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Zombie Line

zombieLineZombie Line isn't all that compelling, but I haven't regretted buying it for one second. Its unique visual style sucks you into the game and the interesting array of weapons continues to surprise you and make you wonder what's coming next.

In this game, you must protect a damsel in distress from zombies as she tries to get to the door at the end of each level. Shoot everything that's not the damsel, collect money to buy weapons and health, and get to the exit on each level.

Zombie Flick

zombieFlickZombie Flick is one of the more original games I looked at. As with other zombie games, you're the lone survivor fighting off hordes of the undead. But this one lacks guns or any sort of traditional weapon.

Zombies come at you from all directions, and all you have to throw at them are items from the pile of junk you're standing on. You fight off the moldering crew with rolls of toilet paper, old guitars, and an occasional cat. The targeting is also interesting; you simply swipe a line between the object you're holding and the zombie you wish to attack.

Rednecks Vs. Zombies

rednecksVzombiesI can't think of a much more amusing scenario than a trailer park being overrun by alien meteors that produce nasty zombies. While there are times when this game starts to feel like just another shooter, it has enough quirkiness to stand on its own.

In this game you're redneck, Tucker Ray trying to rescue your sweetheart, Betty Sue from the menacing zombies. In true dual stick fashion, you use one thumb to move your character around the screen and the other to fire your weapon.

Zombie Escape

zombieEscapeThis fast paced game lets you control an army trying to keep the zombies at bay while it guides clueless 
civilians to choppers so they can be flown to safety.

You start out with campaign mode, which takes you through 28 days of mashing the undead in several locations throughout the city. When you make it through the 28 days in one location, you can play that same location in survival mode.

Zombie Games Invade the App Store

From Night of The Living Dead to Zombie Wonderland, movies have shaped our perception of that most intriguing of undead adversaries: the zombie. The App Store is crawling with zombie games—more so than the Tetris and Jewel derivatives. Here are a few of my favorites. Each one offers something unique to the genre; they'll provide you with hours of gruesome fun.


Review: Tank Raider by Sunday Studios


I tend to like tank games, because at a base level they all tend to involve blowing things up.  Tank Raider is no exception, except it throws the convention of collecting gems into the mix.  In theory that should make the game more fun, but it tends to make it more tedious instead.  Add to that controls that aren’t real conducive to fast action, and what could be a nice change from the run of the mill tank game feels like a bit of a mess instead.  It’s certainly not a terrible mess, but it doesn’t stand out like it could, either.

Classic board games for iPad -- 10 for $1.99


Board Games — All in One ($1.99) now has an English version. You get 10 classic games for your iPad: checkers, chess, Chinese checkers, backgammon, tic tac toe, peg solitaire, Ludo, and more. I like the idea of having all of these games in one app for the iPad. They're attractively designed, and can accommodate up to 6 players. These are pretty basic. You won't be able to play against your iPad, though, as in other chess apps, for example. And to have access to the instructions, you'll need an Internet connection, since it simply accesses the info on Wikipedia.

Review: Aqua Pearls by G5 Entertainment


There are certain genres that seem to remain fun even though each new game in the genre isn’t necessarily that different from the last.  Time management games are one such anomaly, and so to, it seems, are “marble poppers”.  Granted there have been some that weren’t quite as engaging as others, but there’s something about the whole concept of trying to whittle away a string of objects before it reaches its destination that’s simple yet challenging, and ultimately enjoyable.  Aqua Pearls is no exception to this rule, and what sets it apart from many of the others I’ve played are some new game modes as well as the general atmosphere of the game.

Free Blork is Wacky Sleepwalking Fun!


I have played some offbeat games in my day, but Blork has to take the prize as one of the oddest, but also amongst the coolest (at least in terms of concept)! Not over the top on steroids cool, maybe, but understated cool at least! It's currently free in the App Store, so won't cost you a thing to experiment a bit if you want to try something a little different.

Review: Mystery Of The Crystal Portal by G5 Entertainment


So far I’ve been pretty lucky with hidden object games on the iPhone.  Most of them have had something different to offer from all the others.  Of course I realize that’s because the genre hasn’t been oversaturated like certain other ones, but I’ll take it while I can get it.  Mystery Of The Crystal Portal is no exception to the rule.  In fact, in some ways this is one of the most original hidden object games I’ve played, iPhone or otherwise.  It’s not without its shortcomings, but its strengths keep me coming back for more.

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