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JumpStart's Madagascar Math Ops Makes Math Magical


I have a special place in my heart for JumpStart learning programs. My kids grew up on the Toddler series and popped those CDs in our old PC like they were pop tarts in a toaster. But this is a post-PC era, and touch screens and apps are all the rage.

Fortunately, JumpStart has changed with the times and they offer a plethora of iOS apps that leverage the touch screen as well as relationships with Dreamworks and their Madagascar characters. Jumpstart offers apps that teach ABC's, math and more.

Rube Goldberg App Is an Elegantly Complex Invention!


I've been a fan of Rube Goldberg's drawings of overly complicated inventions since I first saw one. Now, through the magic of the iPad and Rube Works ($2.99), you can recreate some of his inventions, using an elegant, sophisticated interface.

If you're not familiar with Rube Goldberg, you owe it to yourself to do a Google search. Basically, he takes simple tasks, like an alarm to wake you up, and combines a plethora of obscure devices and even animals to accomplish the task! Rube Goldberg machines are far more complex than they need to be, and that's the point.

(How to) Pronounce major update - get learning content

(How to) Pronounce major update - get learning content

A popular pronunciation-learning app, which allows users to check the pronunciation of words and phrases in English, German, Spanish and French, has received an update incorporating a brand new feature - learning content.

Now you can use the app to learn 75 common English words which are often mispronounced by learners. All of the words were hand-picked by an experienced pronunciation teacher.

The words can be simply browsed or you can use the learning mode which allows you to listen to the model, record your own pronunciation and compare both. You can also decide if you have learnt the word or it should appear in future lessons.

iPhone Life Bloggers' Choice Awards: Best Apps of 2013


We know you've come to rely on the bloggers at iPhoneLife.com for helpful reviews of all the best offerings in the App Store. With over 1 million apps for your iPhone and over 475,000 apps for your iPad, deciding which apps to download can be overwhelming. That's why we asked all of our bloggers to vote for their favorite apps released or updated in 2013. Here are their top three in seven categories!

‘Tis the Season to Create – Stock Up on Creative Software From Aquafadas With Black Friday-Style Discounts

Aquafadas, innovative developer of digital publishing solutions and creative software for video, photo and animation, is kicking off Black Friday early with major discounts on all of its desktop software programs. From November 25th through December 2nd, Aquafadas products will all be available for over 50% off the original price. Families can use slideshow tools like PulpMotion and KidsMotion to easily create digital scrapbooks featuring every special moment this holiday season. For those with hours of unorganized footage from past holiday celebrations, iDive is the perfect tool to manage massive video collections. Want to get creative with your annual greeting card?

Easy Annotate - The First App for Side-by-Side Annotating : Launched !

Easy Annotate - The First App for Side-by-Side Annotating :  Launched !

We launched our newest iPad app, Easy Annotate, the only one that enables annotating and linking PDFs side-by-side.

There are many apps on the store to aid in studying and annotating. After using many, we found that none fulfilled our needs completely. Often when studying or doing research, we needed two or more PDFs next to each other. One as study material, and one as a reference. No app could do this. That’s why we’ve developed Easy Annotate.

Easy Annotate allows two PDFs to be shown, studied and linked side-by-side. And while we were on it, we added full dropbox support, to easily get files from our desktop to our app. It fulfills our needs and we hope it helps many more.

Easy Annotate offers:

- Side-by-side viewing, editing and annotating of two PDFs

A systematical platform of educational games for preschoolers

A systematical platform of educational games for preschoolers

KidsJoyApp studio presents an entertaining and educational set of games - 4 in 1 with the cutest animals from Africa, for modern parents and their smart and curious toddlers. The application is a systematical platform, so children can learn the animals from Africa for endless hours of fun. The game develops strong memory anchors in the toddlers' minds - by repeating the information, using different methods and games.

Let's Learn Japanese in relaxing way!

Let's Learn Japanese in relaxing way!

This is the app to learn Japanese in relaxing way.

Look at the beautiful card, follow the native speaker’s voice and try to speak Japanese!

So, you can learn vocabulary quickly in an enjoyable way!

The app is made by native Japanese, she teaches children and foreigners Japanese.

The voice is recorded by her and she chose vocabularies and pictures very carefully.

Contents: Hiragana, Katakana, Basic Conversations, Greeting, Numbers, Colors, Animals (Coming soon: Restaurant, Food, Vegetables, Fruits, Travel)

3 modes of Learning:

- One-card Mode: Enjoy learning from the pretty pictures

- Overview Mode: Quickly overview all the cards

- Shuffle Mode: Help to you memorize and examine your learning

The Largest Ever Ear Training Library Now Available As A Free App For iPhone And iPad

The Largest Ever Ear Training Library Now Available As A Free App For iPhone And iPad

7th November 2013, London. Music education technology company Easy Ear Training has today released an enormous library of ear training information for musicians in a free app for iPhone and iPad.

Since its launch in 2010 the EasyEarTraining.com website has become the leading provider of free ear training information online, publishing over 300 articles, tutorials and downloadable resources for modern ear training.

These resources cover every aspect of developing your musical ear, from the basics of pitch and singing in tune, through classic topics like intervals and chords, to the most desirable skills like creative improvisation and playing by ear.

Splash Math - Grades 1-5 - Learn Math in a Fun Way on the iPad and Web


UPDATE: The Splash Math app dropped its price! The paid version is now a one-time fee of $9.99 for one grade level or $29.99 for all five grade levels. Also, you can access Splash Math's content on the iPad without an internet connection (unlike its competition).

According to a recent report by Common Sense Media, studies show that 72 percent of children age 8 and under have used a mobile device for some type of media activity such as playing games, watching videos, or using apps. 

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