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Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab

Burning Monkey Puzzle LabThis Tetris-like clone is addictive and fun to play. But I was slightly disappointed by its somewhat minimal sound effects and graphics. The game is Freeverse's first iPhone/touch app, and I’m sure they will do better with future releases. They might have delayed the release of this one and applied a little more of the polish normally associated with their games.








Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab

Aqua Forest

Aqua ForestAqua Forest represents the new, expanding generation of games that more deeply immerse players in the gameplay by making them active participants via their motions. The game includes a series of fluid-like puzzles that are beautiful to look at and fun to play. It includes five puzzle categories: Tilting, Touch, Draw, Warm & Cool, and All Functions. Each category has 10 different games. Aqua Forest is one of those titles that showcase the smooth graphic effects of the iPhone. However, while it is entertaining, other puzzle games deliver a more addicting experience at a lower cost.




JigsawedWhile dozens of jigsaw puzzle games are available in the App Store, few have the remarkable look and feel of Jigsawed. Unlike other titles, Jigsawed manages to recreate the experience of scattering real puzzle pieces on a virtual playfield. Like other electronic jigsaw titles, you can create a puzzle using one of the images that come with the game, import an image from popular Internet photo sharing sites, or use a picture from your iPhone’s photo albums. You can adjust the difficulty of the puzzles by specifying the number and rotation of pieces, by seeing the image before scattering the pieces, and by adjusting the sensitivity of the positioning of the individual pieces.

10 Top Puzzle Games!

These games are rewarding, stimulation, and addictive

While action games seem to garner the lion’s share of attention from the hardcore gaming community, the App Store also provides a thoroughly entertaining and stimulating collection of puzzle games for the iPhone and iPod touch. In fact, puzzle games consistently deliver the best replay value of any genre due to the continuously changing playing fields generated by these games. This roundup features ten of my favorite puzzle games listed in the order of how much time I spend playing them (least to most). Every game on the list has high replay value, and the more time I spend with a game, the more rewarding, intellectually stimulating, and addicting I find it.


Interview With AddictingGames Part 3 (include 50 States review)


This is the final segment of my interview with Kate Connally, Vice President of AddictingGames.  I once again want to thank Kate for the time she took out of her schedule to answer my questions, and I hope you've enjoyed reading her thoughts about AddictingGames' transition into the iPhone world.  This time around we discuss how the users will feel about transition from the web to their iPhone, as well as what plans AddictingGames has for the future of iPhone development.  This segment will conclude with a review of 50 States.  Here we go again...

Review: Underground from Chillingo


Here we are again. It’s time for me to review another scrolling shooter, this time Underground from Chillingo. I really should just come up with a standard header for scrolling shooter reviews, which I think would go something like this: “I love scrolling shooters. I don’t care if they are horizontal or vertical, or maybe even a mix of the two views. All that matters is that the visuals look pretty good, the sound doesn’t make my ears bleed, and the action is fast and furious. Not R-Type level of insanity, mind you, but I don’t want it to be a walk in the park either. Oh, and for good measure the developers should throw in some nifty power-ups. Give me these things, and I’ll be a happy man.” Well, I’m happy to say that for the most part Underground delivers, and it manages to provide a solid, old style shooter that’s lots of fun.

Interview With AddictingGames Part 2 (Including World Wars review)



It's time for part two of my interview with Kate Connally, Vice President of AddictingGames.  This time we chat about things like the development team that's porting the games to the iPhone and what challenges they might run into.  I also find out their stance on developing original content and iPhone only sequels to Flash originals.  Plus, I conclude this week's segment with a look at another one of AddictingGames' iPhone launch titles: World Wars.  Without further ado, here's the interview...

Review: Graviton from Chillingo


 There’s something to be said for those games where you basically fly through tunnels trying not to hit the walls. That something is for the most part that if you’ve played one, you’ve played them all. Then along comes Graviton to take that theory, shatter it to pieces, and leave it floating in a huge pool of lava. From the fact that you have an object besides your ship to protect to the realization that every level is filled to the brim with delicately timed situations and intricate puzzles, you’ll soon understand that Graviton is not your mother’s iCopter clone. Not only am I thankful for that, but I’m grateful that the developers have taken such a base concept and made such an incredible game out of it.

At last: C64 emulation is possible on the iPhone – and, what is more, without jailbreaking!


Other mobile platforms have long been having decent Commodore 64 (C64) emulators. It’s probably Windows Mobile that is best equipped with these: on that platform, there are several C64 emulators, Pocket Commodore 64 3.0 being without doubt the best, offering even wireless multiplayer (!). It’s so good I’ve shelled out some $30 for it – without any hesitation.

Interview With AddictingGames Part 1 (including iPark It! review)


This is the first part of a 3 part interview with Kate Connally, Vice President of AddictingGames.  Each part of this interview will be followed by a mini-review of one of AddicitingGames' first three iPhone games.  For part one the mini-review will be about iPark It!

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