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Comedian processes after-show sales with his iPhone

Dan NainanWhat do you do? I'm a professional comedian who tours the world doing only 100 percent clean comedy.

Which device do you use? The iPad 2 and iPod Touch.

How long have you had them? I've had the iPod Touch for a year or two, and I was one of the first to order the iPad 2—in fact, I woke up in the middle of the night just so I could order it one minute after sales opened online!


Restaurant owner uses iPod touch to get customer feedback and improve his business

Survey on the spottWhat do you do? I'm a BRIXX Pizza franchisee.

Which device do you use? 2 iPod touches in the restaurant.

How long have you had them? 3 months.

How do you use your devices? We use them with an app called Survey on the Spot (free, app2.me/3737) to collect guest satisfaction feedback at the restaurant. We also use the iPod touch as a sweepstakes incentive for guests that take our surveys.


Transferring and syncing files to an iPad


A couple very good articles have recently been published that give a thorough overview of transferring and syncing files between a desktop computer and an iPad. For example, you can create a Word doc on your desktop computer, save it to Dropbox, and then open it on your iPad and edit it via an office app such as Office2 or Documents to Go. The revised version then syncs automatically back to your desktop computer via Dropbox.

Protect your iPad 2 in luxurious style with the Piel Frama leather iPad 2 Case


First off, I am a BIG fan of Piel Frama cases. I had one for my first iPhone, my iPhone 4 and my iPad 1. When I purchased my iPad 2, I definitely wanted to protect it with their updated case.

Expo World - all trade shows in your IPhone.

Expo World  - all trade shows in your IPhone.

EXPO World helps you instantly access all the important information on the major trade fairs and expositions happening around the globe. This comfortable app brings the most important information onto your iPhone or IPod, and from there it’s only a few clicks away. The most important trade events get closer to you, with one click!

You are provided with comprehensive information about the expositions, such as

- Description of the exposition
- Exact dates
- Address and contact information
- Major participants
- Ticket prices
- Business hours
- Website

Save the fairs and expositions that are of special interest to you in your personal Favorites list and thus you'll always have the important information right at your finger tips.

Youtube presentation video:

SpeakerNotes 1.0 Released for iPad

SpeakerNotes 1.0 Released for iPad

Sliced-Pi today announces the availability of SpeakerNotes V1.0, the premiere presentation application for the iPad. SpeakerNotes is a simple presentation tool that augments the application you currently use to create slides. While leading presentation authoring tools will allow you to display simple slide shows, SpeakerNotes provides many capabilities that you will not find in other tools. Further, Speakers centralizes all of your presentations into a single repository that you can carry with you on your iPad.

The Next Step in Business Intelligence and Management: Balanced Scorecard for IPad

The Next Step in Business Intelligence and Management: Balanced Scorecard for IPad

It’s no secret that iPad has become one of the best delivery tools for business intelligence (BI), management and financial. Its form, lightweight design, and connectivity has caused rapid adoption by companies that need to extend the reach of their business intelligence data and provide pervasive access to performance results.

Indeed, the executive suite and top managers have seen how accessibility to performance results can improve operations and increase management productivity.

The modern version of the balanced scorecard system transforms an organization’s strategic plan from an attractive but passive document into the "marching orders" for the organization on a daily basis.

Pinlo United Aluminum case (AT&T and Verizon)

Pinlo United Aluminum case (AT&T and Verizon)

United Case - This case fits for both AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4.

It provides great protection in a stylish way!

Brighten up your iPhone 4 with this 2 in 1 bumper case.
The case comes in 2 parts, one part is made of aluminum, and the other part is made of PC Plastic.
Weighs only 9 grams and still provides a great shock and drop protection!
Customize your iPhone with 2 different colors (PC part). The aluminum part comes only in one color.
The PC frame part is changeable, you can customize your iPhone 4 as much as you want.

The United aluminum bumper is available now in five colors for $31.95 at www.pinlo.com

Free iPad app offers over 250 short software tutorial videos


Infinite Skills Video Based Software Training is a free app for the iPad that gives you access to over 250 short videos that help you learn software such as Adobe Creative Suite 5, Microsoft Office, and AutoCAD. Each video is a few minutes long and shows you how to accomplish a specific task, such as correcting color casts in PhotoShop. The app requires an Internet connection, either WiFi or 3G.

Extreme Agenda 2.0 Released

Extreme Agenda 2.0 Released

Birdsoft is pleased to announce the release of Version 2.0 of its popular iPhone organizer Extreme Agenda. Version 2.0 adds a ton of new features including, Portrait support throughout, Photo Contact List, Quick Lists, Year View, Agenda List View, Lighter Color Themes, Start On Option, and more.

We plan on having some giveaways on our Twitter account @birdsoft the next couple days so please come follow and check out Extreme Agenda!

It is on sale during release and will work its way up to its normal $4.99 price so get it now.

Visit us at www.birdsoft.net

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