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New Version of Excellent Video Player AVPlayerHD Out!


iDevices make great video playback machines thanks to their (in most cases) excellent screen and built-in hardware support for video decoding and playback. Tons of third-party multimedia player apps have sprung up to meet demand, and their developers update them frequently.

These recent updates are great news for multimedia enthusiasts. I will review major updates of two of the best players, AVPlayerHD and It's Playing, and will report on new versions of some other players as well. Let's start with AVPlayerHD. 

Paranormal Hot Spots

Paranormal Hot Spots


Find the Haunted Hot Spots Near You

Paranormal Hot Spots

People are drawn to things they can't explain. Many locations that get a reputation for being haunted or keep their doors open stand to benefit greatly from their unexplained phenomena. A certain person might not be interested in visiting a maritime history museum, but tell that person the place may be haunted, and suddenly he's at your door. If you suspect paranormal activity, why not share it?

Now you can with Paranormal Hot Spots App for iPhone.

Paranormal Hot Spots

Finger Flair For iPhone/iPad Price Drop

Finger Flair For iPhone/iPad Price Drop


Finger Flair

Finger Flair Has Dropped its Price Because of the upcoming Updated Version 1.1

We have done some eye Catching Updates that we know you will enjoy

Like being able to Share to Facebook and Twitter

What I like Best about Finger Flair is its ability to Make Awesome Backgrounds

For Your iPhone/iPad I even use it to make backgrounds for my laptop.

See the Video’s at fingerflair.net

Free IMDb App Update Lets Amazon Prime Members Stream Movies


I've long thought Amazon Prime is an excellent deal. For $79 per year, you get free two-day shipping on everything you buy on Amazon, unlimited instant streaming of movies via Prime Instant Video, plus a free book per month from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library of more than 270,000 titles.

And now, those of you with Prime accounts have yet another benefit — the option to stream video while perusing movies on IMDb’s free app, IMDb Movies & TV.

4 Awesome Offerings from Apps Gone Free


Sometimes you don’t know you need something until someone shows it to you, and you realize, “That’s so cool! I need that!”

That’s why I’m totally digging Apps Gone Free (FREE) right now. Unlike AppGratis, which offers one free app per day, Apps Gone Free offers several paid apps free for a limited time. Some days there are more; some days less, but every day there’s fun! It’s awesome because you get a random bunch of apps to browse through and decide if it interests you or not. I love it so much I’ve actually found myself checking it first thing in the morning even before I’ve had my coffee or checked my email!

FREE download of 'Guess That Flag HD' for a limited time only!

FREE download of 'Guess That Flag HD' for a limited time only!

Guess That Flag HD is a massive update of the hit game 'Guess That Flag'. The graphics are simply awesome and take full advantage of the retina display screen. The app looks stunning and plays perfect on both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 devices.

Enhance Your Relationship with Syncrohearts Love Game


If you're eager to enhance your loving relationship this Valentine's Day, try the Syncrohearts Love Game ($0.99). It's billed as a game — and it does have gaming aspects, including accumulating points — but its purpose is to help build your relationship in a variety of ways.

New Game Reviews: A Soaring Climax, a Time-Shift Racer and a Zombie ShaqDown.


Welcome back to my gaming reviews as I try out some of the best new iOS games!

Boxthebag charisma continues - Now Absolutely Free !

Boxthebag charisma continues - Now Absolutely Free !

Wanna taste the real fun of boxing?
Boxthebag allows you to hit a 3d punching bag with your bare hands in front of the iPad's front facing camera.   And guess what - the punching bag hits back ! ! !
See how


 "Tech BLA presents the the coolest Kinect/wii style boxing app on the iphone/ipad

A very smart use of an algorithm which detects every gesture made by your hands. Measuring the speed and force of your hit it then  makes the  3d punching bag move back and forth.
An ideal entertainment app for users of all walks of life.


Valentine’s Day Apps: Six Ways to Impress Your Date


It’s that time of year, iPhone Lifers. As Valentine’s Day approaches, every man’s heart is aflutter.

With fear.


Anyone with any experience with the ladies knows that whatever you do, don’t screw up Valentine’s Day.

I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to share with you guys today, but the ladies will enjoy this post as well, because they have fun spoiling their loved ones too. 

All aboard the love train!


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