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Personalize Your iPhone or iPad with Griffin's New Papernomad Sleeves


Griffin's Papernomad case ($39.95 for iPhone, $49.95 for iPad) is unique. It’s classy. It’s a sleeve made of layered paper and biopolymers for iPhones and iPads with a Velcro strap across the top to cinch it.

The Papernomad is tough and practically indestructible. Neither tears nor tears can hurt it. Spill coffee on it, and it will recover, but don’t put it in the washing machines or soak it in the hot tub.

ID America's Gasket V8 iPhone 5 Case Mimics Miniature Engine


ID America never runs out of creative ideas for phone cases. Its Gasket V8 iPhone 5 Case ($29.95) the company sent me for review is no exception, resembling an engine head gasket on a perfomance engine.

Its brushed aluminum finish will make your phone stand out for sure. People may even take it for a piece of a disassembled small engine! It looks really convincing.

New Geneva WorldRadio Plays International Sounds via Your iDevice


Housed in a retro radio case with a carrying handle and two knobs on either side, the new Geneva WorldRadio DAB+ ($299 or $285 on Amazon) looks like something you would see on a beach towel in the 70s.

The WorldRadio DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) literally opens up a whole new world of sound from around the globe. But it does more than that. It’s also an FM tuner, a Bluetooth receiver, and a speaker system with a line-in from a 3.5 mm cable that will connect to almost any output device. It’s also a digital clock with an alarm and a color LCD touch screen display. All of these features make it a versatile item.

New Trent Travelpak NT400C — Powerful External Battery for iDevices


The New Trent Travelpak NT400C ($44.95) is both an AC charger/adapter and an external 4000 mAh battery with two USB slots. What a great idea and a handy gadget to throw in your bag while on the road.

The external battery is powerful enough to fully charge an iPhone twice, according to NT400C specs. There is a power off/on switch and an OED indicator light that signals the power level remaining in the battery. 

Musubo's New Chamfer Case for iPhone 5


Musubo's new Chamfer Case for iPhone 5 ($24.99) has a chamfered edge treatment for a simple yet classic design. Ok, so who knows what a chamfer is? I do, but only because I took wood shop in 7th grade. We learned how to make a chamfer by hand, creating a beveled edge where two wood pieces at a right angle met. While it takes some skill and practice to do it by hand, now of course there are all kinds of power tools that will do it for you.

Make Your iPhone 5 Sparkle with Musubo Diamond Case


If you’re looking for some sparkle to brighten up your iPhone, check out the new Musubo Diamond Case for iPhone 5 ($29.99). It will dazzle and impress your friends.


If diamonds are really a girl’s best friend, then this case is for the female gender. But I think guys can get away with picking one up, especially in black (It comes in purple and black).

3 Innovative iStabilizer Tripod Solutions for iPhone and iPod touch


1. iStabilizer Monopod ($34.95)

Have you ever wanted your arm to be a little longer for a self-portrait or a group shot? So have the folks at iStablizer, who created an extendable monopod for your iPhone or iPod.

Made of airplane grade aluminum, this sturdy stick expands over three feet in length and is fully adjustable. An elbow joint at the end of the rod lets you adjust the camera angle.

New Ferrari R300 Headphones for iOS


Ferrari, which produces a classy selection of headphone, is on the road again with a new offering: the Ferrari R300 ($432) active noise canceling headphones for iOS devices. While I think they're well worth the cost, you can find them on Amazon for $349!

The Scuderia Ferrari racing team was the inspiration for these iconic headphones, with the aerodynamic air vents and traditional grille of the GT cars. The diamond-shaped grilles are designed for durability and quality. The luxuriously soft ear pads convey maximum comfort.

Satechi 10-Port USB 3.O Hub Offers All-In-One Charging Station


One can never have too many USB ports, and the Satechi 10-Port USB 3.O hub (On sale for $59.99, usualy $69.99) certainly is welcome in my office. It looks like a power strip, but it's really a mighty USB hub. Because it is such a gathering spot, I call mine the hub Pub.

The unit has 9 regular USB 3.0 ports plus a port located on the end of the hub for iPad charging. This enables you to be connected to USB devices and your portable computer all at the same time from a single hub. The 10th port also features an On/Off switch.

Cushi iPhone 5 Retro Camera Case


ID America's latest offering for the iPhone 5 proves to me once again that it's the most creative and imaginative smartphone case supplier. It's a hoot visiting the company's website, www.idamericany.com to peruse all of its innovative creations.

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