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Don't miss this unbeatable sale on these amazing iPhoneography apps!



With the huge popularity of the iPhone in today’s world its safe to say that taking a picture of whatever strikes our fancy has never been easier. With the iPhone or the iPad (especially with the introduction of the ultra-portable iPad mini) in our lives it seems we are never far from a camera these days. Well, whether you are an aspiring iPhone photographer (“iPhoneographer”), just a casual picture-taker, or a skilled camera wizard, have I got great news for you!


App developer MEA Mobile (creators of over 95 Apple App Store apps) is having a huge sale on all of their apps! Now thru Wednesday, all of their apps are FREE. This includes almost a dozen great iPhoneography apps, including the already very successful iSupr8 among others. Don't delay though, as this sale ends tomorrow!

Smile Count, see how the world views you!

In this fun app you can see just how the world around you truly sees who and what you are, by your smile. Smile Count is a great idea and really does log those smiles. Smiling is important, it tells us who we are and why we are happy or sad. It determines our moods but it seems nobody ever documents or logs these grins, grimaces, or smiles – until now.

Smile Count will log your smile, or at least others will. Parents will log the smile or smirks from their children. Any child who pulls an unhappy reverse smile can be registered by the parent and alternately can be rewarded for their smiling. There are six modes to the app which are pulled, vain, behaviour, kind, free play and employee. These modes will show you just how the world truly sees you.

Christmas InstaBooth - Personalised digital cards

Christmas InstaBooth - Personalised digital cards


LeicesterAppDesigner.com releases 3 new apps to help consumers save money, by being able to post personalised or pre-designed digital cards to friends, family, colleagues or even your celebrity friends, via Facebook, Twitter, Email or MMS. You can create personalised cards, by using your iPhone camera, then adding your message, and then simply posting it to the recipient. It's that simple. The added bonus is that it won't even cost you a penny!


MassTeleport - create fun multi-face morphs

MassTeleport - create fun multi-face morphs

Most advanced multi-face-morph app on the market :) 

MassTeleport is a fun new app which creates amazing multi-morphs of faces.

Commonly for iOS

iPhone Release: Forgotten Colours - Interactive Edition - Release Info

 iPhone Release: Forgotten Colours - Interactive Edition - Release Info

Barcelona, Spain - Play Creatividad, S.L. today is pleased to announce the release of the new interactive edition for iPhone of the popular book Forgotten Colours this Thursday 25 of October. An App for the whole family from the creators of iPoe Collection!

Photolamus - get exclusive caricatures in 48 hours!

Photolamus - get exclusive caricatures in 48 hours!

For an exclusive, hand drawn caricature and total customer commitment, Photolamus the right place!

Photolamus website: http://photolamus.com/

Whether you want a gift that will thrill someone or you simply want to see how you'd look at a caricature, Photolamus has you covered!

Total Football Stadium Quiz now compatible with the iPhone 5

Total Football Magazine has launched a FREE new Total Football Stadium Quiz app.

Do you think you know which clubs play at which stadiums? Then test your knowledge and try your luck with the Total Football Stadium Quiz app.

With more than 90 clubs, can you match which club plays at which stadium?

A ‘pro’ version of the app is also in the pipeline, with hundreds of stadiums and clubs from all around the world.

Digiarty Initiates Halloween Preheat Program with Holiday Gift Pack and Discount

To preheat the upcoming Halloween, Digiarty Software, a diversified multimedia software dedicator, took the first action from today, Oct.20, with the most cost-efficient Halloween Software Gift Pack ready for every comer. Besides, it also provides a chance to get free DVD clone software for any user who buys WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.


Bounce 2: Notes on kickstarter

Bounce 2: Notes on kickstarter

Bounce 2 is a physics based musical app with colorful shapes and playful multitouch gestures. It's great for kids as well as adults who enjoy interacting with a  real time 2D physics simulation while also creating pleasant melodies. The very intuitive controls allow for even very young children to enjoy Bounce.

The kick starter project is raising money to help fund further development of the musical features of the app. For more information go to the kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/941797232/bounce-2-notes

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