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Will You Be a BattleKaster at Denver Comic Con?


If you happen to be attending Denver Comic Con this weekend, you will find an entirely new way to use your iPhone: as a member of your inventory as you undertake a quest.

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Bounce Baby, coming to iOS May 28th

Bounce Baby, coming to iOS May 28th

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Bounce Baby is a game that requires the player to skillfully manoeuver through a world filled with obstacles, gold and bottles to smash. You start with a limited amount of swipes. Each time you swipe the egg to a direction you lose a swipe. If you bounce on a block you gain a swipe. The number of available swipes are shown on the egg.

Bounce Baby originally started as a experiment on how to make a game with simple and fun mechanics that is very easy to pick up and hard to master.

Into The Circle is Solid Sliding Fun!


Into The Circle (Free) is a ridiculously addictive, endless physics challenge that requires precise rhythm and proper vector throttling in order to advance to the ever higher levels. The freemium game is inspired by the sport of curling, and though I couldn't watch even five minutes of the real thing, it translates well to the hybrid platform-like application represented in this game. One try and I guarantee you will not want to stop trying to get into the circles.

Ultimate Shinobi - Now available on the App Store

Ultimate Shinobi - Now available on the App Store

Boogygames today introduces Ultimate Shinobi 1.0, an endless runner game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The endless gameplay may appear simple to manage but it is quite a challenge. Featuring minimalistic Black and White graphics and effects which adds a touch of mystery to the game, Ultimate Shinobi challenges players to to jump over saw blades and collect points to increase their score. Control the Shinobi and survive as long as possible.

Swingman and Friends new cute addicting iOS game just released!

Swingman and Friends new cute addicting iOS game just released!

Application name: Swingman And Friends

App Store Link:


Application description:


The Amazing Swingman and Friends waiting you to play! Easy to play, insanely hard to master! Addictive (no really, you’ll be addicted trust me) game! Use your rope wisely to swing over the city or die! Reach new levels to earn more diamonds! Unlock new characters!


-Press on a direction to use the rope

-Stop pressing to release the rope

Enjoy the challenge!


-Universal app, play in HD on any iOS device including iPads
-Fast and continuous game play

-Highly addictive gaming platform

-Cute HD graphics

Vainglory: A New Update and Partnership with ESL Leads to an International eSport Championship.


I had the pleasure of chatting with the folks at Super Evil Mega Corp again today, on the heels of their latest and perhaps one of their most significant update thus far. Along with congratulating them on their incredible success and the corresponding rave reviews from the core gaming community, we got to talk about their latest update and what the future holds for this ground-breaking title that has taken the gaming world by storm.

Felix Game Studio launches Spider Smash - Wait, Aim, and Tap Precisely - Release Info

Felix Game Studio launches Spider Smash - Wait, Aim, and Tap Precisely - Release Info

Hanoi, Vietnam - Felix Game Studio today is proud to announce the release of Spider Smash 1.0, the second original mobile game on iOS and the first game of the company's "one-touch" franchise. Just as its name stated, in Spider Smash you will smash as many spiders as you can. The rule can not be simpler: just tap anywhere to smash, the spiders will appear and run on the screen and you must not let any escape.

Game Centered: Top 10 Gaming Headphones for iOS


Welcome to Game Centered. Usually our Game Centered column focuses on iOS gaming apps, however this time we're taking a slightly different tack and focusing on iOS gaming gear, specifically exceptional headphones for iOS gaming. This roundup has been a long time coming. Over my years writing for iPhone Life magazine I've gotten hip to many great headphones, but only a handful would I consider optimal for the iOS gaming environment, as many factors go into making a pair of headphones optimal for the core gamer. The headphones featured here all fit that bill and address the fact that more and more core gamers are looking to their iOS devices to provide their gaming fix. It's rare that I come across reviews or roundups that focus on great gaming gear solely for the iOS gamer, and this aims to do just that. So if you are an avid, core gamer who loves playing on iOS, this one's for you!



ePuppet has two characters: a boy and girl and you have full control of the eyes and mouth.

All ages will love ePuppet, let this be your first puppet, have fun and be your own puppet master, kids will love it!

Game Centered: The Latest Crop of Core iOS Games Are Here.


Game Centered features roundups and reviews of the best in iOS games and gaming related news. Among the App Store’s myriad games, it’s all too easy to overlook some of the great new releases. Each installment of Game Centered will take a closer look at a select few iOS games that are worthy of special recognition.

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