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A Must Have Travel Companion: The Geneva XS Speaker System


For fear of dating myself, I remember not leaving home without a folding, windup, analog travel alarm clock.  Now, there's probably not a hotel room in the world without a radio alarm clock. Now most people probably use their phone for waking up in the morning. But there's a better way.

I've discovered a speaker system to die for that does it all. The Geneva Sound System Model XS is highly portable. It folds into a study case measuring 6 1/4" x 3 3/4" x 1 1/2" making a compact unit in your suitcase. It weighs about one pound. The XS comes in red, white or black.

Apple releases new Podcasts app


Yesterday Apple released its new Podcasts app, and so far the reviews are quite positive. It allows you to find, subscribe to, and play podcasts with one app. This is a much better option, in my mind, than using the Podcasts feature of the built-in Music app. The app lets you access the Podcasts catalog in iTunes, using the same interface as iTunes so that you can view New & Noteworthy, the Podcast Starter Pack, Staff Favorites, and the Top Charts. The app switches between the Catalog view and Library view in just the same way as Apple's iBooks app.

Far Out, Man: Astral Worlds 3D!




Astral 3D Worlds is a far out app.  With a display of galactic energy and space matter, the application takes the user into a world of the unknown! 


With the expression of so many colors and patterns, the application stimulates thought and relaxation in a cool way. 


New Update Released For iPoe, The Illustrated & Interactive Edgar A. Poe Collection

New Update Released For iPoe, The Illustrated & Interactive Edgar A. Poe Collection

The update released today has new content for the terrific app iPoe, the Illustrated and Interactive Edgar Allan Poe Collection. The content includes “Annabel Lee,” which is the last complete poem composed by the American author, published shortly after his death in 1849.

iPoe Collection 2.0.

With 13 Successful 1Tap Apps for iOS, 1Tapps Marks its First Anniversary

With 13 Successful 1Tap Apps for iOS, 1Tapps Marks its First Anniversary

1Tapps today is pleased to announce their first anniversary as a highly successful iOS development company. Founded in Spain in June of 2011 by Carles Coll Madrenas, 1Tapps now has 13 apps in the App Store. The company's apps are all based on the ability to perform an important function, which might normally require a few seconds and two or three taps, immediately and with just a single tap. Their flagship app, 1TapVideo - Instant Video Recording, was voted the 2011 Best App Ever Award in the Video category by the readers of 148apps.

Interactive Graphic Novel, The Flame, hailed as ‘Slumdog Millionaire for the Olympics.’


Innovative publishing house spreads the Olympic spirit with their new graphic novel for the iPad, The Flame, an inspirational tale of honour, courage and determination.

Multi Audiobooks Player App Review


Multi Audiobook Player has been rated as an unexpected great app in 2010.  Because there are a variety of apps geared towards the concept of media, this particular one has surprised many critics.  There are numerous features that are offered that can't be found with its competitors.  And for those that enjoy listening to audiobooks, you'll appreciate the innovative idea behind it. 

iPoe - The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection

iPoe - The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection


Unique Interactive Experience 


iPoe Collection for iOS is an application which showcases his writings in form of illustrated images, drawings and scary sketches. The drawings showcased in the app define scenes Edgar Allan Poe created through his writings. The audience find themselves in the scenario, and they suddenly become part of the play as they read his stories. The app combines Poe’s writings with illustrated drawings, interactive animations and music to provide audiences a more visual approach to his poetry and stories, making his stories more entertaining.

What I played this week - Draw the Line, InstaJam, Trailers, Ichi and Kitaru news!


Welcome to my somewhat weekly app review column (aka WIPTW), where I mostly review games and "play-oriented" apps and news. This week, have 3 apps to review (and another to preview), so won't waste any time with my usual blabbering. Draw the Line is a cute puzzler with physics aspects. Ichi is still under embargo, but can say it's another interesting puzzle game soon to be released. InstaJam is a basic drum machine app, and iTunes Movie Trailers though not a game, is an iTunes award-winning freebie vid player handy for finding all the latest movie previews. Last but certainly not least, I offer up a quick QA with some of the Aoineka folks about their coming Kitaru game, and you don't want to miss this iPhonelife exclusive about what could shape up to be one of the best iOS 3D gaming experiences ever!

The Dating Game iPhone app – THE most valuable app on the planet!

The Dating Game iPhone app – THE most valuable app on the planet!


Smart Dating on your Smart Phone


Two friends frustrated with being single and not meeting the right people decided to take matters into their own hands and came up with the Dating Game iPhone app.

They asked each other a series of questions:

How can you get to know someone else and build a fulfilling relationship?

  • By asking fun, interesting questions to gain an insight into each other’s personalities

What tools do we have that can help us?

  • A Smart Phone!!

Why not combine the two?

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