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The Sleek, AL13 AeroSpace Aluminum Bumper Case for iPhone 5


The first challenge is to open the package. It’s like a Chinese puzzle. Maybe the complexity of the entry is meant to contrast with the simplicity of the contents.

Inside, the AL13 AeroSpace Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 5 ($79.99) is a simple bumper made of tough, burnished, aircraft-grade aluminum. On the outside of the box with is a black envelope containing two screen protectors and a cleaning cloth. So this affords you more protection for your device.

Introducing the Aspira Series iPhone 5 Cases


Ballistic has a new series of cases for the iPhone 5. The Aspira Series Case ($34.99) offers stylish but tough cases for iPhone 5.

There is little doubt that the corners of a phone take the most beating. Accordingly, Ballistic has reinforced the corners of the Aspira cases for extra protection.

The case itself has a high polish, anti-scratch coating to keep it bright and shiny and has multiple layers in the semi-rigid shell.

The cases come in a wide array of designs to choose from that include a pink floral design on a white background, pink, black, green, white, honeycomb, and black with green borders.

Cool Stuff from ID America, New York


I’d like to tell you about two items I received from ID America to review. The first is a creative case for the iPhone 5, the The Cushi DJ ($14.95). It is not your typical case, arriving with seven items in the package: a Cushi soft foam pad for the back; band for the edges; soft foam pad for the front; home button; screen protective film; installation squeegee; and microfiber cleaning cloth. As you can see, the Cushi DJ has you covered on every surface. It looks like a retro turntable in miniature.

On-the-Go Sound: BEM Bluetooth Mini Speaker


A relatively new player in the mini speaker market, bēm has several offerings. The one I was sent to review today is the bēm Mobile Speaker ($69.99), a single cube about 2.75 inches to each side. It is sheathed in a rubberized housing to protect it from bumps and drops. It feels good in your hand as well.

It hooks up to just about any Bluetooth-compatible device such as the iPhone, iPad, tablet or any smartphone. It has both an auxiliary input and output, so it will hook up to non-Bluetooth devices also.

Props Power Case for iPad Charges Your iPhone Too!


Digital Treasures offers some interesting products for the digital world. One is the Props Power Case ($119.95), an innovative case for the iPad 2, 3, and 4,  with a built-in 12,000 mAh battery to keep you charged longer. We hope it will soon, because this case is a class act you'd be proud to present in polite society.

It will keep your iPad powered and protected in style with its fashionable design, sturdy construction, and powerful battery. Not only will it keep your iPad powered, but it also will charge other devices such as an iPhone or iPod!

Kinivo BTX350 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


The Kinivo BTX350 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ($39.99 on sale from $69.99) looks like a miniature version of the speaker bar I use for my TVs. It measures 8-inches long, 3.75-inches high, and 2.25-inches wide. It’s not the most compact mini speaker on the shelf, but it’s small enough to be highly portable.

It comes with a rechargeable 1000mAh Li-ion battery that is rated to last 5 hours of play time. You may wish to keep a spare battery handy. It comes with a micro USB charging cable but no AC adaptor. It also comes with a dual male 3.5 mm jack cable for connecting non-Bluetooth devices.

Griffin Crayola Light Marker for iPad: Coolest Gadgets for Kids


It must be more fun growing up nowadays with all the cool gadgets for kids. When I was little, we had to make do with a box of crayons. The kid with the biggest box ruled. Now I suppose whoever has the coolest gadget rules. Griffin Technology is a leading manufacturer of cool stuff for kids with such products as Color Studio HD/iMarket stylus, DigiTools Packs, and Crayon-themed earphones.

Supertooth Disco Twin: Superior Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Set


The stylish Disco Twin by Supertooth ($199) consists of two portable, rechargeable speakers driven by 16 watts of power each for a total of 32 watts RMS. Connect your Bluetooth-enabled device such as an iPod, iPad, Tablet Smartphone or MP3 player wirelessly for a stereo surround sound experience.

iPhone 5 Acase for Every Color of the Rainbow


It’s called the Citta Slide In Case. In order to add beauty and protection to your iPhone 5, all you need to do is slide the phone into the case sideways.

X-Doria Offers New iPad Mini Case Collection at Target


X-Doria, a maker of fashion-forward accessories for mobile lifestyles, has announced it will now offer its iPad mini case collection at Target and on Target.com. Featuring three Target exclusive designs, including the SmartStyle in Pink Herringbone, Orange Bulbs, and Dash Folio Cabernet, these cases provide an aesthetically pleasing and functional design while protecting your device at all times. Along with these fashionable designs for Target, the retailer also will carry a wide array of X-Doria colors and styles in its Smartstyle, SmartJacket, and Dash Folio Lines.

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