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- Either you are cycling for pleasure or training as professional - GPS Cycle Computer is your irreplaceable assistant to healthier and longer live.


- With GPS Running Watch you can easily track how much you ran, how long it was, how many calories were burned, what was the pace or speed and finally, see that all on a map.




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Naturespace app immerses you in the sounds of nature


Naturespace, one of the top-grossing health & fitness apps, helps you relax by immersing you in the sounds of a natural environment. I have this app and like it a lot. There are over 80 tracks, all recorded by Naturespace team in the wild. And all use a 3-D recording system that gives you the experience of being there. You can read more about the Naturespace Holographic Audio technology on the Naturespace website, as well as listen to some stunning nature sounds.

Fitness Apps: Because I Just HAD To Eat That Last Piece of Fruit Cake…



How about the Holiday Feeding Frenzy, huh?

I’ve managed to pack away enough holiday food to keep me at the gym for months, just sweating little droplets of fruitcake and chocolate truffles. I think I speak for most of us when I say it’s time to Stop The Insanity!

And what better way to do that than with some apps that will help you stay fit and active despite the holiday season’s offerings. And if you’re not ready to jump on the wagon yet, you will be. New Years is on its way and just about everybody has either “start flossing” or “get more exercise” at the top of their list of resolutions.

Many a gym membership has been purchased in January, iPhone Life-ers.

And you know what else?  Lots of apps too!

Christmas offer for iPhone App medAssist

Christmas offer for iPhone App medAssist

The iOS health app medAssist will be offered at half price on next weekend (third advent). New Year's Resolutions are often intended to improve health. The iOS developer team of Marogo wants to assist here with its iPhone app. medAssist provides a health diary and checkup plans for the whole familiy including the loved pets.




A delightful holiday scene and 16 beautifully recorded Jazz Christmas favorites, on sale this week for only $1.99. Cherry Lane Music Company, a leader in music instruction, and G-Men Productions are pleased to announce the release of their iPad app, "Christmas Favorites for Solo Jazz Guitar."  Using high-quality audio and animation, it teaches you to play 16 classic Christmas guitar tunes in the jazz style.

iPhone App medAssist goes Italian

iPhone App medAssist goes Italian

The iPhone App medAssist constantly extends its user base. The new version 1.71 provides besides iOS 5 adaptations a fully localized italian interface. Health does not stop on country frontiers, why should we? Come and visit us on http://marogo.de/en.


Personal Training App Version 2.0 for iPhone and iPad

Personal Training App Version 2.0 for iPhone and iPad

Jeffrey Beck Fitness is proud to announce the release of our personal training app for the iPhone and iPad version 2.0. Designed by an accredited fitness professional, these unique exercises will help you overcome workout plateaus and achieve new heights in muscle development. Learn how to:

* Increase lean muscle mass
* Shatter weak points
* Improve overall shape
* Add variety to your existing workout

The following are testimonials from users who have used our personal training app since it's original release in March of this year:

iOS BloodPressure Monitor Withing's




We all can improve the way 

we eat or get more exercise. Does any of this sound familiar?  Well, I'm not here to lecture you like a doctor. I do have a way you can improve your health. It even includes being an iDevice user.  Withings, has the smart blood pressure monitor.  It monitors the blood pressure using an idevice.  Maybe you need an excuse to get that new iPhone 4S. 

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