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An absolutely delightful way to spend some time with your preschooler!



Charles Peattie's Animal Alphabet is bound to be a favorite with young and old alike.

Are you looking for a way to entertain your preschooler? Teach him or her the letters of the alphabet? Either way, here’s an app to do it, and you’ll discover that you’ll be entertained as well!

Preschoolers have fun learning with Preschool Memory Match



Preschool Memory Match might be for preschoolers, but I had fun with it, too!

Tilt To Live Update Adds Frostbite Mode!

Fast becoming one of my all-time favs and potentially an inductee in the years Best Stuff guide, One Man Left studios create yet another tormenting twister of a challenge with the latest TTL update (see me initial review here).

Shining Force Now on App Store!


SEGA has released another great game of yore for iOS (see my Sonic review here): The RPG title Shining Force from the Genesis platform. Currently enjoying a fat 4 and a half stars (but it is still new), you might check it out on the App Store your own self here! Planning a review when I get to it meself, so stay tuned!

Review: Giana Sisters by Bad Monkee


The Giana Sisters is a retro platform game – actually it’s more appropriate to say a modern update to an old game – but other than that I’m not really sure what the game is about.  Truthfully, though, it doesn’t really matter.  This is old school platform action at its best, and that’s the important thing.  The game looks great, it sounds good, and with 112 levels between the main game and “classic” mode it’s sure to keep you busy for a while.  If you still think you need some convincing read on, but if you’re a platform game junky like I am, you should be headed to the App Store already.

Review: Flipstones by Press OK Entertainment


I was never really into the whole “lines” genre of games until I played the lines series from HeroCraft.  I still don’t necessary jump at the chance to grab any old lines game that comes around, but then Press OK decided to release Flipstones.  All I can say is “wow”.  I’m not going to lie to you – there are a few times already that I’ve felt like chucking my iPod out the window while playing.  This is definitely the most original implementation of lines I’ve ever played, and besides the minor frustrations it’s actually incredibly fun!

Review: Hollywood Hospital by Zed Worldwide


While most time management style games are relatively close in game mechanics, I still tend to enjoy each new one I play, at least for a while.  Hollywood Hospital is no exception to the rule, and it’s actually a time management game that doesn’t take itself seriously, which is even better.  The visuals are good, the music is straight out of a bad 80s drama-dey, and the mini-games are actually rather amusing.  After a while it does suffer the same “wash, rinse, repeat” dilemma that plagues most time management games, but while it’s fresh it serves as one of the more quirky and fun time management games you’ll play on the iPhone.

My Favorite Games


What games are on my iPhone? Check out my list and see if you have any of these.

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