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iPhone Release: Forgotten Colours - Interactive Edition - Release Info

 iPhone Release: Forgotten Colours - Interactive Edition - Release Info

Barcelona, Spain - Play Creatividad, S.L. today is pleased to announce the release of the new interactive edition for iPhone of the popular book Forgotten Colours this Thursday 25 of October. An App for the whole family from the creators of iPoe Collection!

Photolamus - get exclusive caricatures in 48 hours!

Photolamus - get exclusive caricatures in 48 hours!

For an exclusive, hand drawn caricature and total customer commitment, Photolamus the right place!

Photolamus website: http://photolamus.com/

Whether you want a gift that will thrill someone or you simply want to see how you'd look at a caricature, Photolamus has you covered!

Total Football Stadium Quiz now compatible with the iPhone 5

Total Football Magazine has launched a FREE new Total Football Stadium Quiz app.

Do you think you know which clubs play at which stadiums? Then test your knowledge and try your luck with the Total Football Stadium Quiz app.

With more than 90 clubs, can you match which club plays at which stadium?

A ‘pro’ version of the app is also in the pipeline, with hundreds of stadiums and clubs from all around the world.

Digiarty Initiates Halloween Preheat Program with Holiday Gift Pack and Discount

To preheat the upcoming Halloween, Digiarty Software, a diversified multimedia software dedicator, took the first action from today, Oct.20, with the most cost-efficient Halloween Software Gift Pack ready for every comer. Besides, it also provides a chance to get free DVD clone software for any user who buys WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.


Bounce 2: Notes on kickstarter

Bounce 2: Notes on kickstarter

Bounce 2 is a physics based musical app with colorful shapes and playful multitouch gestures. It's great for kids as well as adults who enjoy interacting with a  real time 2D physics simulation while also creating pleasant melodies. The very intuitive controls allow for even very young children to enjoy Bounce.

The kick starter project is raising money to help fund further development of the musical features of the app. For more information go to the kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/941797232/bounce-2-notes

What’s so hot about iOS 6?



I didn’t want to say anything about iOS 6 until I had some time to get used to it and decide what I think are some of the most useful updates. And probably to your surprise and relief, I’m not going to complain about the m-a-p-s. They know it’s broken, they’ve apologized, suggested alternatives, and they’re gonna fix the heck out of it for us. It’s gonna rock our worlds, you guys. I’m sure of it.


I’m a frequent flyer on Facebook, so I’m pretty happy with the Facebook integration because it makes sharing photos and making status updates way easier.


ReplayerHD for iPad


Replayer HD is an extremely useful app available for the iPad which allows you to play videos in a wide range of formats which are not available by default on the iPad.  It has a number of other great features as well which make this versatile app extremely useful for anyone who uses their tablet to watch movies, video clips or even for listening to audio. 

iHomies iPhone App Review


iHomies is an interesting app that gives you some virtual friends to play with on your mobile device.  You start out with four unique 'friends', each with their own look and personality.  Within in the app you can touch them in different places to see different animations and they have different sayings as well.  If you want them to say and do extra things you can make a small purchase for additional animations.

SparkNET Interactive LAUNCHES MEME SOMETHING UPGRADE (v1.3) for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

SparkNET Interactive LAUNCHES MEME SOMETHING UPGRADE (v1.3) for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Green Bay, WISCONSIN (PressExposure) SEPTEMBER 6, 2012: SparkNET Interactive has released its latest upgrade to the hot mobile application Meme Something for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. In version 1.3 in-app purchasing now includes:

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