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Review: Pig Shot by Nexx Studio


Not too long ago I previewed this fun new casual game called Pig Shot.  Well, now it’s in the App Store for you to purchase so I thought I’d give it a more thorough review.  Of course, the irony is that the game is rather simple (hence the term “casual”), and I really kind of covered it all in my preview, at least in a nutshell.  Still, I’m sure I can find a few more words to say about it, so here’s my look at the game Pig Shot.

Land Air Sear Warfare HD Review


If you are looking for one of the best Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games for the iPad, look no further than Land Air Sea Warfare HD.  Graphics and sound combine with gameplay that in many ways is better than the original game that launched the RTS genre, Command & Conquer.

Review: Pigeon Squadron from I-Play


I don’t go for the “farting is fun” application genre on my iPod Touch.  I think it’s silly and juvenile, and just further crowds the App Store so that good games don’t get noticed.  For that matter, I’m not big into the defecation appreciation games as a whole, but something about Pigeon Squadron intrigued me.  I’m not sure if it’s because at its heart Pigeon Squadron is really just another target bombing game where the weapon of choice happens to be bird feces, or what drew me in to wanting to try the game.  Well as it turns out, despite the fowl droppings premise, Pigeon Squadron is actually a rather entertaining game.  It’s also quite challenging, so don’t think you’re going to just coast through this defacing experience with a gold medal for no effort.  Are you ready to join the pigeon army?

iView: My Favorite Products for Leisure Time

Here are the apps plus one accessory that I use most often during my down time. I can't guarantee they are best in their class, but I can strongly recommend each one.


Best Games To Tame Your Toddler

Entertain your children, stimulate their development, and give them an alternative to the mindless distraction of TV

My three-year-old, Emily, is smitten with "Daddy's favorite toy." After a timid start, she's quickly mastered the swiping, tilting, and tapping of my 2nd Gen iPod touch. Like any child, she loves playing games, and we've downloaded a number of apps that entertain her, but also offer an enriching learning experience.


$2.99, app2.me/197; Free "Lite" version, app2.me/2640; other variations of this app available


The Top 3 Sports Games

Sports games have made the transition to iOS devices quite well.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

$4.99, app2.me/2601

Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterThis is probably the best Tony Hawk title ever made. I'd enjoyed playing this title on a PC and a Game Boy Advance, so I thought I'd give it a try on the iPhone. This complete port of the game has better graphics than the original. Playing this really brings back memories—the nostalgia is almost unbearable.


The Top 3 Racing Games

Great graphics and death-defying speeds keep simulation, arcade, and kart racers interesting

Need for Speed Shift

$6.99, app2.me/363; $12.99 (iPad), app2.me/2600; free version also available


The Top 3: Shooting Games

The success of shooters on consoles is spilling over to the iPhone

Eliminate Pro

Free, app2.me/106


5 Top Fun Games

You'll lose track of time with these compelling, addictive games!

Osmos for iPad

$4.99, app2.me/2728; iPhone version: $2.99, app2.me/2729


Best Apps: Games

Games: Intro GraphicThe App Store offers a wide variety of paid and free iPhone game apps—so many, in fact, that it's divided into 19 subcategories to help you find what you're looking for. Apple showcases the best in sections titled New and Noteworthy, What's Hot, Made For iOS4, What We're Playing, Five Minute Fixes, Top Paid Apps, and Top Free Apps. Generally, paid games have more complex graphics, more levels, and longer playing time. Many of the best games are frequently updated by the developers, incorporating new levels, better graphics, and, sometimes, new modes of gameplay.


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