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Griffin Survivor Waterproof Catalyst Case for iPhone 5


Griffin is on the move again with the brand new Survivor Waterproof Catalyst Case ($69.99) for iPhone 5. This time it’s a rugged waterproof model that should protect your prize possession in and out of the water.

Kickstart the Kickstand— bēm Turns to Crowdfunding to Make New Portable Projector


The Kickstand, a portable projector from bēm, is a new solution for traveling light yet having the equipment necessary to give impromptu presentations to small audiences or family gatherings. Simple to setup, just unfold it, plug in in, and it’s ready to go. The remote control doubles as a lens cover for convenient storage.

Griffin Touch Controlled Monster Truck


I have to ask myself what is it about remote-controlled vehicles that make them so much fun. I guess I’m just a big kid, because I love 'em. I suppose it gives me a sense of power to be able to control things remotely and make them do as I command.

I now have Griffin's MOTO TC Monster Truck ($59.99) to play with. All you need to control it is an iPhone or iPod that fits into the dock that comes with it. You will also need four AA batteries.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here. First, you'll need to download the free app that puts the control panel on your handheld screen. Next, you'll need to connect to Bluetooth. Now, you can navigate two ways. You can use the program controls or the screen like a joystick by swiping your finger across it.

Here's Your Own Personal Blood Pressure Monitor for Your iPhone


Now, you can monitor your own blood pressure and heart rate on your iOS devices. After you purchase Withings' Blood Pressure Monitor ($129.99) and install the free app, just plug it in, and you’re ready to go. Your device will automatically display and record the data for later access and history. You can even email your information to your doctor or health care provider.

Once connected with arm band in place (which is easy to do), you will get an instant readout of systolic, diastolic pressure, and heart rate. You also will get an assessment evaluating optimal pressure, elevated pressure, and hypertension.

This Accessory Organizes Your Charging Cables


Until you acquire a cordless charger, you will have to contend with cables of various sorts to feed your digital devices. This can be a real problem on the road. Here’s some help. The Aviiq Portable Charging Station ($59.99) is a nylon-zippered case that's 11 inches by 4 inches by 2 inches that has everything you need to keep charged and organized.

It has an AC power supply that plugs into the wall with a cable that plugs into a four-port USB hub. You can plug your device cables into the hub for charging. The prongs fold out of the device and fold back in and out of sight. The hub also has a male USB plug that tucks into the back out of the way when not in use. You can plug this into your computer or laptop as a power source too.

The power supply fits securely into the case under a band for storage. Next to it, the hub slips into a pocket for storage too. Normally you would remove both units when in use. There are four pockets on the same side of the case meant for storing cables. On the other side of the case is a large net pocket secured by Velcro at the top.

Want to Watch Over Baby From Your iPhone? You Can with Smart Baby Monitor


I haven’t had much experience with baby monitors, but the Withings Smart Baby Monitor ($249.95) rules. It folds into a compact, portable package and hooks up to an iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Android device so you can view remotely from anywhere with WiFi, Bluetooth, or Ethernet cable connectivity.

In my limited experience, a baby monitor allows you to hear what's going on in baby's room so you can give the child immediate attention when needed. But this baby does way more.

It has a high resolution video camera with a wide angle lens, night vision, and 4x zoom. Virtual PTZ technology allows you to pan, tilt, and zoom around the nursery. It has temperature and humidity sensors and high quality audio sensors. The multicolor night light lets you change the mood of the room. It also has a microphone so you can sing, play lullabies, or talk to the baby. It has four different alert modes.

Take the Ultimate Action Videos with Hitcase for iPhone 5



Hitcase Pro ($129.99) for the iPhone 4/4s/5 are rugged and easy to use. They are waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. They give excellent protection while delivering welcome functionality and can be combined with accessories that make them even more versatile.

The built-in wide-angle, high-quality lens on the back of the case offers a new perspective on the world and opens up new vistas for your iPhone camera and camcorder. The mounts allow 360 degree swiveling for great panorama shots.

Need to Charge Your iDevice? Try Griffin's New ChargeSensor Accessories


It’s difficult to keep up with Griffin Technology's constant stream of new products. I just received two chargers for review. One is the PowerJolt Universal Car Charger with ChargeSensor ($24.99), which plugs into a power outlet in your car and will accommodate a USB cable for charging smartphones and tablets—a must have for road trips.

Helo TC Assault—Griffin Technology’s New Remote Control Helicopter with Missiles


I don’t know what it is about remote control toys that make them so much fun. I guess it gives you a sense of power. On the box it says for ages 14+. Trust me. This is a big boy toy too.

First off, I want to say the Helo TC Assualt ($59.99) is the easiest remote control helicopter I’ve ever flown. Some are so delicate they're no fun to fly because they're always crashing. But this one is a pleasure to drive.

ECBC Unveils the New K7 Color Collection, Blending Toughness and Fashion


I want to tell you about some tough new bags from ECBC, a renowned designer and manufacturer of stylish but tough totes.

These designer quality bags are made of Kodra, a scratch, puncture, and tear-proof material that is lightweight and comes in various colors. The new K7 Color Collection is designed for transporting and protecting laptops and tablets in backpack and messenger bag formats. Each K7 bag comes in Berry, Linen, Green, Blue, and Black. 

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