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Artist's iPhone, iPad help him create ancient Filipino calligraphy

Christian Cabuay

What do you do? I'm an artist and translator.

Which device do you use? iPad 1 and iPhone 3G.

How do you use your device? People pay me to translate and draw English words to the ancient Filipino writing system, Baybayin.

What apps do you use the most? Zen Brush ($2.99, app2.me/3512), iFontMaker ($6.99, app2.me/3731) Zendesk (free, app2.me/3732), Awesome Note ($3.99, app2.me/220), Mail.


Mobile Device Management

Using MDM to manage and secure your devices

So now iPhone and iPads are running all over your company, and IT is concerned about security. How can your enterprise data be kept secure on the iOS devices of your users? Apple introduced a number of significant new features for device management in iOS 4.x that gives enterprises exactly what they had been asking for.

Using Exchange ActiveSync

One of the most interesting developments in the mobile industry over the last few years has been the industry-wide standardization on Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) for both server-side and mobile device communication and collaboration data synchronization.


The iPad and Consumerization

What is it, and what does it mean for business?

[This excerpt from iPad in the Enterprise 
is reprinted with permission of Wiley.]

The term consumerization first gained popularity in 2001 when it was used by Douglas Neal and John Taylor as a description for how information technology innovation was emerging in consumer-based technology, with the expectation that it would eventually migrate into the enterprise.


iOS 5.0 and iCloud 

Has Apple changed the enterprise game again?

The iOS 5.0 announcement in June unveiled the much anticipated iCloud service that enables users to synchronize their information automatically between devices. Now when you purchase a song, book, or application through iTunes (or rip your own music to your iPod) it will automatically be backed-up and copied to any other iOS or Mac OS devices you have registered for the service. It's a pretty cool addition to the platform, and will relieve a lot of consumer pain; but the corresponding announcement of an iCloud API raises some questions about how this will further impact iPhone and iPad use in the workplace.


Feeding the Need to Read: 
RSS Feed Readers on the iPad

When I started writing about mobile devices, I found the best way to track the latest events was to follow a number of my favorite websites. Unfortunately, the number of websites I followed grew, and eventually, my entire morning commute was spent jumping from one site to the next gathering information. There simply had to be a better way… and as I soon learned, there was. It was not long before I finally discovered the little orange button which hovers on the side of virtually every website I read. Of course, I am referring to the RSS feed button.


App Review - iTask


Keeping track of everything you have to do these days is hard!  Calendars are cumbersome and involve constant updating, crossing out and who/what is going to remind you to look at the calendar in the first place?!Your iPhone is most likely near you all the time, right?  You already know how to use the alarm, the timer, etc. Perhaps you even utilize the calendar feature as well. 

The iTask app aims to take control of your projects, your appointments and scheduling and allow you to control and keep track (this is an important point) of everything at each stage through completion.  As every good project manager knows, projects aren’t controlled and perfected by the end results alone, but by the milestones along the way.

Why Strategic Planning with iPad Apps Require Organizational Integration

Why Strategic Planning with iPad Apps Require Organizational Integration

A recent post by Jörgen Dahlberg at EA Blogs (An Integrated View of Change) underscores a critical element of strategic planning.

NovelRank 1.0 Now Available in the iOS App Store

NovelRank 1.0 Now Available in the iOS App Store

Electric Butterfly, Inc. and NovelRank.com proudly announce the immediate worldwide availability of the official NovelRank app on Apple's iOS App Store. NovelRank 1.0 brings international Amazon sales rank tracking for multiple books to the iPhone and iPod touch as a free app download.

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