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Spirits for 99 cents - 2 days only sale!

Spirits for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch – Trailer from Spaces of Play on Vimeo. Like the ethereal and problem-solving, yet peaceful themes in games like Spirits (iPad version also available), so giving a shout out about their 2 day sale (7/8 April 2011)! Looking for a game that doesn't involve tearing an opponent's head off, smashing, crashing, or other destructive variations of gameplay? Spirits is the game for you...and it's on-sale this Thursday and Friday, so go grab it!! More PR info follows...

Wonton Studios New Iphone Game, Traffic Lights Cop

Wonton Studios New Iphone Game, Traffic Lights Cop

Wonton Studios releases their fourth game for Apple Mobile Devices (iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone).

“Traffic Lights Cop” a challenging puzzle game that you will instantly become familiar with, but with a twist to make things a lot more interesting.

You will have to arrange the traffic lights that fall from the center of the screen, tap on them to rotate them and put them in place trying to collide at least 4 lights of the same color to make them dissapear. It could be horizontally or vertically but be careful, every 7 seconds the lights will
change and you will have to re-think your strategy!

"Traffic Lights" comes packed with three game modes, achievements and leader boards via OpenFeint and Game Center plus connectivity with Facebook to unleash the gamer in you.

Wonton Studios Third Game for Iphone

Wonton Studios Third Game for Iphone

Wonton Studios releases their third game for Apple Mobile Devices (iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone).

“Acapulco Cliff Diver” Be the biggest, baddest daredevil this side of Acapulco!
As Pedro, the cliff diver, you need to avoid losing your lifeline by avoiding obstacles on your way down from Mexico's highest cliff by the sea.

Collect Stunt Chilis on the way down to access Pedro's stunt abilities which will buy you more air time!

Go for the gold! Avoid the most obstacles and score more vertical distance in the process, to become Acapulco's finest cliff diver!

Featuring awesome graphics, OpenFeint integration, 20 achievements and an addictive musical score.

This game is available for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, and you can find it at iTunes Store

Ball Pit 2.0 - Free 3D game uniquely utilizes iPhone 4's Gyroscope

Ball Pit 2.0 - Free 3D game uniquely utilizes iPhone 4's Gyroscope

Ball Pit, version 2.0, a unique 3D game developed by Terry Weissman is now available for free. Ball Pit is best played standing up, so you can easily spin around to see everything that happens around you. Your iPhone 4 or 4th generation iPod touch acts as a window between you and the world of Ball Pit.

Version 1.0 of Ball Pit earned a solid 5 stars in the App Store. Now, version 2.0 builds on it by improving game play, with the addition of a thrust button, power-ups, Game Center integration, and improved graphics.

Reviews of version 1 from the App store said:

* "By far the best game on my iPhone. Watch out Angry Birds, Doodlejump, ... This game is going to the top!"

Sneak Preview: Samurai Girl – Gaming Giant CJ E&M Calls for Beta Testers


Calling all beta-testers! CJ E&M, the gaming behemoth behind Netmarble is preparing to launch Samurai Girl for iOS. In line with the company’s usual attention to detail and its end-user focused philosophy, CJ E&M is calling for beta-testers for this epic new game experience.

Get your puzzle fix with Puzzle Man!


Can't vouch for how realistic this is in comparison to assembling a real puzzle, but I like the concept, and never shy from giving indie devs a bit of press. Developed by a programmer from Barcelona, Puzzle Man (now spelled correctly) varies from easy 24 piece jobs up to 300+ challenges. If you are into puzzles (which I am admittedly not), check it out for just 99 cents here in the app store...

Haunted Manor HD Review


Big Fish Games is rapidly becoming the Infocom of the object hunting puzzle adventure iOS gaming arena. Their latest interactive story, Haunted Manor HD, places gamers in a typical Victorian-style haunted house scenario, learning clues about the ghosts occupying the house as the various hunt and peck puzzles are solved. How does Haunted Manor compare to other Big Fish titles? Read on to find out.

Haunted Manor HD follows the simple story of Stan Riddle who is inexplicably trapped in an elegant, spooky mansion filled with a cornucopia of objects. Consisting of over 90 tasks spanning 18 different locations throughout the mansion, players eventually re-assemble pieces of a broken mirror to reach the story's resolution.

Operation Wow - A loving tribute of Operation Wolf

Operation Wow - A loving tribute of Operation Wolf

Ivanovich Games, the Spanish game developers responsible for hits such as Time Geeks, have launched a new game for iPhone and iPad: Operation Wow, the first multi-touch shooter including the novel multi-touch fire system that allows us to kill our enemies using all fingers at once, which means that the fun factor is substantially increased. Operation Wow is a new version of the legendary 25-year-old game Operation Wolf that offers the opportunity to play once again the same missions that marked a whole generation.
Operation Wow will enable us to experience war in first person as we fight in order to complete the missions and be comforted and congratulated by the President.

Review: Atomic Ball by Meritum Soft


One thing I really like about the mobile scene is that it has helped me to appreciate genres that I never really got into on the PC.  For instance, I’m pretty sure I’ve played as many FPS games on my PocketPC and iPhone as I have for as long as I’ve owned a PC (unless you count the myriad of mods I played when I was into Half-Life).  Another genre that didn’t really catch my attention until the small screen was the Arkanoid style game.  I’m not suggesting that I jump up and down with joy now every time a new one of these games is released, but I do find that when certain variations like Atomic Ball come along, they actually manage to hold my attention for a while.  Of course it doesn’t hurt that aesthetically this is one of the coolest looking Arkanoid clones on the market either.

Review: LilRacerz Pro Rally by Irix Pty Ltd.


There have been a number of top down racers available for iOS devices since the inception of the App Store, and one that I’ve particularly enjoyed came out about a year ago.  It’s called Lil’ Racerz Pro Rally, and despite its age it has held up rather well.  It might not be as fancy as the likes of Reckless Racing, but it offers lots of tracks, 10 different cars to unlock and upgrade, and some sweet “modern retro” graphics and sound.  If you're a top down racing fan this would certainly be a fitting addition to your collection.

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