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Griffin Moto TC Racer


Griffin has a whole stable full of remote control toys, and I love it. Today let’s take a look at the little Moto TC Racer ($39.99). It’s a small remote control race car measuring about 6-inches long. It’s sort of a motorized Tonka toy.

This one is just for iPhones and iPod touch devices. It comes with a controller, which you wed to your iPhone/ipod with a 3.5mm cable. Then you download the free app from the App Store. Turn the volume up full blast, and the dock will start sending infrared signals to the car.

You also will need four AA batteries for the controller dock, which are not included.

New SETA Stand Uses Nanosuction to Suspend Your iPhone


The idea for this mount is simple yet effective. It consists of an L-shaped bar of heavy aluminum with a T-shaped slit down the middle that accommodates charging cables, also classifying it as a dock. What really makes this insanely simple gadget unique is its adhering method. It’s called Nanosuction and works much the same as the bottom of gecko feet, which adhere to vertical surfaces without slipping.

Similarly, the SETA has a sticky pad on the bottom of the stand and on the vertical arm. It is designed to adhere to most non-porous surfaces and works wonderfully well for mobile devices such as iPhones, iPods, and iPads. My SETA has earned a permanent place on my desktop, and my phone resides on it, right next to my tablet and in front of my monitors.

Bracketron Offers New Tablet Window Mount


Bracketron's Universal Tablet Windshield Mount ($39.99) is the first mount I've tried that sticks straight to your dashboard. Sometimes I’ve wished I had a window mount for my tablet, but I'd never seen one before. Instead, I got a floor mount, which works fine but is more difficult to see than a window mount. 

Bracketron's mount works with iPad, Kindle, Playbook, Galaxy Tab, Motorola Zoom, and Archos. I’m sure it would work with all devices because the clips that hold the unit are adjustable and therefore universal. It is designed to fit devices ranging from 4.5- to 7.75-inches wide and from 5.5- to 11-inches tall.

I was concerned about vibration, because my floor mount chatters around somewhat. But I was pleased with Bracketron’s construction—vibration is minimal or negligible. It will adjust so you can extend the unit or retract it to adjust the distance from you. It also swivels 360 degrees to suit your orientation preference. 

Griffin WoodTones Earbuds


I have to say, the Griffin WoodTones Earbuds ($29.99) are a class act. They remind me of the wooden dashboard in a Rolls-Royce. Each set is unique because they're made of real wood. These handsome buds come with a convenient drawstring bag for stowage, ear pads in four sizes, and control/microphone on the cord. You can use the microphone to control your iOS device and speak commands to Siri, which is very cool and will make you feel like a powerful ruler, the King of Cyberland.

5X the Noise with Carbon Audio's Zooka for iPad


What’a a Zooka you ask? Well, the Zooka from Carbon Audio ($99.95) makes everything five times louder (do we need more noise?). Just slide the Zooka onto your iPad or macbook. It’s portable, and it doesn’t obscure the use of your camera.

Twist & Charge USB Charger from Bracketron


The Twist & Charge USB Charger ($17.95) is an innovative solution for making the best use of your power outlets. I imagine this must-have, nifty chargeris is particularly useful in public places like airports where everyone is trying to get charged up and there’s only a couple of outlets available. 

Here's how it works: a USB socket connects to a metal tab, which accommodates either a 2-prong or 3-prong male AC plug. 

The socket swivels 270 degrees for convenient charging. Simple. Yes. Why didn’t I think of that? I can tell you, I will always have one of these in my travel bag when I'm on the road. 

Here’s a Great Stylus + Pen + Laser from Griffin Technology




I am so happy to see the stylus coming back. I’ve been missing them, as I have no love for smudged screens. Yet I see no reason why the stylus should serve only one function. Why can’t it also be a magic wand like the ones used by Hogwarts students?

IRIScan: This Portable Scanner Lets you Research Remotely


Recently I was involved in a project requiring some historical research, which took me to museums and libraries in small backcountry towns where I needed to copy old photographs, original documents, and newspaper articles. I found that most of these facilities were not equipped to copy the documents conveniently or convert them into any kind of usable digital format.

The Griffin Twenty Amplifier


It cracks me up when I think of all the trouble I went to years ago to wire my whole house (and garden) to my stereo system all controlled by the amplifier in my office. What a lot of trouble and expense. I never dreamed of wireless speakers then, but most of the speakers are still there after having lain dormant for years. Well, here is a change to bring them back to life with little expense and trouble.

Hands Free Listening with the New Divoom Onbeat 200


Divoom, in my mind, holds the title as the champ of high quality small speakers. One of my favorites is the Bluetune Solo, which I wrote about recently for iPhone Life. And now, there is a new kid on the block with Divoom's recently released Onbeat 200 ($79.99).

I never cease to marvel at the amazing crisp, clear sounds that small speakers can produce these days, and the new Onbeat is no exception.

It measures 6.25 x 2.75 x 2 inches, which makes it totally portable for use at home, in the office, or on the road. I enjoy taking mine out in my Japanese garden while I’m working. I’ve even taken it bird watching with me and called birds with it. As a test while on the road, I listened to an audiobook borrowed from my library on the Onbeat. I was able to hear the spoken words clearly over any road noise and enjoyed the story as I rolled along. Even the people in the backseat were able to listen in without any difficulty. So it passed all the tests.

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