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4 Apps to Enhance Your Art Museum Experience


There are few experiences more enlightening than visiting a renowned art museum and exploring its collection. Art history aficionados can attest that there is nothing cooler than seeing the artwork you’ve studied all semester long in person. No surprise, in this day and age, museums have finally reached the point where a website is simply not enough for visitors. From interactive maps, exclusive videos, and a look at the current exhibits on display, these four museum apps are sure to complement your next museum trip.

Apple News: Back to School for Less


As much as my kids and college professor wife would like to forget, it's almost Back-to-School time, and Apple is making it a little easier with their Back-to-School promotion. College-bound students (and their parents) as well as teachers can save year round with Educational pricing, but now Apple sweetens the pot. The annual promotion covers most Macs, iPads, and since 2013, iPhones.

Voice Dream Reader Review

I have used a number of text-to-speech (TTS) readers. Each year brought incremental improvements but there was always some limitation that kept me from being enthusiastic about them. Does Voice Dream Reader break away from this tradition? Read on to find out.

Review - Get Ready for Your ACT & SAT Tests and Have Fun Doing It!


Holy moly, I forgot how hard math can be! I really feel for our youth who every year have to gear up for entrance, mid-terms, and final exams. If I had not known a math wiz who helped me extensively with my homework, I would not have made it through algebra, geometry, or trig, and I now only have a fuzzy idea of the rules (like the Pythagorean Theorem required to solve the above). I figured by now, one could use Siri to answer math questions, or at least the mega awesome MyScript calculator app (free). NOTE: Please do not try to use Siri or your iPhone/iPad during an exam, unless explicitly told you are allowed to do so by an authorized test administrator. If you are one of the unlucky few who are grinding through trig problems (or verb conjugation) these beautiful spring and early summer days, check out Play2Prep (free). It is designed to make getting ready for your next major exam fun and engaging. Mostly I found it to be quite ridiculously hard...but yeah, in a fun way I guess!

Use Your iPhone for Fishing - 10 Great Activity Apps

Each year thousands of fishing enthusiasts plan exciting trips to enjoy this activity. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to an Ontario fishing lodge or a resort. There will be tools, equipment and supplies needed for your trip. Rods, reels and flies are some of the most common of these items. Depending on the type of fish you are pursuing you will take specific fishing materials. Bass is definitely a catch to consider when visiting an Ontario fishing lodge.

More Than Music

More Than Music

Dependency (www.dependencysoftware.com) have just released More Than Music - the media player specifically designed for language students.

It gives you more control over the playback of audio, video and images (slideshows).

You still copy your audio and video to your phone using iTunes, just like you always did. But now you can playback your audio and video slower for easier comprehension, or faster to push yourself a bit.

Or backup and replay the last 10 seconds again with a simple swipe of your thumb.

Make playlists of videos as well as audio, and play them in order or shuffled whenever you want.

Playback can be controlled by buttons or a few simple gestures so you can do it all one handed while you take notes with the other.

Poker Guide

Poker Guide

Application main features: Poker Hands, Poker Rules, Poker Terms, Poker Tips, Starting Hand Chart, Blind Timer.

“Poker Hands” is an official poker hand rank in order from best to worst. There are many different forms of poker but most form 5 cards and use the same hand rankings. „Royal Flush“ is the highest. „High Card“ is the lowest. These hand rankings are common to many types of poker including: Texas Holdem - the most popular one, Seven card Stud, Omaha, Draw Poker... and many more.
Clicking on a hand displays a short description of the hand, and an animated example of it.

“Poker Rules” screen displays three poker game rules for you choice: Texas Holdem, Omaha or Five Card Draw. Some basic terms have links to “Poker Terms” screen, where player can read a explanation of it.



New: WIEGENLIEGER App (lullaby app) for iPad and iPad mini now availabe!
Stuttgart, 1 April 2014 – Sing your child to sleep with love and with the most beautiful lullabies – and relax with the new app from the prizewinning LIEDERPROJEKT. The new lullaby app contains music and texts (German/English) for 27 German lullabies and cradle songs, as well as beautifully played instrumental versions to sing along with. With highly attractive illustrations by Frank Walka, the lullaby app is great fun for both children and parents.
With this app the following options are available:
• 27 German lullabies and cradle songs
• leaf through as a picture or song book, or change from one to the other
• original texts in German, plus translations in English

Connect And You Shall Collect says Happi Papi

Connect And You Shall Collect says Happi Papi

Happi Papi introduces Happi Connect & Collect a new addition to its line of award winning children's apps. Happi Connect & Collect is a learning game where elementary school kids get to make mental connections when solving word association problems in return for clever collectors cards. It builds on the successful concept of letting kids work on different types of problems in the same app.

Happi Papi has just released the latest addition to its line of award winning children’s apps. Happi Connect & Collect, as the app is called, is a learning game where elementary school kids get to make mental connections when solving word association problems in return for clever collectors cards.

Crack the Books - Digital Books Evolved

I work with Mobile Education Store, a company dedicated to providing parents of elementary students with cost-effective educational tools. MES has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund its latest product, “Crack the Books,” a fully interactive, state-of-the-art series of non-fiction science books. The product is the first digital book with adjustable reading levels from a first to eighth grade. Parents and teachers can select any of five reading levels with a touch of a button.

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