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Kanye West Weighs in on Apple Beats Acquisition


In a surprise appearance at the Cannes Lions International Creativity Festival, rap superstar and reality television celebrity Kanye West shared some of his thoughts on the recent acquisition of Beats Music by Apple. West compared Apple's buy-out of the company co-founded by Dr. Dre to Samsung's tapping the popularity and cultural influence of Jay-Z when they partnered with him last year to give away a million free copies of his latest album to Galaxy phone buyers. In fact, West suggests that the Apple Beats deal wouldn't have happened if not for the success Samsung saw from leveraging Jay-Z's popularity for promotion.

Five Apps to Help Bored Travelers


My family will soon be headed for vacation. We are flying to our destination with several connecting flights, so there will be plenty of sitting around in airports and on the planes.

I'm happy to be going on vacation, but I have to admit I absolutely hate to travel. I am not crazy about flying (which is unfortunate because I'm married to an airline pilot).

I get bored sitting for long periods of time and I'm not much of a people watcher.

My kids are now teenagers, so it's not necessary for me to entertain them anymore.

So what's a traveler, who dislikes traveling, to do?

Announcing MovieMood for the iPhone

Announcing MovieMood for the iPhone

SAN DIEGO — June 11th, 2014 — We are happy to announce that on June 21st our latest app, MovieMood, will be making a debut in the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch.

With MovieMood finding the movie you are in the mood for is just a tap away! Simply select the color that corresponds to your mood and MovieMood will suggest movies that fit your exact mood. In addition to suggesting movies for your viewing pleasure, MovieMood displays basic information about the movies and allows you to favorite a movie for later reference.

All the movies MovieMood suggests are available for purchase or rent from iTunes. After purchasing, watch the movies on any of your Apple Products.

To find out more go to: http://moviemoodapp.com
App Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aErYsxuZhcw

Destructive Dave gives you an outlet to vent all your anger as you embark on a destructive spree

Destructive Dave gives you an outlet to vent all your anger as you embark on a destructive spree

The rampaging wave has caught on; Destructive Dave an entertaining game is off to a good start. The brain child of Sydney based boutique development company - SkyWorks Entertainment, the game continues to engross and amuse players. It is currently available both on the iOS and the Android platforms.

Hot Pic Finder pro : Discover selfie, Make Collage, Gift on facebook

Hot Pic Finder pro : Discover selfie, Make Collage, Gift on facebook

Greetings from Nishansh IT Solutions,

We are going to launch our first product : Hot Pic Finder pro (an iOS app). The Lite version for the same is already out with basic features.

Worldwide Launch date : 12th June 2014.
Already launched in Countries : Switzerland and UK.
Price : (FREE for 1st week) $4.99

Here is the link to App store : http://goo.gl/CaeoiM
Here is the link to our Website : http://www.nishansh.com/

About iOS App :

Skyworks Entertainment’s Destructive Dave Hits the App Store and Google Play Stores

Skyworks Entertainment’s Destructive Dave Hits the App Store and Google Play Stores

Destructive Dave takes you on a thoroughly entertaining rampaging spree. Designed and developed by Sydney based boutique development company - SkyWorks Entertainment, the game is a welcome relief from the myriad of cannon physics and screen orientation games. It was launched on the iOS on 22nd April 2014 and the Android platform on May 5, 2014.

The game has an interesting plot to keep players involved and engrossed, making it one of the most compelling game. It begins with a short introductory video showing Dave fast asleep. He is disturbed by the loud noise and commotion coming from a construction site near his home. In a fit of anger, Dave stomps out, to hurl different things at the construction workers and get back at them for ruining his sleep.

Beats to Help Apple Beat Cable Companies into Submission?


At iPhone Life, and around the web, there has been a groundswell of articles in favor of Apple's purchase of Beats. The longer it takes for Dr. Dre to officially become the first billionaire rapper, the more analysts have time to digest the rumor. At first, many observers were confused, but not the iPhone Life team. Now comes word from Steve Jobs' official biographer, Walt Isaacson, that lends credence to the rumored decision.

More Than Music

More Than Music

Dependency (www.dependencysoftware.com) have just released More Than Music - the media player specifically designed for language students.

It gives you more control over the playback of audio, video and images (slideshows).

You still copy your audio and video to your phone using iTunes, just like you always did. But now you can playback your audio and video slower for easier comprehension, or faster to push yourself a bit.

Or backup and replay the last 10 seconds again with a simple swipe of your thumb.

Make playlists of videos as well as audio, and play them in order or shuffled whenever you want.

Playback can be controlled by buttons or a few simple gestures so you can do it all one handed while you take notes with the other.

Apple Set to Keep Your Heads Ringing with Acquisition of Beats Electronics


At this very moment Apple is rumored to be involved in active talks to buy Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics. At over 3 billion dollars, this would be Apple’s biggest acquisition ever, far surpassing the $429 million Apple spent in 1996 to buy NeXT, its largest purchase to date.

Skullcandy's Crusher Over-Ear Headphones: Guaranteed to Rattle Your Bones [Review]


If you're a music lover or an iOS gamer, you already get this, but it's hard to appreciate the full scope and flavor of our media when relying solely on our iOS device's speakers. Even if the extent of your media consumption on your iPhone or iPad (or laptop or desktop) doesn't stray beyond watching movies and videos, you'll have to admit, the in-built speakers these gadgets come with don't necessarily broadcast the most stellar audio. For crystal clear, pristine sound reproduction we have to look to the world of headphones and external speakers. With that in mind I'm always on the lookout for great headphones and speakers to share with iPhone Lifers. This week we'll be taking a look at Skullcandy’s Crusher over-ear headphones ($99.99).

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