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Guess That Flag iphone app, beat the game be entered into a draw for an ipad 3.

With the world cup qualifiers just around the corner see how many nations flags you know with "Guess That Flag" iOS app.  Also as a bonus TheHermonApps is proud to announce if you beat the game you will stand a great chance of winning an iPod touch or maybe even in ipad3. The draw will be made by our good friends at iPhoneGlance (who are also providing the prize) on 18th December 2012. Guess That flag comes with four game modes easy, medium, hard and expert.

Guess That Flag is the biggest and best flag quiz game ever. Multiple choice question so no need to get the dictionary out. No annoying ads or in app in app purchase, Guess That Flag is the full version of the game no need to pay for clues or more levels etc...

Video Review of Articulation Station Pro

Video Review of Articulation Station Pro


A4cwsn.com posts video review of what we consider the BEST ARTICULATION App in the U.S iTunes Store right now.

This App is not only an amazing tool for Therapists and Teachers who work with Children and Adults who may have Speech Delays but will allow Parents to provide extra Speech Therapy sessions at home with their children and all at a very affordable price.

Here are some of the Apps Specifications.


edmodo mobile


Edmodo mobile puts a secure social network for teachers and students on your iPhone!

Edmodo is not an open social networking site where kids hang out and meet strangers. No.

Its a social networking site where they go to connect with their teachers and classmates. Its a place where they study, watch educational videos, and work on their assignments under the care of their teachers.

This is the kind of social network you want them to belong to!

Smile Count, see how the world truely views you!

In this fun app you can see just how the world around you truly sees who and what you are, by your smile. Smile Count is a great idea and really does log those smiles. Smiling is important, it tells us who we are and why we are happy or sad. It determines our moods but it seems nobody ever documents or logs these grins, grimaces, or smiles – until now.

Smile Count will log your smile, or at least others will. Parents will log the smile or smirks from their children. Any child who pulls an unhappy reverse smile can be registered by the parent and alternately can be rewarded for their smiling. There are six modes to the app which are pulled, vain, behaviour, kind, free play and employee. These modes will show you just how the world truly sees you.

App Review: Natural Tots


Natural Tots is a new addition to the app market which aims to develop your child's learning skills as well as providing an entertaining app for them to use on the iPad or iPhone. You may have been looking for a suitable app for your child and Natural Tots answers this call. With 18 different images for your child to play with and uncover, this is the toddler and baby friendly app that you have been searching for.

Aussie Developer goes Back2School

Aussie Developer goes Back2School

With the growing presence of iPad devices in schools at all levels, the back to school campaigns that have traditionally been the purvey of stationary outlets are being complemented by online promotions by iPad and iPhone app developers.

These developers hail from all over the world.

Quipper Quiz


Better than flashcards!

I discovered this app in the Mobile Learning group on Facebook early this morning and had to give it a try.

My early morning is around 4am.

iPoe: Interactive Edgar Allan Poe Collection for iOS - 50% Price Drop

iPoe: Interactive Edgar Allan Poe Collection for iOS - 50% Price Drop


Play Creatividad has announced a 50% discount on its Edgar Allan Poe interactive stories App, iPoe - The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection 2.1, for a limited time. Enjoy the acclaimed writer's stories in an interactive way, beautifully illustrated and accompanied by an original soundtrack. More than an eBook, this app rediscovers the way of reading horror stories involving the reader and bringing the words to life.

Starfall ABCs - Excellent!


Starfall ABCs is perfect to take with you while waiting at the doctor's office or anywhere else you might have to wait. This app teaches children the letters and sounds of the alphabet using bright colors, cheerful sound effects, cute animations, and fun puzzle-type games. Well worth the $2.99.

Learn at least 7 languages!

Learn at least 7 languages!

Children are always mimicking what they hear, and are surprisingly good at it! They are uniquely attuned to slight differences in tone and sound. Their sensitive ears help them pick up on and duplicate the tricky sounds adults and even adolescents often stumble over. For adults just beginning a new language, this difficulty can be discouraging...

A study conducted by researchers from UCLA and the University of Hong Kong, however, shows that even adults with significant exposure to a language in childhood can end up speaking like a native. By starting early, your children can quickly learn to speak smoothly and confidently.

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