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App Review for Period Pace


Appealing to females who want to keep track of their menstrual cycles, Period Pace [FREE] is most definitely a top-contender. Why? Its easy-to-use interface and features that give you the best estimates make it an ideal application, especially considering it's absolutely free to download.

Coming from iPhone developer Aesop, who specializes in the making of applications appealing mostly to just-married couples, and helping with care of a newborn child, Period Pace certainly is the solution to tracking your periods.

Vacation flip flops: Summer apps that FLIP and some that FLOP.





Withings Blood Pressure Monitor and App


I bought the Withings scale about a month ago and love it. Between it and the WiScale app my iPad and iPhone, I keep tabs on my weight loss progress. It's easy and convenient. Today, I received the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor for review. Here's what I like about the unit:

PaceDJ iPhone and iPod Touch App Creates Music Mixes for Optimum Target Exercise Pace

PaceDJ iPhone and iPod Touch App Creates Music Mixes for Optimum Target Exercise Pace

PaceDJ iPhone and iPod Touch App Creates Music Mixes for Optimum Target Exercise Pace

Fitness app available in iTunes App Store for 99 cents until July 24

Dietician-iP version 2.7 now with pie chart and bar chart

Dietician-iP version 2.7 now with pie chart and bar chart

Dietician-iP now with two additional graphs showing a nutritional item's nutrient composition more intuitively.

Dietician-iP is a food data base with over 1000 items.

Take the information with you wherever you are.

Scroll through the list, use the index or search for the item.


Depending on availability 16 macro/micro nutrients are shown.

Display of Mg/Ca and So/Pot ratio.

Display of carbohydrate exchange units (BE/KAE).

Display of item suitability for example for diabetes and obesity.

Energy information as kcal and kjoule.


Unofficial Black Belt Magarchive App

I love my martial arts almost as much as I love technology.

I am a black belt in TaeKwonDo so I was especially interested in this Unofficial Black Belt Magarchive app.

It includes all of the magazine archives since the 1960s so it almost goes back to before me but not quite. For just 99 cents it's definitely worth the money.

This developer also has other martial arts apps - HansTricks; iBeNinja; iTrick - All worth getting if you love the sport.

Love running with the Nike+ app

I just recently downloaded the Nike+ app after a receiving a discounted offer.

I run regularly so I was really interested to see how well this would map my runs. I have to say it has added so much to my workouts. I can see exactly how far I have ran. It tells me my average time and also maps my low speeds and fast speeds.

You don't need any extra hardware. You just need the app on your phone and as you hit the pavement , you just start up the app. It announces each mile marker and your pace for that mile as you run , which I have to say was a bit disconcerting until I got used to it. Then when you get home you can look back at that run plus all other runs that it stores in history.

Now if only I had remembered to start the app during my recent ski trip.

Mindfulness From Your iPhone?

Mindfulness From Your iPhone?

Our portable electronic devices are more often than not sources of distraction in our lives. The Mindfulness App, a new application available for the iPhone, is a tool for reducing stress, increasing your presence and awareness, and getting more out of life. It provides guided meditations ranging in length from three to 30 minutes, mindfulness notices that can help increase your awareness of the present moment, and statistics allowing you to track your meditation practice over time. You can also choose to sit in silence, with bells ringing periodically, and design your own meditation that lasts for as long as you want.

Say Bye-Bye to Vacation Weight Gain

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Say Bye-Bye to Vacation Weight Gain!
Local fitness expert and LaFemme Mobile Gym CEO shares easy tips to enjoy your time away without any weight gain worries

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