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Algebra Touch is Genius!


Algebra Touch is the perfect app for visual and kinesthetic learners. Here’s how it works. There are three stages: Explain, Practice and My Problems. In the Explain stage, you can either work your way through the lessons in order or select a lesson at random. Once you have chosen your lesson, you scroll through the instructions at the bottom of the screen and tap out your answers at the top. If you make a mistake, the problem won’t solve. If you’re right, you see the problem solve on the screen.

Looking for an iPad/Mac app for classroom record keeping

Does anyone know of an iPad app that integrates with the Mac to keep classroom records on students: grades, attendance, comments? I'll be teaching five classes this year and want to make the best use of my iPad. Any suggestions are appreciated.


"Killer" apps for campus!


The back-to-school season is upon us once again. Media is full of advertisements for everything a student "needs" for school. And I am just a guilty as the rest. However, I spent 9 years on campus as a student and 19 as a professor and I have nothing to gain by influencing your purchase decisions. Besides, most of these apps are free at the App Store and many are on your iPhone!

That said, here is my list of "killer" apps your student's iPhone. 

Easy Words iPhone App Review


Charlemagne said, "To have another language is to possess a second soul." Now you can have the ability to possess that second soul through an app available in the palm of your hands.  Learning a second language requires constant maintenance and practice.  The best way to learn a second (or third or fourth!) language is through repetition and continual exposure to the language.  That is the idea behind the application called Easy Words. 

The Most Powerful English-Spanish Dictionary Out There!

The Most Powerful English-Spanish Dictionary Out There!

With the recent release of the 2.4.0 version of our Unabridged Dictionary App for iPhone and iPad we’ve crossed yet another landmark in the continued success story in Word Magic Software’s wondrous App History. We’re recognizing the relevance of this newest update with the application of a 50% Discount to the Unabridged Dictionary App’s regular cost, thus making it feasibly attractive as a must-have Back to School App.

About 2.4.0:

Back-to-School Special: Inkling Phones Home


Innovative next-generation textbook publisher Inkling has ported its environment and content to the iPhone. Already available on the iPad, the Mac and the PC via the web, this new version makes study dates even more portable, and more personal.  With the iPhone version of Inkling there will be no excuses for not studying unless you forget to charge your phone. As a college instructor, I can tell you, we aren’t buying that excuse.

As the illustration demonstrates, Inkling has a native look-and-feel for the iPhone. No trying to cram a 10-inch experience into the phone form factor.

Newest Elfishki iPad storybook develops kids' conscious reading skills

Newest Elfishki iPad storybook develops kids' conscious reading skills

Los Angeles, California - Elfishki and The Performance in the Fountain, a fairy tale storybook for iPad, will help your elementary school child with his or her comprehension and reading skills for the Back-to-School season.

From the creators of Elfishki and The Giant Cake and Elfishki and The Unwelcome Guest comes the next fantastic iPad storybook - Elfishki and The Performance in The Fountain. This one-of-a-kind multilingual interactive app is designed to inspire the love of books while developing your kids' conscious reading skills according to the Common Core State Standards for Elnglish Language Arts.

GeoZooom! Educational Geography App Available on the App Store

GeoZooom! Educational Geography App Available on the App Store

Saline, Michigan - Pearl Crescent, LLC has released GeoZooom! 1.1, a free education geography app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. GeoZooom! combines maps with a warmer/colder feedback system to make it fun to learn where countries, U.S. state capitals, and other places are located.

The goal of the game is for players to complete a series of geography missions as quickly as possible. Each mission challenges the player to find a location on a map such as the capital of Texas or the African country of Rwanda. The app provides immediate feedback to let the player know if they are getting warmer (closer) or colder (farther away from the target location).

Blackboard on your iPhone


"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." - William Butler Yeats


Imagine having a college education at your fingertips. It's possible when you use Blackboard Mobile Learn.

PBS American Experience: Jesse Owens


Get ready for the Olympics games!

This is the true story of how Jesse Owens humiliated Adolph Hitler at the 1936 Olympics.

These games were held in Berlin and Nazi Germany expected to demonstrate arian superiority by sweeping the events but one American had a different idea.

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