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Join over 80,000 people playing 'Guess That Flag'

"Guess That Flag is the biggest and best flag quiz game ever and comes with four game modes: easy, medium, hard and expert." http://www.thehermonapps.com/guess-that-flag.html Games that are educational are that much more valuable to the family, and often preferred by parents. Most times, children will not even realize they are learning facts if the game is exciting and captures their attention. Guess That Flag is actually suitable for kids and adults with its multiple choice questions involving knowledge of the flags of various countries. Adults, if you are a sports fan, and have watched big events on TV such as the Olympics or FIFA soccer just to name a few, you can recall seeing brightly colored flags waving across the field to honor the athletes.

PicIT24 - Excellent combo of Photography & Social Media


If you're one of those people who love sharing your status updates and photos with your friends and family, but you're worried that you're spending too much time on social media and not enough time actually living your life, PicIT24 is the perfect app for you.  This app helps you manage the amount of time you spend posting pictures and updates by limiting you to just one post per day and one picture per day. 

Free App Magic presents - Find That Flag for iPad

Find That Flag is a totally different from Guess That Flag. With a bigger screen to play on and a higher resolution we have been able to make massive improvements. Also FreeAppMagic are onboard to help improve the app and are also sponsoring the app.


Find That Flag is a cross between Where's Wally and Guess That Flag.

Now you can learn every nations flag in the world and get great stats about that nation. Also you don't just have to guess the flag you have to find it amongst hundreds of other flags.

App features.

* Every recognised nation in world is in the app

* Over 220 flags with over a 1000 different stats

* 3 difficulty levels and a learning mode

Tarot of Love App Review


If you enjoy getting a Tarot card reading, but don’t have the time or motivation to go to an actual person to get it done, the Tarot of Love App might just be perfect for you.  This is a simple to use app which can give you a full reading for your love life as well as just a general reading about your day.  This is a fun way to get a Tarot reading right from the comfort of your own home, or office.

Buyer's Guide for All You New iPad and iPhone Owners Out There. [Reviews]



Happy Holidays everyone, from all of us here at iPhone Life! Hopefully everyone had a safe and abundant holiday celebration. I know many of you are now very happy owners of the latest iDevices, and whether you just got an iPhone, an iPad or an iPad mini, this little "Buyer's Guide" is filled with handy links with lots of concise and useful information to help you accessorize and personalize your new toys.

iPhone 5-friendly version of video player AVPlayer -- review and tips & tricks


I've been asked by several of my readers to post a detailed review of, along with It's Playing and GoodPlayer, the best generic iOS media player, AVPlayer(HD).  Below, I provide you with a video / audio / subtitle / container type-dependent list of pros and cons so that you can see whether the player does fulfill your needs or not. While AVPlayer is truly an amazing player, there are some things it's entirely incapable of or where some of the alternatives are considerably better. It's based on this list that you will want to decide whether the player is for you or not, at least when it comes playing back some specific multimedia formats.

App Review Christmas Special - Jolly Jingle Free


If you're looking for a fun and educational app for you or your children this Christmas, Jolly Jingle might be just the one.  This app is designed to help people learn some of the most popular Christmas songs around, but it really goes a step beyond that for children.  Kids will enjoy listening to and learning their favorite Christmas tunes, but while learning the songs they will also be practicing their reading skill!

'The Xmas App' is now FREE merry Chrsitmas

Which toy was the number 1 christmas seller in 1968?

Hot Wheels
Care Bears

For more fun christmas questions and activities plus email Santa, download our FREE christmas app 'The Xmas App' for iPhone iPod Nd iPad


Bring the Christmas spirit to your iPhone! TheHermonApps has announced the release of The Xmas App 1.0, its new entertainment app for iOS. With over 8 christmas activities and games, The Xmas App allows the user to play 3 quiz modes from Christmas Movies to Christmas Music; number ones' which have been designed to bring all your happy christmas memories rushing back. The app also lets your children email Santa their christmas list directly and have Santa send them a personal email back.

Date Me If You Can -- interactive movie on iOS

Date Me If You Can -- interactive movie on iOS

Chatting up a girl on your mobile device is now possible with the interactive movie Date Me If You Can from Trickster Arts. The movie was released today on AppStore.

Date Me If You Can is a unique app for iPhone and iPad where the user sees the world through eyes of a guy who tries to chat up a girl in a bar. Simply

just by touching a screen, the user interacts with characters in the story and decides what his character will say or do. The user himself (or herself!) chooses a pickup line, when and where to touch the girl, and how to avoid her tricky questions.

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