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Spider: Bryce Manor HD for the iPad Review


Have you ever imagined what it might be like to explore an abandoned mansion?  How about combining that exploration from the dimensional aspects of a spider, with the ability to personify that spider in search of its prey?  Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor HD is just such a game.  

On the surface, the objective of the game is as simple as the life of a spider.  Maneuver around the flora, walls and objects while feeding on insects that can be trapped in webs generated by intersecting spider silk lines.  Once enough insects have been eaten, a portal appears.  Jumping into the portal progresses players to the next scene until the last of the 38 levels is completed.  


Quick Look: Saving Private Sheep HD (It's On The iPad)


When Sheep meet wolves, it typically means all out war...I mean WAR!!  Let's face it, the two just do not get along.  This is mainly based upon the fact that wolves like to y'know...eat sheep.  And the sheep, they don't so much like to be eaten.  That is where we pick up the action in Saving Private Sheep, a highly original game on the iPad.

App Review - Moonlight Mahjong


I only have a handfull of games on my iPhone, and this is one of my favorites.

Review: Pro Zombie Soccer by Chillingo


Average zombie games may come and go, and there’s not much you can do with a traditional soccer game.  Combine the two, however, and you have pure iPhone gold.  Pro Zombie Soccer takes zombie wars to a new level with a humorous story, intense soccer kicking action, and an awesome special weapon.  The visuals are wonderful, there are a variety of different zombies to contend with, and the controls are spot on.  Not really a whole lot more you could ask for.

Review: Maze Runner by 11Apps


I have nothing against simple games – some of my favorite iPhone entertainment has been easy, casual experiences.  I’m really not sure what to make of Maze Runner, though.  Unfortunately, it feels more like an embellished textbook example project than a fully fleshed out game.  The controls are awkward, the different game play modes don’t really add anything to the mix, and the aesthetics are basic and bland.  As a programmer I’d actually be more interested in seeing the behind the scenes of this game than the final results, and I love games.

Go and get Gosar Episode One


If you like to show off your new iPad and are always looking for neat apps that demonstrate what it can do, check out Gosar Episode One.  It is a well designed app that combines simple game play with fun music, cool sound effects and beautiful graphics.  I was pleasantly surprised in a couple of ways.  First, when the app launches, it shows a GameSalad screen.  GameSalad is basically a solution for non-programmers to create their own apps, by supplying graphics, sound, and most importantly, ideas, and leveraging code widgets to create a custom app, typically a game.

Review: Bugsy by Glass House Games


I’ve never really understood the appeal of the sliding puzzle games.  Aside from the picture on the front of the tiles, once you’ve played one they all seem the same.  Fortunately, given the right developer even this type of game can rise from the mundane to become something interesting.  Enter Bugsy, the sliding tile game with a purpose.  Instead of a picture the tiles are composed of tracks, and you must guide a friendly little lady bug so that it can cause all the buds along the edges of the board to bloom into flowers.  It still suffers from a couple of the issues that always made this type of game frustrating, but in the end there are enough interesting aspects to Bugsy to make it worth delving into the genre at least for this game.

Xenome Episode I shows the future of gaming via a dystopian wasteland!


There's a new game in town, and a new town in town for that matter.  The game is Xenome Episode I and the fictitious town is Silica Flats, a dystopian view of the future, 250+ years from now.  The 3D game offers that rare combination of beautiful graphics of a desolate, barren wasteland.

The goal of Xenome Episode I is pretty straightforward for action/adventure RPG gamers... Kill monsters, gain experience, and customize your character while the story unfolds.

iPad Games: Showcasing the Best!

The most addictive and graphically appealing iPad games

When the iPad was first released, the largest category of applications initially available for the device was games. The number of apps in this category has continued to grow in the few months that the iPad has been out. As it does, we're running into the same problem we face with iPhone apps; how do we find the real gems among the pages and pages of iPad games listed in the App Store? This article takes a look at some of the most addictive and graphically appealing games currently available for the iPad.


Best Games Ever

Best App Ever Awards: Winners in the GAMES categories

Earlier this year, we announced The Best App Ever Award winners at the 2010 Macworld Expo in San Francisco. These awards honor the best iPhone apps and are chosen by the people that actually use the applications—users like you and me. This year we saw over 300,000 votes cast in 56 categories, a huge success. These awards are a great way for users to show their appreciation to the developers of these great apps.


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