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Porsche: There is no substitute, but there is a more affordable option


If you've always wanted a Porsche of your own, or if you're fortunate enough to have one, but want a spare to play with, you owe it to yourself to checkout the latest remote control car from Silverlit.

TuneIn Radio is a Hit!


Radio is Alive & Well!


I love listening to the radio while I'm bicycling, walking, mowing, or just relaxing in the backyard but finding a small portable radio you can carry in a pocket is a challenge.

iTunes App 'Gift Notes' now live

iTunes App 'Gift Notes' now live

Press Release: Gift Notes for iPhone App  

August 19, 2012

Surprise your friends, family and loved ones with a custom Gift Note

Weekly Recap: Current iOS News, Rumors and Updates in Review, Including the new "iTV", a new iPad "mini", Game news and more.



Welcome to my weekly recap here at iPhone Life. Each week I take a look back at some of the top stories in the world of iOS that made headlines.


*Is Apple about to announce a new device, the rumored "iTV", on September 12th?  


*Apple iPad "mini": Newest mockups look GREAT!  


*Steve Jobs’ Palo Alto house burglarized. His iPad went to a clown.  


*Updates: Asphalt 7 and Batman: The Dark Knight Rises both receive updates, and a phenomenal new game called Horn debuts. 

COMBOMBO - Blast orbs in this one of a kind gem of a game!

COMBOMBO - Blast orbs in this one of a kind gem of a game!

COMBOMBO is a super happy and addictive retro arcade shooting game. Featuring unique gameplay in one super slick package making this game highly original and like no other! We can honestly say that you haven't played a game quite like this before. Forget the same endless clones of games that are out there and play something fresh that doesn't follow the crowd!!

Nelan'Dil Artworks by Kleio Interactive is out

Nelan'Dil Artworks by Kleio Interactive is out

Find out Nelan'Dil's world !!!

Nelan'Dil Artworks is the first application of a project launched by Kleio Interactive that consists of an expression platform for the artists.

Nelan'Dil Artworks comes in the forms of a library of drawings collections with mini-games and an integrated bookstore to purchase new albums when they come out.

Artworks Nelan'Dil allows you to discover the works of the artist Nelan'Dil, you can meet her on :

MoPix Video Service Transforms Independent Films into Apps



The world of film has become increasingly democratized with the advent of the Internet. People can create films and distribute them with ease. Unfortunately, posting a video to YouTube may generate hits, but it doesn’t necessarily generate bank deposits.


What's Next? You Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet... [on the evolution of Apple]



With all the chatter in the blogosphere, about new products soon to be released, and patent battles being fought on all fronts in the courts of law, I think it's important to keep in mind the old expression: "You ain't seen nuthin' yet!" Truly, hasn't this week been a great example of that.
With the court cases bringing out details Apple would just as likely have preferred to keep private, we have been granted a rare insight into the evolution of products in the Apple iDevice chain, as well as having been given glimpses into what Apple had in mind, in prototype form, two years ago.
That said, can you imagine what Cupertino has in store for us in say, 5 years? That's not that long. Think about it. Within 5 years, devices and functions that are now, only in prototype/patent form, may very well be seeing the light of day. It's not for nothing that Johny Ive says that the products Apple is working on now, are some of the best, most exciting products Apple has ever invented!

AutoWave's Bluetooth die cast cars could teach the auto makers a few lessons!


I like cars. Guilty as charged. We have a couple of convertibles (an Alfa Romeo Spyder, a Fiat 2000) and now, even a Vespa. When we get a new vehicle, I try to buy a small diecast toy of that particular model. Just something to look at while the vehicles are in storage during the winter.

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