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NOVA: Hunting the Edge of Space


Part 1: The Mystery of the Milky Way (52:55)

You expect great programming from PBS & NOVA and that's what exactly they deliver in this first of a two-part series on the state of the art in astronomy.

The cinematography is stunning on an iPhone with its abilities to display rich vibrant colors in high definition. The sound is truly superior using the built-in speaker but it blew me away when I listened through earphones. The bass of the narrators voice came through loud and clear.

Guess That Flag - Learn All the Nation's Flags in Time for the Olympics

Doncaster, United Kingdom - TheHermonApps is pleased to announce Guess That Flag 1.0, its new quiz and educational app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Guess That Flag is a great app for geography and flag quizzes.

As the creator of the app, Craig Smart, said "Have you ever come across a flag at a sports match, or on the news, or in a film etc... and wondered which nation that flag belongs to"

If the answer to that questions is "yes" then Guess that flag is one of the reason the app was made.
Guess That flag comes with four game modes easy, medium, hard and expert. Or browse through the flags (in great graphics) to see what flag belongs to which nation. Here's a break-down of great features that sets Guess That Flag apart from other apps.

Feature Highlights:

iPoe Collection Goes Retina, Hi-Res Terror For Your iPad & iPhone

iPoe Collection Goes Retina, Hi-Res Terror For Your iPad & iPhone


The interactive Edgar Allan Poe stories App gets new updated graphics, high-res- olution terror for your Retina Display iPad. The most awaited upgrade for the acclaimed app is here, ready to boost users’ reading pleasure and keep the high ratings received around the world.

Play Creatividad, creator of the popular app iPoe Collection for iPad and iP- hone, announced today the optimization of its software’s graphics to support the new Retina Display on Apple’s new iPad.

Coach Calls the Shots!



photo: http://www.apple.com

One of the best things about being the coach is that you get to call the shots.  Growing up playing sports and with a brother who has done so as well, I have been around several coaches and I know that the task is not easy.  Have you ever wanted to plan the plays yourself?  Well, here is your chance.


Mary Had A Little Lamb


Reading is the most important skill young children need to develop.

That's why reading to children is essential but they also need to spend time reading by themselves. The problem is getting them started. Rusty & Rosy Reading rides in to the rescue like the cavlary armed with one of our favorite stories!

Smithsonian goes mobile


Smithsonian brings history to life


The Smithsonian Institute opens another museum near you! It's called the Smithsonian Channel and you can put it your purse, pocket, or backpack and take it with you! 

Sesame Street meets Podcasts


Sesame Street Rocks!

Kids love to learn and they're always on the move so it only makes sense to put quality educational content on mobile devices.

We finally have an Apple app for podcasts and it's called Podcasts. Why it took so long is a mystery but it's almost worth the wait!

VCare Creation Releases Math Ocean for iPhone / iPod touch

VCare Creation Releases Math Ocean for iPhone / iPod touch





VCare Creation Releases Math Ocean for iPhone / iPod touch

Funny, Addictive Math Game Now Available in Apple’s App store


New Update Released For iPoe, The Illustrated & Interactive Edgar A. Poe Collection

New Update Released For iPoe, The Illustrated & Interactive Edgar A. Poe Collection

The update released today has new content for the terrific app iPoe, the Illustrated and Interactive Edgar Allan Poe Collection. The content includes “Annabel Lee,” which is the last complete poem composed by the American author, published shortly after his death in 1849.

iPoe Collection 2.0.

Musical Animals! for iPad

Musical Animals! for iPad

The aim of the app is to learn kids (2+ years) the basics of musical scale in a playful way.
Tap funny animals and listen their sounds. All sounds are aligned to one of the musical notes in octave order. So your baby can learn how play music by pressing on animals!
All the sounds are performed by young but a highly professional singer.
See this App in action here:


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