before work.


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