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Tommy Ly is a self-proclaimed cat enthusiast and an otherwise "regular" guy. He spent some time writing about iOS news and iDevice product reviews for AppAdvice.com and loves checking out all the accessories out there for iDevices. He can be reached at Ly.TommyT@gmail.com. Follow him on Twitter: @foxhovnd

Just Bought an iPhone 5s? Get the Most Out of It With These Cases


Today's the big day! You just got yourself a shiny new iPhone 5s and it's time to go play. While most users can likely stretch their iPhone's battery life over the span of a normal day, power users like myself need to stop for a charge every few hours. But, what if you're out with no power outlet in site? Fortunately, there are plenty of options to keep your new iPhone going all day, and then some.

Spigen SGP's Saturn Case for iPhone 5: How Minimalist Cases Should Be


With the release of Apple's next iPhone just around the corner, it's safe to say that you'll be looking for a case to protect that shiny new iPhone. If history has taught us anything, the next iPhone should look identical to the iPhone 5 (despite a third color option). The good news here is that any cases currently available for the iPhone 5 should fit the iPhone "5S," including the Saturn Case by Spigen SGP ($24.99).

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