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'Special offer' 50% off our app making service.

Until the new year we are offering a 50% on our app making service, that makes it £150 ($245) for an official Apple App. So why not advertise your business with a simple to us app?


Why not advertise your business with a simple to use App?
After our initial consultation, we will design your custom made app which will include information about you, your business and photos of your products in one easy to use location, accessible from any iOS device.
Our apps are not HTML5 website apps, they are of a much higher quality and will be available only in the Apple App Store.
Let us know what you want and then sit back and let us do the rest!

New Year's Resolution 1: Keeping Focused with OmniFocus


As I reached for my keyboard to write this post, my iPad chimed. This article on OmniFocus was due, at least to me, again, for the third day in a row. Rather than just postpone it again, I decided to write it.

Keeping track of the myriad activities of my life sometimes seems to take more time than doing the things I want to do. If I take the time to write them down, I fear, I will waste time better spent doing something real.

Advertise your business with an affordable Apple iOS App - £50 discount

Advertise you business with an affordable iOS app.

My name is Craig Smart owner and founder www.thehermonapps.com. I run the company from my home in Doncaster. I am offering a £50 discount on our app building service. So would your company like to benifit and have there very own Apple iOS App?

If the answer is yes, this is where I can help you. I can build you an officialApple iOS App that you can only download from the Apple App Store. The apps I build are not cheap looking HTML5 window apps (which are basically a website bundle into an app) my apps are tested and passed by Apple to then be available in the Apple App Store.

Apps for Business Networking: Become a Networking Superhero!



I find myself at quite a few networking events, iPhone Life-ers. By now, I have a pretty decent memory for names and faces, but sometimes, if I’ve met a bunch of people at the same event, I just can’t remember all the details. So, I’ve been looking for a few apps to help me out because it really stinks to fumble desperately to recall who the heck someone is, knowing full well that I’ve met them before. Isn’t that embarrassing?

Luckily, I found some promising looking apps to help me stay organized and keep track of all the people I meet.

Speed Tracker is 70% OFF before The Thanksgiving Day

Speed Tracker is 70% OFF before The Thanksgiving Day

Do you drive a lot? Want to visit your parents and to taste the delicious turkey? You will definitely appreciate this app.

MyStats V 1.30 • Evernote Analysis

MyStats V 1.30 • Evernote Analysis

"Evernote Analysis" Visualaizes "Montly Usage"!

A New Function of MyStats, a worldwide downloaded iPhone App for Self Management.

NEOREX Co., Ltd. announced today that a new function called Evernote Analysis has been added to MyStats, an iPhone app for self-management.

With this new function, users can get information about "# of Notes" and "Monthly Usage" from Evernote® automatically, and visualize them with Line Graphs.

Record live video with synchronized content on the iPad

Record live video with synchronized content on the iPad

Netbriefings’ Proclaim Messenger video email app newly updated on iTunes

St. Paul, MN (PR Buzz) October 30, 2012 – Netbriefings, a full service web technology provider specializing in engaging video messaging and large group webcasting, announces version 3.0 of its Proclaim Messenger video email application for the iPad. This release gives the user the ability to record live video along with synchronized content. These video messages can then be distributed to a few or 100,000s of contacts while tracking who watched or did not watch the video.

The content of the playlist for the video message is selected by the user off the iPad's camera roll.

Phoenix Manufacturing Company Makes Mobile Surveillance Integral Component of Campus Security System

Phoenix Manufacturing Company Makes Mobile Surveillance Integral Component of Campus Security System

MobileCamViewer application from mobiDEOS accelerates return on investment for company


MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA, October 29, 2012 —Phoenix-based company Dolphin Precision Investment Castings produces a variety of products for aerospace, military, medical, petrochemical and other industries.  The sheer volume of product manufacturing, shipments and deliveries across the 13-acre, multi-building campus makes around-the-clock security and surveillance a requirement. 


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