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Tracy Sebastian is the wife of a scattered businessman and the mother of four. The oldest is out in the "real world", the second is in college, and the third and fourth are in elementary school.

Tracy's goal is to make the lives of mothers better by sharing her mistakes - so they don't have to make their own. She loves to travel and take pictures and tries to incorporate both into her every-day life. Her motto - "Don't Panic - It could be worse."

Psych @ Comic Con


I spent today with the cast of Burn Notice, White Collar and Psych! My iPhone, iPad, Sony A330 DSLR, iPad camera adapter and MiLi Powerskin were invaluable. I will never travel without them!

iPhone and Evernote!!!


Ok, things aren't going quite as planned. My car was stolen this morning from the hotel parking lot. Thank goodness for my iPhone!!! Everyone, right now, download the "Evernote" app and take a picture of your license plate, registration and insurance information. I had all my info ready! I still don't have my car, but my stress level this morning when I walked to the parking lot and saw a pile of glass instead of my car, could have been much, much worse!! ~T. Posted from BlogPress - Please excuse the formatting.

Just held an iPhone 4!!!

I just held the iPhone 4. My local Best Buy had just gotten their advance units! Sweeeeet!!! ~T. Posted from BlogPress - Please excuse the formatting.

Are You Eligible for an Upgrade?


To see if you qualify for an upgrade, go to your iPhone's keypad. Dial *639# and press the call button. In a few moments, you will recieve a text with your answer.

I'm pre-ordering mine!!! ~T. Posted from BlogPress - Please excuse the formatting.

Unable to join the Network


Seriously. I'm really starting to get irritated. When are they sending the WiFi fix? - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Sync or Lose

If your i-Pod/Pad/Phone is lost or damaged, your restore information is only as good as your last backup or sync. Same goes for your computers. Backup those bad boys. Say it with me.......SYNC OR LOSE - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

What Like/Don't Like About iBooks


So far, what I like about iBooks is the beauty of it. If you are not in the sunlight, the screen is stunning. The font sizes and styles are easy to change as is the brightness level.

Shhhh, The Quiet Game


I used to play the "Quiet Game" with the kids - you know, who can stay quiet the longest. Well, they caught on and it doesn't work anymore. Luckily, Choatic Moon has a solution!

I am not narcissistic! (Updated)

I am not narcissistic. I do not enjoy seeing my face (especially in the morning) every time I grab my iPad. The glare is beyond ridiculous. The smudges are unbearable. I'm getting an anti-glare guard, asap. Why doesn't the Apple Store carry the anti-glare screens? Me doth think Sir Jobs might be a touch narcissistic.

AT&T Termination Fee

My friend, Patrick, tweeted this: AT&T's $325 termination fee hike proves they know they can't compete when their iPhone exclusivity ends. Verizon should match it as a rebate. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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