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Todd Bernhard is founder of No Tie Software, an app developer specializing in Ringtones and Sound FX including AutoRingtone.

An iPhone is almost always attached to his hip, but over the years, Bernhard has owned an Apple Newton, a Motorola Marco, an HP 95LX, a Compaq iPaq, a Palm Treo, and a Nokia e62.

In addition to writing for iPhone Life, Mr. Bernhard has written for its sister publications, PocketPC Magazine and The HP Palmtop Paper.

iOS printing comes to the office with xPrintServer from Lantronix

If you have ever tried printing from your iPhone or iPad to your home printer, you know how it's not straightforward. You need to use a supported printer, like a newer HP model with ePrint, or you need a specific app (usually free) from your printer vendor, such as Epson. That might be acceptable for home users, but imagine an enterprise with dozens or hundreds of iOS users printing to dozens of industrial strength printers. You can't easily replace all of those printers, financially or functionally, and you can't necessarily force all of those employees to download and use printer-specific apps for each printer.

Coolest exhibit at CES could be Xzibit himself!


Waiting in line (first place!) for the always happening Monster press conference, who should arrive but rapper, ride pimper, and extreme home makeover guru Xzibit?!

Looks like he will join the ranks of Dr. Dre, Lady Gaga, the Miles Davis family and others to endorse/customize a line of Beats headphones and/or earbuds. Stay tuned for details!

Line of accessories from The Joy Factory really Klicks!

Technically, the season of Joy to the World might be wrapping up, but if you unwrapped an iPad this holiday season, you might want to consider one or more of these cool add ons from The Joy Factory. Branded with the Klick name, they offer a kick stand, desk stand, and wall mount for your iPad 2. They all use the same interlocking mechanism so you can switch from desk to wall mount easily.

Party over here, party over there...party everywhere with the Soulo Karaoke microphone and app

The Soulo Karaoke reminds me of the old Mister Microphone commercial... Some Tom Cruise wannabe is driving past some girls and he shouts into his portable microphone "Hey, we'll be back to pick you up later!" Sure, it was a cheesy commercial but it demonstrated that a party no longer had to be confined to your home. It was now mobile! And the same is true with the Soulo and Karaoke parties! If you like Karaoke but don't want to lug around a dedicated file cabinet sized device, the portability of an iPad or even iPhone makes a lot of sense. Plus if you would like to leverage iTunes for a huge selection of songs, the Soulo Karaoke microphone and the free companion app fit the bill. And Soulo does so with both wired and wireless microphone options.

Let this bird speaker 'tweet' your music thanks to Chic Buds


The folks at Chic Buds keep coming up with fun and fancy accessories for an iPhone or any MP3 player and their latest, the Fauvette bejeweled bird speaker is no exception.  Available in several feminine-friendly colors and patterns, and shipped in a metal 'lunchbox' style case, it's an easy gift because no matter what phone or MP3 player a person has, it's compatible.  And cute!  My kids loved the one we got for their music teacher!

Rest easy this holiday shopping season, and get them an iRest from Rain Design


When the iPad came out and ushered in the era of the tablet, I thought it might eliminate the laptop accessory market, but in reality, it just transformed it. Instead of laptop cooling pads, we are now being offered tablet stands.  I'm naturally skeptical and there are a lot of vendors taking photo frame easels, adding the prefix "i" and charging ten times as much.


Get smart this winter with smarTouch gloves from Isotoner

Multitouch touchscreens are the future, clearly, but they have one drawback, especially for those of us in colder climates. You can't use capacitive touchscreens, like that in the iPhone, with gloved fingers. At least not with traditional gloves.

A stand that towers over others

When you read the specifications of this next product, you might think you are reading an automotive blog, but the iPad Butler (http://ipad-butler.com) is an iPad table and floor stand that shares many high tech features with premium sports cars. Carbon fiber, German engineering, aluminum structure... There are even vehicle accessories including both a headrest and a lighter adapter for mounting the iPad inside your car.

The Impossible Gift


Previously I wrote about buying a gift for the person who has everything.  My suggestion was something to keep it in.  But perhaps the most exotic thing to get someone is a thing that doesn't exist.  So how do you solve that conundrum?  Well, Prank Packages to the rescue!

What to give the person who has everything?


Because I typically have the latest and greatest of everything, people always ask me 'What should I give to the guy who has everything?'  My canned response: 'Something to keep it in!'  And it's true... as I get new gadgets, like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., I'm always on the lookout for the right case or bag to keep it in.

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