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All Soccer Colors Update Version 1.1

All Soccer Colors Update Version 1.1

I refer you to upgrade to version 1.1 of our application,  All Soccer Colors. This update introduces a new way to score, as well as a number of fixes related to stability, the fact that on some devices it very

Drop Cop : Aqua City Cleanup Mission!

Drop Cop : Aqua City Cleanup Mission!

Disclaimer: All the characters in the story are fictional; any resemblance to real world characters is just a coincidence.

Aqua City has seen its worst. Is it sure not the city that we grew up with.. flowing streams of clear blue water, fountains of golden drops and unlimited supply of chocolate milk drops. The peace and tranquility of the city has been replaced with flood and delude of tear drops.  Blue and Golden drops have been replaced with bomb drops, creating chaos and urgency in everything we do. With the ever increasing flood of crime, people are afraid to trickle out and hence getting bored at home without any fun.

PSOFT MOBILE Releases "Azuki Wave” - A Soothing Physics Simulation for iPhone, iPad and iPod


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Sendai, Japan - August 2, 2011 - PSOFT MOBILE, makers of the hit iOS app Zen Brush, is proud to announce the release of “Azuki Wave”, a universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod that reproduces the soothing sound of ocean waves by simulating the traditional Japanese way of creating such a sound effect: azuki beans rolling around in a zaru basket.


Fling Soft Releases House of Horrors for iPhone and iPad Providing Streaming Access to Classic Horror Films

Fling Soft Releases House of Horrors for iPhone and iPad Providing Streaming Access to Classic Horror Films

FLING SOFT LLC - PORTLAND, OREGON - JULY 18, 2011 - Founded in 2008 to provide top quality mobile applications, Fling Soft today announces the availability of House of Horrors 1.0 for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. House of Horrors provides access to over 75 classic public domain horror-themed movies that can be streamed over 3G or Wi-Fi and also support AirPlay to your AppleTV.

"Users have been asking us repeatedly for smaller, generic specific versions of our flagship application, Movie Vault”, says Jeremy Krall, Fling Soft co-founder. "It allows us to better assort the content for users and provides a much simpler, manageable experience."

Griffin Beacon Review


Being the home automation enthusiast and restless technologist that I am, I built my own universal remote control months ago using an Arduino, an IR LED and a Ruby on Rails application running on my computer. My app works great over WiFi and I can even turn on and off these devices when I'm off-site. I even pre-programmed cascading functions so that when I press the "All Off" button on my app, my TV, stereo and video game console also turn off.

FREE iSoundGrid Starters Released

FREE iSoundGrid Starters Released

Released in the AppStore Today: The Free iSoundGrid-Starters edition.
The try-before-you-buy version of our iSoundGrid player, containing a small selection of sounds from the Cartoons, Halloween, Northpole & Kids players.

Grab it now from AppStore: http://bit.ly/p0vWUu

website: www.isoundgrid.com



HowStuffWorks -- free app gives you access to 30,000 articles, podcasts, and videos


HowStuffWorks is a free app, with versions for both the iPhone and iPad, that gives you access to the bounty of 30,000 articles, podcasts, and videos contained on the website of the same name. This is a great resource, and their podcasts have been named some of the best in the iTunes Store. They include podcasts such as Stuff You Should Know and Stuff You Missed in History Class.

Star Wars Blu-ray: Early Access App



This is a free iPad only app. It is designed to give you a very brief view of the extra content that will be included in the Blu-ray set for STAR WARS: THE COMPLETE SAGA which will be released in September.



Editor organizes life and keeps daughter entertained with iPad

Leigh Shulman

What do you do? I'm editor of Matador Life (matadorlife.com) and also run an art and education community website. We have an Art House based in Salta, Argentina, but the community is worldwide (cloudhead.org).

Which device do you use? The iPad. I'd love to get an iPhone.

How long have you had it? I've had the iPad for almost 6 months.


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